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Participants will learn how volunteers, resources and monetary donations will be managed after a Fairfax County disaster. The workshop outlines how volunteer and donation management is collaborated …

Participants will learn how volunteers, resources and monetary donations will be managed after a Fairfax County disaster. The workshop outlines how volunteer and donation management is collaborated between faith and community based groups, non-profit organizations, business and government during and after a disaster. Community organizations responding to disasters will also learn how they can become a part of this Annex to secure additional resources such as volunteers and donations.

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  • 1. SURVIVE // RECOVER // REVIVE Partnering in Volunteer Management during Disasters March 25, 2014
  • 2. Volunteer Management – Important Players “A system coordinated by the ‘formal’ responders and pre-trained volunteers that can integrate a large number of spontaneous volunteers” Volunteer/Donations Management Group in EOC: Volunteer Fairfax Affiliated Volunteers:  Office of Emergency Management (OEM)  Animal Control  Fairfax County-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB)  Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department (FCFRD)  Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD)  Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS)  Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA)  Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD)  Sheriff’s Department  Citizen Corps Council (CCC) member agencies  Northern Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD)  American Red Cross (ARC), National Capital Region  Salvation Army, Fairfax Corps Spontaneous/unaffiliated volunteers FBOs/CBOs Community Groups Volunteer communities (Individual, Group, Corporate) 2
  • 3. Volunteers – Operating Environment 3 Fairfax County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) (coordination) Track volunteer requests Process & assign unaffiliated/ spontaneous volunteers Request & assign affiliated volunteers Demobilize volunteers Communicate needs & volunteer process
  • 4. Volunteer Fairfax 4 Community Voices Volunteers Donations Needs
  • 5. Volunteer Management - Objectives 1. To ensure the safety and security of volunteers and residents. 2. To assist with the needs of residents impacted by the disaster and responding agencies efficiently, in a coordinated, collaborative, fair, and transparent way. 3. To reduce duplication of effort and foster coordination. 4. To facilitate the responders’ ability to effectively perform tasks within the established incident command system (ICS). 5
  • 6. Volunteer Management – Concept of Operations 6 STEP 1: OEM notified and will decide to activate EOC. STEP 2: OEM Duty Officer contacts Volunteer Fairfax. VF will report to the EOC. STEP 3: Understand volunteer needs or potential needs. Fill initial needs with affiliated volunteers. STEP 4a: Activation of a Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) to register unaffiliated volunteers. – Modified: Same functions, fewer staff, at worksite/Volunteer Fairfax office – Full-scale: Same functions, full staff, at identified location near impacted area STEP 4b: Send out messaging via OPA/PIO/JIC to request volunteers, utilizing Volunteer Fairfax Volunteer Now!
  • 7. Volunteer Management Matching Process 7 Overall Process of Matching Volunteer Resources with Requests 3. Match Volunteers with Request Specific skill required: contact affiliated Volunteer Program Administrators (MRC, CERT, etc.) If not specific skill & VRC set up: contact VRC Manager to match unaffiliated volunteers with volunteer requests If not specific skill & VRC not set up: message pre-established POCs to send request & OPA will send info to public 2. Volunteer/Donations Management Group Receives Request EOC Activation: in the Operations Section, under Human Services Branch No EOC Activation: Volunteer Fairfax 1. Field Request comes in for Volunteers Directly from Incident Command Requested based on a projected need
  • 8. Roles of CBOs/FBOs in Volunteer Management  Mitigation/Preparedness  Develop and/or update standard operating procedures (SOPs), memoranda of understanding (MOUs), or plans necessary to implement the responsibilities identified in the Annex.  Continue to recruit and train volunteers, as needed.  Response  Respond to volunteer requests from the Volunteer/Donations Management Group.  Send out volunteer request information as appropriate to volunteers.  Provide management of volunteers in the field if appropriate.  Recovery  If engaged in volunteer management support during the response phase, continue operations until advised to stop by Command. 8
  • 9. Case Study: Derecho (July 2, 2012)  Messages to the DCT regarding the calls were sent out via email only  Only a 2 hour notice was given for the initial call  Two separate calls were conducted within 3 hours of each other (90+ participants on the first call, over 30 organizations represented on the second)  Determined that donations management did not need to be coordinated from the EOC and large numbers of volunteers would not be necessary  The need for donations/volunteer management did not exceed what the DCT members were already doing as part of their regular services  Feedback from call participants:  Good summary of notes after each call  Need to restrict call to a certain number of people  Hard to hear from time to time  Not everyone received notice of the calls (need to have better contact lists)  We should have reached out to the DCT prior to Tuesday 9
  • 10. Any Questions? 10 THANK YOU! www.volunteerfairfax.org Emily Swenson eswenson@volunteerfairfax.org (703) 246-3474