Truevert Vertical Semantic Search


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This is a presentation of the Truevert Vertical Semantic Search Engine.

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Truevert Vertical Semantic Search

  1. 1. The Vertical Semantic Search Engine Powered by
  2. 2. Technology that lets computers understand language the way you do
  3. 3. A search engine that knows what you mean
  4. 4. Broad search has a high failure rate
  5. 5. Broad search engines push results to what the "average" user would find interesting
  6. 6. Don’t put up with average search
  7. 7. You’re not average
  8. 8. Search focused on YOU
  9. 9. Cover the web with hundreds or thousands of verticals
  10. 10. Verticals as broad or as narrow as you want Meaningful, precise, and relevant content for any topic Personal point of view Consumer products
  11. 11. Truevert solves the problems of speed and scalability No ontology, no thesaurus, no complex syntactic processing
  12. 12. For example…
  13. 13. With Truevert Green See the world from a green perspective
  14. 14. “ Meat” from a green perspective
  15. 15. Truevert learns the meaning of words in the same way that people do, from the context in which they are used Truevert works in any language
  16. 16. Truevert computes a model of word relations in context Meat Sustainable Climate Food Organic Words like “food,” “climate,” “sustainable,” and “organic” are the green context for “meat”
  17. 17. How to add a new vertical Takes just minutes Gather documents Process documents to build model Search
  18. 18. Truevert delivers targeted, relevant, useful results
  19. 19. Truevert is a project of OrcaTec LLC. Headquartered in Ojai, CA. OrcaTec is a leading provider of information discovery software including intelligent semantic search, near duplicate clustering, language identification, email threading, and interesting phrase finding. OrcaTec-developed software was nominated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as NASA software of the year 2008. OrcaTec software has been used in electronic discovery and advertising applications as well as knowledge management. Core OrcaTec software is patent pending.
  20. 20. Truevert Management Team The Truevert team has decades of experience building usable, scalable, information-rich, technology Brian Golb ère Herbert Roitblat, Ph.D. 805-918-4612 [email_address]
  21. 21. Contact Truevert [email_address] 805-918-4612