Make multiple choice test with multiple choice quiz


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This article introduces how to make multiple choice test with a professional Test Maker. If you once have puzzles on how to create a multiple choice quiz, then don't hesitate to go through this article to have a try now!

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Make multiple choice test with multiple choice quiz

  1. 1. Make Multiple Choice Test with Multiple Choice Quiz MakerAdd subtitle hereNowadays quizzes still the essential tool forteachers or trainers to measure the students or trainees as wellas the past. As we know, multiple choice is one of the questiontypes that widely used in almost all test. If you once want to makequick assessment on the respondents, then you can make a testwith multiple choice.Wondershare QuizCreator is an all-in-one test making softwarewhich can assist you to make multiple choice test with ease.Since it provides users with 9 popular question types includingmultiple choice question that you can easily click on thecorresponding option to directly enter your questions and answersin its preset MCQ form to create multiple choice questionseffortlessly and effortlessly.Want to have a try on this professional Quiz Creator? Just followthe coming up tutorial to create a multiple choice quiz by yourselfright now!
  2. 2. Guide: How to Make Multiple Choice Test?• Step 1: Get Prepared for Test Creation Have got the Wondershare QuizCreator? Just install and open it. Once you see the first screen as well as the below shown, you need hit on the "Create a New Quiz" option to go to QuizCreator window.
  3. 3. • Step 2: How to Create a Multiple Choice Test? Simply double click on the "Multiple Choice" option in the left question types list. Then you can enter the question and answers in corresponding fileds of the pop-up window. Please remember to mark the correct answers in the Correct column.
  4. 4. • By the way, you can also easily insert images, equations, hyperlinks and even some note of tips for the input questions. The picture or video you added to enhance your multiple choice question will be shown next to the question in the publishing quiz.• Step 3: Set feedback for the multiple choice question You may provide some interactive feedback to quiz takers when they answer the question. You can get this task simply in Feedback group at the bottom.
  5. 5. • Step 4: Save the Multiple Choice Quiz After setting feedback, you can click OK to save the question and close the Question Editing window. If you want to create another Multiple Choice question for the test, then you can simply click on the "New Question" button below the feedback area to save the current question and create a new one.• Now you have finished the steps of how to make multiple choice test. Go to Properties and you can do a lot of general settings for your newly created quiz. If you want to track the results, you can specify some email addresses in the publishing window. And then you will get and track the test result with ease. Besides making test with multiple choice, you can also use this great Test Maker to create a test with many other different types of questions, such as True/False, Fill in the Blank, etc.
  6. 6. • Whats more fantastic is that you can also generate a survey with this powerful and handy test creating software for its built-in Survey Creator. If you are interested in this great software but havent tried it yet, then why not have a shot on it now? Once you tried it, you would be amazed by it robust functions. Dont hesitate to free try it now!• Follow us on facebook:!/applediscount• Twitter:!/pdftodxfconvert