Achieving Your Dreams: Manifesting Your Ideal Life


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This thought provoking seminar will challenge you to examine what you really want out of life. Are you on track to reaching your dreams? Racheal Cook of The Yogipreneur will coach you through a process to create a clear path towards your life goals.

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Achieving Your Dreams: Manifesting Your Ideal Life

  1. 1. Achieving Your Dreams: Manifesting Your Ideal Life practical tools for inspired living
  2. 2. say hello to your ideal self! • Imagine a day in your ideal life - describe it in detail from the moment you wake up. – Where are you? – Who is there? – What are you doing? • Don’t censor yourself – if you are going to dream, DREAM BIG!
  3. 3. values…a way of being • Living your core values is the key to feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life. • Your values are the attitudes, relationships and virtues that are most important to you. • Values are a way of being – not about having.
  4. 4. what are your values? • Think about the following questions: – What’s really important to you? – When you think about your life, what’s most valuable to you? – What is the purpose of money in your life? – Where do you want to spend your time? • Identify your top 5 values – ex. Happiness, Family, Freedom, Spirituality, Health, Love, Adventur e, Peace of Mind, Making a Difference
  5. 5. value circle • Commit to balancing your top five values in marriage 12 months • A value circle helps health personal growth mind/body/spiritual focus your time, energy and money. • Does your behavior fun freedom match your values?
  6. 6. vision board • Visualization is a powerful tool to make your dreams a reality! • Gather images that inspire you & reflect your values. • Focus on more than material desires. – emotions you want to feel – relationships you want to have – activities you want to do • Create a collage & display where you will see it daily.
  7. 7. vision board Your vision board should inspire you daily to manifest your ideal future!
  8. 8. what is a goal? • An inspiration to work towards your vision everyday! • A milestone in the creation of your ideal life. • A clearly written statement
  9. 9. goal setting • Write powerful goals! – Affirmative. Articulate what you will create. A goal is what you do, not what you won’t do. – Present Tense. Write your goal as through its happening right now. – Measurable. Can you cross it off your to-do list? – Specific. The more specific you are, the more focused you’ll be. – Timeframe. Always state the date that you intend to complete your goal. • An example of a powerful goal: – I have 1000 Facebook fans for The Yogipreneur by May 15, 2009.
  10. 10. goal setting Personal Health Career Template for Goal Setting My husband and I travel to I practice yoga daily with my I teach Entrepreneurship at a 10 Year husband and children. Paris for our ten year university by 2019. The anniversary in 2017. Yogipreneur coaches yoga teachers and studios around the world. My family travels to Vila Velha I teach 3-5 yoga classes per I complete my Ph.D. in 5 Year Brazil for family vacation with week in addition to my personal Entrepreneurship and Small daily practice. our Brazilian cousins & best Business by 2014. I coach over friends for one month in 2014. 500 yogipreneurs by 2014. My husband and I have a baby I lose 15lbs by practicing power I launch my new business, The 1 Year in 2010. vinyasa yoga 3 times per week. Yogipreneur by May 15, 2009
  11. 11. track your progress • 3 months – review your goals – What have you accomplished? – Are you on track to achieve long term goals? • 6 months – review your vision board – Does it still inspire you? • 12 months – review your value circle – Major life changes will affect your values!
  12. 12. namaste!