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User Experience + Publishing


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Presented at Book Camp NY on December 4, 2010. Briefly covers how Rosenfeld Media is trying to better engage with its customers.

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User Experience + Publishing

  1. 1. ! ! User Experience + !PublishingLou Rosenfeld •" Rosenfeld Media •" BookCamp New York •" 12/4/10
  2. 2. UX in one slide• Problem: Complex problems and services are hard to design• Solution: Cross-disciplinary design--lots of different brains, methods, perspectives• User Experience: A growing cross- disciplinary community of designers; the collection of methods they use to solve complex problems
  3. 3. What does UX meanfor publishers?• UX goal: engage users with products and services• Publishing goal: engage readers with authors• So how do we better engage with readers? with authors?
  4. 4. How can we engage withcustomers?• By being transparent• By cultivating mutual empathy• By delighting them• By being generous with them• By making engaging content
  5. 5. Transparency through treatingcustomer service as dialogueCustomer serviceprovided by publisherand dedicated staff (firsthire)Reward customers forfinding problemsFix problems even ifthey’re not our faultFix problems fast and forgood if they’re our fault
  6. 6. Empathy byshowing your workWe researched what worked well--anddidn’t--with the books our communityused for work. Result: design checklist.We then tested a LuLu prototype of our first bookwith readers + +Result: books that work well.
  7. 7. Empathy byallowing customers to helpWe created ePub versions for our backlist, and askedcustomers to evaluate them in return for free books. 5 evaluations of each title x 1 hour per evaluation x 7 titles = 35 hours of + + incredibly useful help
  8. 8. Delight bymaking the books beautiful
  9. 9. Delight byoffering major formats (and more)Five formats•"4 color paperback•"ePUB•"MOBI• PDF for on-screen• PDF for printing...and no DRM
  10. 10. Delight throughinstant ebook downloading
  11. 11. Delight bybeing accessible Death to exhibition halls! We take our UX Bookmobile to the people ...and we talk with them there
  12. 12. Generosity by giving (the right) content awayAll bookillosavailablevia Flickr
  13. 13. Generosity bysupporting any club or event We retweet all UX book-related events (our books or not) ...and sponsor just about every UX- related event (comps + discount code)
  14. 14. Generosity by providing a free service to UX book fansUX Zeitgeist: communal library of UX books, articles, and topics; provides ability to create public lists book page user’s list page
  15. 15. Making content engaging ...but strong SEO benefitBook-in-progress sitesdraw in readers, encourage #3engagement in developingbook content #5Mixed results... #6
  16. 16. Where we’ve failed • Velocity: UX practices don’t help our authors write faster • Middlemen: Amazon destroys our ability to engage with customers
  17. 17. What’s next:Filling gaps in the UX ecosystem Move from publisher of UX books to purveyor of UX expertise Introduce new ways to engage customers and experts • engaging with top UX expertise: our authors, others’ authors, and non-author experts by... • brokering short consulting engagements • brokering in-house workshops
  18. 18. Thanks! Rosenfeld Media" 457 Third Street, #4R Brooklyn, NY 11215 USA +1.718.568.9756