How to get your world of warcraft account unbanned


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How to get your World of Warcraft account unbanned.
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How to get your world of warcraft account unbanned

  1. 1. How to get your World of Warcraft account unbanned. For more information visit: There is no secret method to getting your WoW account unbanned. You can get your account back just by emailing Blizzard. You don’t need any top secret loophole to get your account back. Many people say that phoning is the best way to get your account unbanned but I believe that emailing is the key. Emailing allows you to compose yourself, be professional and write a very strong email. Writing a strong email is much better than stuttering over the phone. So, just what are the key features in an email? When writing an email to Blizzard you will need the following; Good spelling/grammar. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but the better it is the higher success rate. Evidence. When writing your email if you can back it up with evidence, they can’t argue. Infact, most of the times they will never ask for it so even if you don’t have evidence, say you do. It will help a lot. A story. If you have a bad story, you will struggle. You need to execute a legitimate story about your account. Confidence. If you come across as confident, you set a good impression on the first email, which will help a lot. While acting confident, don’t go overboard and get cocky. If you can execute all those four key points in your first email, you will have a high success rate of getting your account unlocked. Writing the email won’t be easy; it can be difficult to think of ideas so this guide will hold your hands all the way through. Planning the Email Before we start writing the email, you should plan a few ideas. It will save you time and stress in the long run. First let’s think about the content of the email. The email needs to have a point, some evidence and for you to explain (PEE). If you can compose an email with PEE you will potentially have a strong structured email. In addition to this you should act professional and know what you are talking about. In past experience, people who act “dumb” don’t get the best results. For the sake of this guide I’m going to use the “I’m hacked” example using the PEE structure. My point will be that I have been hacked and that I was not the one using the bot/hack/spamming etc. Try not to be too specific here. A general overview would be good. My evidence will be that my antivirus found a RAT (Remote Administration Tool) on my computer. Be specific here, say what anti-virus you are using and make up a name for a RAT (search Google). My Explanation will be that you found some damages the RAT has done such as your email got hacked as well; traces of logs still remain on your computer etc. For those of you thinking “this won’t work Blizzard stores IP addresses” RAT stand for Remote Administration Tool which can remotely control a target computer, so it would show up as your own IP. Also when you are writing an email if you are going down the hacked route, or something similar, you could say your email account (which you use for also got compromised and you only just got it back. It just adds a little touch to make it seem more real. Already we
  2. 2. have foundation ideas for our email. If you are struggling to think of ideas I have listed a few below to help you. Got hacked (RAT or Trojan, don’t say keylogger because they would detect a IP change) Account information got phished by a expansion fake email Brother abused it (not as effective, but if done well it works) Account information got phished by a fake login page Went on holiday, come back, got hacked (either by a virus or by brother, cousin etc) You were farming yourself (the least effective method, but you can twist it to work. If you are not confident in this excuse, don’t use it) I do recommend you think of your own ideas so they are unique. However, it is fine to use the ones I provided. Just add a little twist on them though. If you are not sure on what method to use, I personally find the hacked route is the easiest excuse. Example E-mail: Hello. I am writing to appeal a ban made on my World of Warcraft account. The account I am writing about is WOW1 on the account On March 21st I tried to log into my World of Warcraft account through the game client but I was greeted by a message saying my account has been suspended. I was in shock and very upset by this message. Following this I went to log into my Gmail account to see if I had an email from you about my World of Warcraft account. Sadly, my Gmail account was hacked but fortunately I managed to reset the password on it very quickly. I then ran a scan using my antivirus called Comodo to detect any pieces of malware on my computer.After a full scan it detected 6 threats and one of which was a RAT (Remote Administration Tool) and the other 5 where Trojans/Worms. After research on the internet I found out that RATs and Trojans can take control of someone’s computer and steal personal information, such as passwords. Comodo also told me that the viruses where downloaded without my consent from a phishing site. If required, I can send you the URL to this site. I quickly quarantined these viruses and changed my personal passwords again. I then used Malwarebytes to scan my computer again but no further threats where found. When browsing through my email’s inbox I found an email from you which said I was banned for “use of 3rd party tools” but I am certain that I have never used such software before. I believe that I was hacked. I am very upset about my World of Warcraft account and the fact that I was banned because of someone else’s actions. I have never used 3rd party software and I feel outraged that I am banned for someone’s cruel actions towards my account. I can send screenshots of my virus scan results if required as well as the web address to the phishing site. I hope you can resolve this issue as I am angry and upset by the discovery’s I have recently made.
  3. 3. Yours SincerelyMark BuxtonIf you were banned by a banwave:It will be harder to get one unbanned which was banned by software detection (they have lowersuccess rates) but if you can get the story right, it can work. If the account has been banned awhile ago (such as few months, years) then it will also be harder because the ban wouldn’t berecent.If your account was banned by software detection or a few years ago, it could potentially be afight of endurance. If they say no first time, which could be likely, stick to the same story, say yougot evidence, stay professional and keep acting upset/outraged. You could even say you will goto some WoW press and tell them about the problem. Blizzard doesn’t want bad publicity on theirgame.