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Kalimahs of Islam
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Kalimahs of Islam






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    Kalimahs of Islam Kalimahs of Islam Presentation Transcript

    • Six KalimahsThe Kalimah is the essence of Islam. A true Muslim is one who is completely aware of the meaning of the Kalimah, proclaims it with sincerity and devotion, and acts and lives in accordance to its requirements
    • Kalimah-e-Tayyabah (Word of Purity)Laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Muhammadur-Rasoolu-llaah There is none worthy of worshipexcept Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah .
    • Kalimah-e-Shahadah (Word of Testimony)Ash-hadu Al-laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wahdahoo Laa Shareeka Lahoo Wa-Ash-hadu Anna Muhammadan ‘Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu. I bear witness that there is none worthy ofworship except Allah, the One alone, withoutpartner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.
    • Kalimah-e-Tamjeed (Word of Glorification)Subhaana-llaahi Walhamdu Lillaahi Walaaa IlaahaIlla-llaahu Wallaahu Akbar. Walaa Hawla WalaaQuwwata Illaa Billaahi-l ‘Aliyyil ‘Azeem.Glory be to Allah and all praise be to Allah, there isnone worthy of worship except Allah, and Allah isthe Greatest. There is no might or power exceptfrom Allah, the Exalted, the Great One
    • Kalimah-e-Tauhid (Word of Unification)Laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wahdahoo Laa Shareeka-lahoo Lahu-l MulkuWalahu-l Hamdu Yuhyee Wayumeetu Wahuwa Hayyu-l Laa YamootuAbadan Abada. Dhu-l Jalaali Wal Ikraam. Biyadihil Khair. WahuwaAlaa Kulli Shai-’in Qadeer.There is none worthy of worship except Allah. He is alone and hasno partner. To Him belongs the Kingdom and for Him is all praise.He gives life and causes death. In His hand is all good and He haspower over everything.
    • Kalimah-e-Astaghfar (Word of Penitence)Astaghfiru-llaaha Rabbi Min Kulli Dhambin Adhnabtuhoo ‘Amadan Aw Khata-anSirran Aw ‘Alaaniyata-wn Wa-atoobu Ilaihi Min-adh Dhambi-l Ladhee A’lamuWamina-dh Dhambi-l Ladhi Laaa A’lamu Innaka Anta ‘Allaamu-l GhuyoobiWasattaaru-l ‘Uyoobi Wa Ghaffaaru-dh Dhunubi Walaa Hawla Walaa QuwwataIllaa Billaahi-l ‘Aliyyil ‘Azeem.I seek forgiveness from Allah, who is my Creator and Cherisher, from every sin Icommitted knowingly or unknowingly, secretly or openly. I also seek Hisforgiveness for all sins which I am aware of or am not aware of. Certainly You (OAllah!), are the Knower of the hidden and the Congealer of mistakes and theForgiver of sins. And there is no power and no strength except from Allah, theMost High, the Most Great.
    • Kalimah-e-Rud-e-Kuffr (Word of Rejection of Disbelief)Allaa-humma Inneee A’udhu-bika Min An Ushrika Bika Shay-awn Wa-ana A’lamu Bihee Wa-astaghfiruka Limaa Laaa A’lamu Bihee Tubtu ‘Anhu Wata-barraatu Mina-l Kufri Wash-shirkiWal-kidhbi Wal-gheebati Wal-bid’ati Wan-nameemati Wal-fawahishi Wal-buhtaani Wal-m’aasi Kulli-haa Wa-Aslamtu Wa-aqoolu Laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Muhammadu-r Rasoolu-llah.O Allah! I seek refuge in You from that I should ascribe any partner with You knowingly. Iseek Your forgiveness for the sin of which I have no knowledge. I repent from it. Andbecoming disgusted of disbelief and idolatry, lying and backbiting, innovation and slander,lewdness and abomination and all other acts of disobedience, I submit to Your will. I believeand I declare that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is theMessenger of Allah.