Hodges literacy and today’s technnology presentation

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  • 1. Literacy and Today’s Technology Presenter: Virginia Hodges [email_address] LIS 557: Computer Applications in Libraries January 9, 2011
  • 2. “ The future is a race between education and catastrophe” ~ ~ H.G. Wells What is Literacy? The ability to read The ability to write
  • 3. Information Age Education Beekman’s Information Age Education, Chapter 11; ask the question, “What should education provide for students in the information age” (pp.421). Technological familiarity – students should become familiar with using the computer and challenge themselves. Literacy – every student should graduate being able to read and write. Mathematics – be able to see the mathematical systems in their surroundings and apply math concepts to solve problems. Learning how to learn – computer knowledge is the present and the future, jobs will depend on technology. 3
  • 4. Using Literacy in Today’s Libraries Brain Teasers! What do You see A Rabbit or A Duck? A Rabbit A Duck The library is the key to learning how to learn in information – rich technological environments. rbc.edu
  • 5. Technology in the Future (Google image) (Google image)
  • 6. “ The nature of literacy within each technology continuously changes as even newer technology and newer envisionments regularly appear” (Lue, 1999). holyfamilycatholicschools.info
  • 7. Libraries designed for Kids The perfect dream is for a librarian to have a library created just for kids. A place where children feel welcomed and comfortable, an innovative setting that encourages young minds to discover and promote literacy, (Spano, 2009). Libraryservicesscotland.co.uk 7
  • 8. Libraries designed (continued) A productive library should have: Nooks New design Shelving Networking computers Electronic equipment Information centers Think-aloud activities Modeling thebridgeschool.ph
  • 9. Libraries Designed for Teens Braun (2007) believes that “In spite of the commonality of bad grammar, acronyms, and poor spelling, communication via instant messaging, email, and podcasting is creating a new community of learning and is boon to literacy.” Youmediachicago.org
  • 10. Technology is a Motivating Factor for most Students. hcplcteens.blogspot.com
  • 11. “ Thank you for your attention. Questions?” Flickr.com