Jk Rowling Harry Potter


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Jk Rowling Harry Potter

  1. 1. • Rowling was born to Peter James Rowling and Anne Rowling , on 31 July 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England.• As a child, Rowling often wrote fantasy stories, which she would usually then read to her sister.• When she was a young teenager, her great aunt gave her a very old copy of Jessica Mitfords autobiography, Hons and Rebels Mitford became Rowlings heroine, she read all of her books.
  2. 2. • Marriage and divorce-She got married with Jorge Arantes and had a child,but then they got divorced.-It is suggested that Rowling suffered domestic abuse.• Single parenthood-She was jobless.-She was living with her daughter off of welfare.-She was suffering from clinical depression.• Rejection-Rowling sent the manuscript many publishingcompanies and she received rejection letters.
  3. 3. 1997: Nestlé Smarties Book Prize, Gold Award forHarry Potter and the Philosophers Stone1999: National Book Awards Childrens Book of theYear, winner Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets2000: Order of the British Empire, Officer (for servicesto Childrens literature)2000: Locus Award, winner Harry Potter and thePrisoner of Azkaban2006: British Book of the Year, winner for Harry Potterand the Half Blood Prince
  4. 4. 2007: Blue Peter Badge, Gold2008: British Book Awards, Outstanding Achievement2011: British Academy Film Awards, Outstanding British Contributionto Cinema for the Harry Potter film series, shared with DavidHeyman, cast and crew2012: Freedom of the City of London
  5. 5. She adopted her pen name, J.K., incorporating hergrandmothers name, Kathleen, for the latter initial. By the summer of 2000, the first three Harry Potterbooks earned approximately $480 million in threeyears, with over 35 million copies. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, sold 6.9million copies in the U.S in its first 24 hours. The film of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stoneearned an estimated $93.5 million.
  6. 6. She has three children; Jessica, David and Mackenzie. On a delayed train from Manchester to London in 1990, Rowling wroteher initial Potter ideas on a napkin. 12 publishing houses rejected her original Harry Potter manuscripts, buteventually small publisher Bloomsbury gave her a chance. Rowling attended a village school in Tutshill. One of her teachers wasone of the individuals who influenced the character of Severus Snape. JK Rowling goes on Harry Potter fan sites; she once visited thechatroom of popular site Mugglenet, and got told to keep quiet byregulars as she didnt know enough about Harry Potter.
  7. 7. Even though you have had a difficult time, you canaccomplish all your dreams just like she did. Never give upbecause everything is possible. She never gave up on her dreams and now she is famous, and has a better life. J.K. Rowling really beat the odds!