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Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
Bull leaping 1
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Bull leaping 1


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Published in: Sports, Travel
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  • 1. By Adrian and Ben
    Bull Leaping
  • 2. What is Bull Leaping?
  • 3. What is Bull Leaping?
    Bull leaping is when a person would flip over a bull and try to do acrobatic tricks in the air and land on the ground, feet first.
  • 4. Bull leaping came from Minoan Crete during the bronze age (1900 B.C to 1500 B.C.).
    It originated in the city Knossos, Crete.
    The bull was a sacred animal to the people of Crete. The story of the half man/half bull, the Minotaur originated in Crete.
    When and Where did Bull Leaping Start?
  • 5. When and Where did Bull Leaping Start?
  • 6. More on Bull Leaping
    Bull leaping was very hard and you needed people to help. It was a life or death event and usually the acrobats were prisoners of war.
    Most people died during this sport.
    No pressure at all. :-p
  • 7. Why did People Bull Leap?
  • 8. Bull leaping was done for sport and religious duty.
    Bulls were sacred animals and were worshiped in ancient Greece.
    Bull leaping is still done but not for religious purposes, rather for sport.
    The current form of bull leaping is different from its old form.
    In the old times, the jumper had to grab the bull’s horns and flip over it. Today the jumpers just jump over the bull.
    Why did People Bull Leap?
  • 9. People don’t bull leap by themselves. They have a team that tries to get the bull into a good position. Then they let go of the bull.
    The jumper (the guy who jumps over the bull) then runs straight towards the bull. He grabs the animal’s horns. When the bull pulls his head up he flips over the bull trying to do some sort of trick. Then the jumper lands on the ground.
    Bull Leaping was not only for men.
    How do people Bull Leap?
  • 10. How did People Bull Leap ?
  • 11. Who were the acrobats?
    Was bull leaping done for fun. True or False?
    When did the Bronze age start? 1. 1500 B.C., 2. 1705 B.C., 3. 1900 B.C.
    Did you like this presentation? ( No right or wrong )
  • 12.
    Modern Bull leaping
  • 13. No bulls were harmed in the making of this Power Point.
    Pictures from google images
    Info from: Burrell, Roy, and Peter Connolly. The Greeks . New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1990.
    Thanks For Watching