Providing Better After Hours Care to Your Patients
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Providing Better After Hours Care to Your Patients



These slides were used during the Webley MD webinar, Providing Better After Hours Care. Topics include: key challenges practices face when it comes to providing quality on-call after hours care to ...

These slides were used during the Webley MD webinar, Providing Better After Hours Care. Topics include: key challenges practices face when it comes to providing quality on-call after hours care to patients.

Key takeaways:
* What’s worked & not worked for other practices
* How to increase the cost effectiveness & efficiency of your own after hours care through automated call routing
* How to provide better after hours care without increasing staff/physician workload



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Providing Better After Hours Care to Your Patients Providing Better After Hours Care to Your Patients Presentation Transcript

  • Providing Better After Hours CoverageSimplifying and Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • Some Callers Require Immediate Care • Patients still require timely clinical advice • Studies have shown that 22% - 44% of after hours calls involve potentially serious problems. • Urgent calls are not always forwarded to on-call physicians • According to a study in the Journal of Family Practice, 50% of calls not forwarded by the answering service to the on- call physician could be classified as needing immediate contact with the physician.Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • Most ER Visits Occur After Business Hours Number of ER visits per 100 persons 47.4 50 42.3 39.4 40 29.4 30 20 10 0 Northeast Midwest South WestMost visits to ER occur after business hours (63% of adults, 72% of children) accordingto the 2006 National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey. In 2006, there were 119.2 millionER visits in the US.Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology View slide
  • After Hours Care Challenges for Patients • Harris Interactive/Commonwealth Fund survey found that 60% of respondents had difficulty getting after hours care without going to an emergency room • Rise of convenient care clinics • Study found patient satisfaction with after hours care highest for those who spoke or saw their own family physician or visited their own practice’s after hours clinic* – Compared to patients who visited ER, a walk-in clinic or used a telephone advisory service • Emergency room wait time averages 4 hours • ER visit costs over $1,000 • Can be the only option for face to face care late at night/early in the morning • Callers might not receive the proper attention they deserve • Protocols not followed • Poor customer service • High turnover * Howard M, et al. Patient satisfaction with care for urgent health problems: a survey of family practice patients. Ann Fam Med. September/October 2007;5(5):419–424.Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology View slide
  • After Hours Care Challenges for Practices Medical practices we interviewed expressed the following concerns: • Patients call looking for free advice rather than coming to the practice • Calls are uncompensated • Most callers do not require an immediate response • E.g., calling for information, refill request, etc. • Being on call all the time is stressful • Belief that callers like reaching a live person • Live answering services staffed by medical personnel are expensive and require detailed protocols • Live answering services not staffed by medical personnel aren’t much better than message takers • Messages are faxed – cumbersome to distributeSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • After Hours Care Challenges for Practices Challenge: Uncompensated calls, most callers do not require immediate assistance • Call routing • Self-service features • Call screening • Option for caller to tag message as urgentSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • After Hours Care Challenges for PracticesChallenge: Perceived preference to reach a live person • Answering service operators • Require detailed protocols • May not forward caller when the situation requires immediate attention • Human error • High turnover • Variable customer service skills • Perception vs. reality • Callers are used to automated messages • Privacy issues • AccuracyWebley Confidential
  • Why Should Practices Care about After Hours? • Your patients would like to reach someone who knows their medical history • Opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your patients • Increase perceived accessibility and convenience • Your practice can provide better care than the other alternatives • Not everything can wait till morning • Your patients’ health is at stake • Can be a matter of life or death – patients may not realize they need to visit ER immediatelySimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • The Old Way of Handling After Hours Calls Live answering service Answering * Inconsistent customer service skills, high machine/voicemail turnover rates * Won’t work if there is an outage * Inaccurate message transcriptions * Risk that box/machine is full & can’t record * Offers little more than what an answering new messages machine can provide * Providing another phone number to call * Price typically includes fixed number of poses an additional obstacle for an anxious minutes, additional minutes billed at a much patient higher rate * No or limited notification of new messagesSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • The Better Way of Handling After Hours Calls Webley MD After Hours: • Faster, more accurate messages, notifications by pager, phone, e-mail – it’s up to you • Every call handled courteously and consistently • Caller ID, call screening features • Custom greetings allow you to greet each caller with a familiar voice, record up to 9 greetings • Lets callers tag messages as urgent • Better call routing. Set up voicemail for different departments/functions, physicians, etc. • Change on-call status with a quick phone call • Natural language interactions allow callers to state what they want the system to do. Its as easy as having a conversation. • Our hosted service is monitored 24/7 with backup and disaster recovery services. • Subscriber based, no equipment to purchase, nothing to maintainSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • Key Benefits of Webley MD After Hours Better Patient Care • Improved communication with patients • Quicker response time to after hours calls • Eliminate inaccurate messages • Hear the patient’s voice message including urgency conveyed in tone of voice • Never miss or lose an important message • Ensure continuity of care Better Message Management • Better call routing • Easier, unified message management • Change on-call status with quick phone call • Screen all callersSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • How Webley MD After Hours Works Physician uploads profile to Webley MD. She’s now the on-call physician. If on-call physician doesn’t answer, new Office is closed. Calls are message notifications are forwarded to Webley MD. sent to on-call physician. Urgent calls are sent to Calls come in. Callers are on-call physician with call greeted with custom screening features. recorded message.Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • Webley MD After Hours Script “You have reached the office of East Bay Family Medical. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. If this is a medical emergency, hang up and dial 911. If you have an urgent medical problem and need to reach the on-call physician, please stay on the line and the on-call physician will be notified of your call. Thank you for calling our office.” Create your own messages for holidays, weekends, lunch, and so on.Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • Typical Mailbox Types • Corporate 0 Mailbox • Billing • Profile login • Not used to receive or transfer calls • Department Mailbox • Practice number is forwarded to this mailbox • Loading Doctor Profiles • Message Notification • Pager Re-Notification • Profile Mailbox • Doctor Personal Destinations • Doctor Call Transfer SettingSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • Webley MD After Hours Summary What happens after your office closes? Webley MD After Hours is there to: • Replace or supplement your existing after hours service • Lets you hear and save the patient messages, much faster than an answering service • Available any time (nights, weekends, holidays, lunch) • Find and follow me feature to ensure you get the message • Notify home, office, cell phone, pager, e-mail and more • Call to quickly change on-call status • Record your own custom greetingsSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  • Webley Corporate Overview • Founded In 1997 • Industry Pioneer in Advanced Speech Applications: • Unified Communications • After Hours Messaging • Broadcast Messaging • 7 Advanced Speech Patents • 50,000 Active Customers • Delivering 180,000,000 Transactions Per Year • Fully Redundant Data Centers • Numerous Awards For Technology Product of the YearWebley Confidential
  • For additional information: 1-877-7-WEBLEY info@webley.comSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology