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Time Management

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Time management

  1. 1. 5/18/20131Time ManagementTime ManagementPresented by:Ir. Virja Dharma Gita – Master TrainerTARGET SALES ACADEMYvirja.dg@targetsalesacademy.comModule One:Getting StartedTime management training most oftenbegins with setting goals This processCherish yourdreams, as theyare the childrenof your soul, theblueprints ofyour ultimatebegins with setting goals. This processresults in a plan with a task list or calendarof activities.This entire process is supported by a skillset that should include personalmotivation delegation skills organizationachievements.Napoleon Hillmotivation, delegation skills, organizationtools, and crisis management.We’ll cover all this and more during thisworkshop.
  2. 2. 5/18/20132Workshop ObjectivesOvercomeprocrastinationOrganize yourworkspaceDelegate moreefficientlyPlan andprioritizePre-Assignment ReviewWhat are your biggest time wasters?What are you currently doing to manage yourtime?What could you be doing better?What could you be doing better?If you came away from this workshop with onlyone thing, what would that be?
  3. 3. 5/18/20133Module Two:Setting SMART GoalsGoal setting can be used in every area ofyour life Setting goals puts you ahead ofThe bad newsis that timeflies. The goodnews is thatyou are theilyour life. Setting goals puts you ahead ofthe pack! Some people blame everythingthat goes wrong in their life on somethingor someone else.Successful people dedicate themselvestowards taking responsibility for their livespilot.MichaelAltshulertowards taking responsibility for their lives,no matter what the unforeseen oruncontrollable events.The Three P’sPositivePersonalPossible
  4. 4. 5/18/20134The SMART WaySpecificSMeasurableAchievableRMARelevantTimedRTPrioritizing Your GoalsInvest your mentalInvest your mentalfocus on one goalChoose a goal thatill h th t twill have the greatestimpact
  5. 5. 5/18/20135VisualizationEmotionali ingVisualizationEmotionalizingVision boardList of the benefitsModule Three:Prioritizing Your TimeTime management is about moreth j t i ti it iWhat isimportant isseldom urgentand what isurgent isldthan just managing our time; it isabout managing ourselves in relationto time.It means being willing to experimentwith different methods and ideas toseldomimportant.Dwight D.Eisenhowerenable you to find the best way tomake maximum use of time.
  6. 6. 5/18/20136The 80/20 Rule80%Results20%ActionsThe Urgent/Important MatrixUrgent ImportantUrgentandImportantImportant,But NotUrgentU tNotUrgent,But NotImportantNotUrgentand NotImportant
  7. 7. 5/18/20137Being AssertiveHonestexplanationClarify yourreasoningGive analternativeAssertiverefusalModule Four:Planning WiselyThe hallmark of successful timeA work wellbegun ishalf ended.management is beingconsistently productive each day.Having a daily plan andcommitting to it can help youPlatostay focused on the priorities ofthat particular day.
  8. 8. 5/18/20138Creating Your Productivity JournalNotebookCross off completed itemsPrioritize tasksCarry over unfinished tasksCross off completed itemsMaximizing the Power of YourPersonal Productivity JournalPlan the nightb fbeforeKeep your journal withyouSense of satisfactionSense of satisfactionRemove tasks postponed threetimes
  9. 9. 5/18/20139The Glass Jar:Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, and WaterRocks PebblesSand WaterChunk, Block, and TackleChunkChunkBlockTackle
  10. 10. 5/18/201310Ready, Fire, Aim!Do not over planDo not over planJust take actionAdjust your aimModule Five: TacklingProcrastinationProcrastination means delaying at k ( l t k ) th tI am a greatbeliever inluck, and I findthe harder Iwork, theI h ftask (or even several tasks) thatshould be a priority.The ability to overcomeprocrastination and tackle theimportant tasks is a hallmark of themore I have ofit.ThomasJeffersonpmost successful people out there.
  11. 11. 5/18/201311Why We ProcrastinateNo clear deadlineInadequate resources Where to begin?Feel overwhelmedLack of passion Fear of failureNine Ways to OvercomeProcrastinationDelete Delegate Do itDelete Delegate Do itAsk foradviceChop it up15 minuteruleCleardeadlineRewardRemovedistractions
  12. 12. 5/18/201312Eat That Frog!"If you haveto eat twofrogs, eatthe ugliestone first!"Module Six:Crisis ManagementWith better planning, improvedffi i d i d d ti itIn a crisis, beaware of thedanger, butrecognize theopportunity.efficiency, and increased productivity,the number of crises you encountershould decline.However, you can’t plan foreverything, so in this module we’llJohn F.Kennedyy g,look at what to do when a crisis doesoccur.
  13. 13. 5/18/201313When the Storm HitsWhat happened?What will happen next?What were the causes?Who else needs to know about this?What events will this impact?Creating a PlanIdentify the problemDecide on a solutionBreak it down into partsBreak it down into partsCreate a timeline
  14. 14. 5/18/201314Executing the PlanContinue evaluating the plan workingContinue evaluating the plan workingStay organized and on top of eventsDeliver communication to othersLessons LearnedWhy ithappenedLearn from theeventPrepare
  15. 15. 5/18/201315Module Seven: OrganizingYour WorkspaceIn order to effectively manage yourtime and to be productive each day youThe only thingeven in this worldis the number ofhours in a day.The difference inwinning or losingtime and to be productive each day, youmust create an appropriateenvironment.By eliminating clutter, setting up aneffective filing system, gatheringis what you dowith those hours.Woody Hayesessential tools, and managing workflow,you will be well on your way to creativean effective workspace.De-ClutterWorkingWorkingReferenceAchieve
  16. 16. 5/18/201316Managing WorkflowSelect one task to do at a time.Time yourselfIgnore everything elseNo breaks or interruptionsGive yourself a rewardDealing with E-mail (I)E-mail isbesthandledinCreatedeliveryrulesCreatefoldersfordifferentinbatchesrules differenttopics
  17. 17. 5/18/201317Using CalendarsOrganizetasksIdentifypatternsImproveworkflowModule Eight: DelegatingMade EasyIf you work on your own, there’s only somuch you can get done no matter howThe best executiveis the one who hassense enough topick good men todo what he wantsdone, and self-restraint enough tomuch you can get done, no matter howhard you work.One of the most common ways ofovercoming this limitation is to learn howto delegate your work to other people.At first sight delegation can feel like morekeep from meddlingwith them whilethey do it.TheodoreRooseveltAt first sight, delegation can feel like morehassle than it’s worth. By delegatingeffectively, you can hugely expand theamount of work that you can deliver.
  18. 18. 5/18/201318When to DelegateAn opportunity forpp ygrowth of anotherperson’s skillsReoccurring tasksNon-critical tasksTo Whom Should You Delegate?Experience, knowledge, skillsExperience, knowledge, skillsTime and resourcesRequire supervisionRequire supervisionCurrent workload
  19. 19. 5/18/201319How Should You Delegate?Initiates action, and then reportsperiodicallyActs and then reports resultsActs, and then reports resultsimmediatelyMakes recommendation, and then actsAsks what to doW it t b t ld h t t dWaits to be told what to doThe Spheres of IndependenceKeeping ControlBrief your team membersAvailable for questionsDo not micro-managegAsk for solutions
  20. 20. 5/18/201320The Importance of FullAcceptanceReview it thoroughlyg yOnly accept complete workRecognize and rewardModule Nine:Setting a RitualRituals and routines can actually helpi th t it d f iDiscipline isthe bridgebetween goalsandaccomplish-increase the spontaneity and fun inyour life.Because routine tasks are alreadyplanned for, you have more energy tospend on the tasks that will bring youment.Jim Rohnp g ycloser to your goals and bring morejoy to your life.
  21. 21. 5/18/201321What is a Ritual?IdentifythRitualthetimeRitualSub-tasksIdentifythe taskRitualizing Sleep, Meals, andExerciseTry toEstablisha ritualbeforeyouPlanmealsfor thenextTry toexercisefor onehourthreeyousleepnextweekthreetimes aweek
  22. 22. 5/18/201322Example RitualsLay out clothsth i ht b fthe night beforePrepare youlunchBatch togetheractivitiesUsing Rituals to Maximize TimeDuring a break read for ten minutesDeep breathing and stretchesClean off a small areaUpdate your journalSet aside a lunch hour for personal errands
  23. 23. 5/18/201323Module Ten:Meeting ManagementFew people look forward toti d ith dHistory iswritten bypeople whoattendmeetings, andstay until themeetings, and with good reason.Too many meetings lack purpose andstructure.However, with just a few tools, youcan make any meeting a much betterend, and keepthe minutes.Anonymouscan make any meeting a much betteruse of everyone’s time.Deciding if a Meeting is NecessaryParticipants Observers
  24. 24. 5/18/201324Using the PAT ApproachTimeAgendaPurposeBuilding the AgendaTIME ITEM PRESENTER2:05-2:10 1. Agenda and Meeting Purpose Jill Smith2:10-2:20 2. Review of Current Invoice Signing Process Joe King2:20-2:40 3. Review of New Invoice Signing Process Joe King2:40-2:50 4. Questions and Answers Joe King2:50-2:55 5. Wrap-Up Jill Smith
  25. 25. 5/18/201325Keeping Things on TrackStick tohtheagendaFollow upon misseditemsEnd on anagreementMaking Sure the Meeting wasWorthwhileSummaryActionitemsTimeProgressFollow up Agenda
  26. 26. 5/18/201326Module Eleven:Alternatives to MeetingsSometimes, a face-to-face meeting isn’tthe best solution. In this module, weOur meetingsare held todiscuss manyproblems whichwould neverarise if we heldthe best solution. In this module, wewill explore alternatives to meetingsthat can help you and your team savetime and be more productive.Don’t forget that even if you use ameeting alternative, you should still usethe PAT approach that we discussed infewer meetings.AshleighBrilliantthe PAT approach that we discussed inthe last module, take minutes, anddistribute post-meeting notes andaction items.Instant Messaging andChat RoomsStick to an GroundStick to anagendaGroundrulesMinutes
  27. 27. 5/18/201327TeleconferencingScreensharingInteractivewhiteboardsRecordableE-mail Lists and Online GroupsModeratorOngoinginteractionHave apurpose
  28. 28. 5/18/201328Collaboration ApplicationsSharePointCollaborateSharePointSkypeypWrikeModule Twelve:Wrapping UpAlthough this workshop is coming toa close we hope that your journey toIt has been myobservation thatmost people getahead duringthe time thatothers wastea close, we hope that your journey toimprove your time management skillsis just beginning.Please take a moment to review andupdate your action plan. This will bea key tool to guide your progress intime.Henry Forda key tool to guide your progress inthe days, weeks, months, and yearsto come.
  29. 29. 5/18/201329Words from the WiseHarvey Mackay: Time is free, but its priceless. You cantown it, but you can use it. You cant keep it, but you canspend it. Once youve lost it, you can never get it back.p y , y gNapoleon Bonaparte: Take time to deliberate, but whenthe time for action arrives, stop thinking and go.Steve Jobs: Your time is limited, so dont waste it livingsomeone elses lifesomeone else s life.Benjamin Franklin: You may delay, but time will not.Contacts for More Help?For Sales and Sales Related Skills:TARGET SALES ACADEMYTARGET SALES ACADEMYwww.targetsalesacademy.comFor ready-made Training Materials:http://sumberdayatraining.wordpress.com/p // y g p /Email: cs@targetsalesacademy.com