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Inflore online quiz results


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Results and Answers of Online Quiz conducted as part of Inflore 2010 by Quizworks.

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Inflore online quiz results

  1. 1. How the Prelim Works? The prelims questions are Not Numbered. Instead they are represented by an Alphabet. The alphabet signifies the Letter with which the answer to the question will start. The questions have been named in the following format: RAJAGIRI NATIONAL BUSINESS QUIZ Which means the first answer will start with R and the last answer will start with Z Please note- All Connects are One or Two word Connects. No explanations required.
  2. 2. Top 5 corporate teams 1) Happy Creative Services- Fido, Dido 2) Cognizant- Yaggy & Shubham 3) TCS - Intellligence Failure 4) FICO - FICO 5) SAP Labs- Free COchin Trip
  3. 3. R Which luxury brand did this gentleman start with his brother-in-law in London (1905)
  4. 4. Ans: Rolex Picture of a young Hans Wilsdorf
  5. 5. A Identify the advertiser
  6. 6. Ans: Avis
  7. 7. J If the person on the left is Harshad Mehta, Chairman of Rosy Blue FZE, who is the person on the right?
  8. 8. Ans: Joy Alukkas
  9. 9. A Now available in India. Identify the brand
  10. 10. Ans: Alienware
  11. 11. G Connect
  12. 12. Ans: Guy Kawasaki
  13. 13. I Companhia de Bebidas das Américas + ?=
  14. 14. Ans: InBev Interbrew + Ambev = InBev
  15. 15. R Connect
  16. 16. Ans: Reliance Retail Reliance accepted
  17. 17. I Identify from the logo
  18. 18. Ans: Inox
  19. 19. N Identify this communication app
  20. 20. Ans: Nimbuzz
  21. 21. A "It's an incarnation of one of the Hindu gods taking a flesh form. Here, what that means is that the human technology in the future is capable of injecting a human's intelligence into a remotely located body, a biological body” What is being explained in the quote?
  22. 22. Ans: Avatar James Cameroon’s quote on ‘What is Avatar’
  23. 23. T What one word is common to - • A large pharmaceutical company based out of Gujarat • A Sports Utility Vehicle from Pontiac • A file structure type that stores metadata
  24. 24. Ans: Torrent
  25. 25. I Founders of this company when decided to adopt the present name, they found to their dismay that a hotel chain had already trademarked. Luckily, they were able to buy the rights to that name. Which company? (Clue: Technology)
  26. 26. Ans: Intel
  27. 27. O Identify the institution
  28. 28. Ans: Oxfam
  29. 29. N He is the new CEO of which company? (He was President of a Microsoft Divison before he joined his new post)
  30. 30. Ans: Nokia
  31. 31. A Connect
  32. 32. Ans: Aamir Khan
  33. 33. L Connect
  34. 34. Ans: Lakme
  35. 35. B Italian for „A person who prepares and serves coffee drinks‟ lends its name to which brand?
  36. 36. Ans: Barista
  37. 37. U India‟s first indigenous sewing machine was marketed under which brand name?
  38. 38. Ans: Usha
  39. 39. S Which is Bollywood‟s highest grossing film , having earned over Rs 768 crores, after adjusting for inflation?
  40. 40. Ans: Sholay
  41. 41. I Ad campaign by?
  42. 42. Ans: Idea
  43. 43. N This term originally means a set of precious gems. This title was given by the Government of India in 1997 to Public Enterprises which enjoyed greater autonomy. Which term?
  44. 44. Ans: Navratna
  45. 45. E One word connect
  46. 46. Ans: Erin Brokovich
  47. 47. S Founded in Marsaille in 1966 by Pierre Bellon as the Societe d‟Exploitation Hoteliere: French for „company that provides services used by hotels‟. How do we know this today?
  48. 48. Ans: Sodexo
  49. 49. S This term in its political meaning was coined by Nicholas Spykman in a series of lectures in 1943. Recently, an Indian Media moghul published a book with the same name. Which term?
  50. 50. Ans: Superpower
  51. 51. Q Founded in 1993, this Pune-based company is the leader in its segment in India. Identify the company whose Founder-CEO‟s picture is attached.
  52. 52. Ans: Quickheal
  53. 53. U Connect
  54. 54. Ans: Univercell
  55. 55. I 'Whose' nomination for the 2010 Nobel Peace prize was proposed by the Italian edition of the popular Wired magazine for promoting “dialogue, debate and consensus through communication” as well as democracy?
  56. 56. Ans: Internet
  57. 57. Z Identify this gentleman
  58. 58. Ans: Zino Davidoff
  59. 59. Please fill the answers here-
  60. 60. All the Best For any queries, please mail: or call Rishi: +91-9544116373