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  • We all love our smartphones
  • Smarter self-service - Rob Bamforth

    1. 1. 23/05/2013@TransversalTalk #askTVL
    2. 2. Clive Longbottom,Service Director, Quocirca LtdClive Longbottom,Service Director, Quocirca LtdSmarter self service - convergedchannels, lifestyles and communicationRob Bamforth,Principal Analyst, Quocirca Ltd
    3. 3. © Quocirca 2013Self-service route planCustomer experience challengeCommunication trendsChanging business communications
    4. 4. © Quocirca 2013The traditional working day?LevelofsuccessEnd of working dayWorkMeetingsMeetingsLunch/golfStart
    5. 5. © Quocirca 2013The new day?LevelofsuccessNo endWorkMeetingsMeetingsLunch/golfNo startHyper-connected,work/life/tech convergence
    6. 6. © Quocirca 2013More mobile & decline of the desk(top?)• 51.2% see the office as a place for occasional use• 74% expect millennials to reject traditional office• 71.9% predict a decline in amount of office space• Typical London desk costs £10.5k per yearUnwired Research Vworksurvey of 600 business leaders – May 2011
    7. 7. © Quocirca 2013Impact of decline of the desk…
    8. 8. © Quocirca 2013Less hardware and more software…more channels and more DIY (self service)
    9. 9. © Quocirca 2013Self-service route planCustomer experience challengeCommunication trendsChanging business communications
    10. 10. © Quocirca 2013Traditional business communicationsSupport SalesLackey LeaderActivePassiveExternalInternal
    11. 11. © Quocirca 2013Unified communicationsSupport SalesLackey LeaderActivePassiveExternalInternalCollaborationMulti-channel contactHierarchies must flatten and silos soften
    12. 12. © Quocirca 20130% 10% 20% 30%Face to faceEmailVoice on mobile phoneVoice on landlinePostText messagingComments on websitesSocial networkingInstant MessagingInternet voice calls eg SkypeMicroblogging eg TwitterAll 16-24 65+Consumer to business communicationMethods used at least once per weekSource: Ofcom – CommunicationsReport July 2012
    13. 13. © Quocirca 20130% 10% 20% 30% 40%Face to faceVoice calls on landlineEmailVoice calls on mobilePostEnquiries before buying Followup after boughtConsumer to business communicationPreferred methods for certain actionsSource: Ofcom – CommunicationsReport July 2012
    14. 14. © Quocirca 2013The evolution of communicationMarketplaceCustomersBusinesspartnersEmployees B2EB2BB2CMobileSocialB2A
    15. 15. © Quocirca 20130%20%40%60%Transact…Improve…Integrate supply…More business…Attract new…Engage…Improve…Improve partner…Secondary benefit Major motivatorMotivators for opening up to external usersSource: Quocirca - Digital identities &the open business report – March 2013
    16. 16. © Quocirca 20130%20%40%Identify &…Improve…Better…Link to… Profile potential…Enable mobile…Link with…Already doing Plan to/would like toUse of social media to achieve various goalsSource: Quocirca - Digital identities &the open business report – March 2013
    17. 17. © Quocirca 2013Self-service route planCustomer experience challengeCommunication trendsChanging business communications
    18. 18. © Quocirca 2013Customer experience pressuresCostreduction24x7 serviceConsistencyMulti-channelNewrelationships
    19. 19. © Quocirca 2013Customer experience generates emotional responseChampionRecommendationSupporterAwarenessAmbivalenceReluctanceResistanceHate
    20. 20. © Quocirca 2013What emotion do you feel when you cannotconnect to the internet?Anxious6%Annoyed31%Frustrated39%Angry4%Fine18%Relieved2%Source: iPassMobile workforce report – May 2012
    21. 21. © Quocirca 2013Consider the emotional velocityInstant connection+ Social linkages+ Expectations+ Bad experience= !
    22. 22. © Quocirca 2013Bad service gathers momentum• 60% get angry when public sector organisations keepthem waiting unnecessarily or make mistakes(Ipsos Mori/Verint December 2012)• Only 37% of brands received good or excellent customerservice index scores in 2012(Forrester’s customer experience index 2012)• 85% never receive a response from a brand after postingpositive or negative comments on social media(Maritz Research study June 2012)
    23. 23. © Quocirca 2013Bad service responses evolveComplainer CampaignerSulker ObstructerActivePassivePublicPrivate
    24. 24. © Quocirca 20130 0.2 0.4Less likely to use appSwitch to a competitors appTell others about poor experienceLess likely to purchaseGive the mobile app a low ratingHave a negative overall perceptionLess likely to go to websiteContact customer serviceWould go to mobile websiteAnnounce on social mediaWould not take any actionReactions to poor mobile app experienceSource: Compuware– March 2013
    25. 25. © Quocirca 2013Self-service route planCustomer experience challengeCommunication trendsChanging business communications
    26. 26. © Quocirca 2013Self-service – a no brainer?• $1b market size reported by Gartner in 2012• Growing by 10% per year on average• Decimates per contact cost(webchat a tenth the cost of call centre phone call)…but, 65% of self-servicedeployments see an operationalcost increase
    27. 27. © Quocirca 2013Why self service – what’s the priority?• Reduce costs• Consolidation• Reduce interaction elsewhere• Resolve more enquiries• Resolve enquires quicker• Build customer relationship• Unify touch points• Grow sales
    28. 28. © Quocirca 2013Self-service needs across the organisationContactcentreMobileand WebIntranetSocialbusinessActivePassiveExternalInternal
    29. 29. © Quocirca 2013Understanding where self-service fits• Is self-service what you need?• What are you trying to achieve?• Research the market• Where to delve deeper:– Business culture and ‘fit’– System requirements– Security– Content management– Advertising and promotion– Customer interface– Search experience– Communication options
    30. 30. © Quocirca 2013A guide to self service choices
    31. 31. © Quocirca 2013Getting self-service right?• No quick fix or one size fits all• No automatic cost reduction• Service is always from the customer’s view• Bad news travels faster, further and for longer• Multi-’everything’ is the new reality – integrate!Self-service can be the gluebut needs effective backing
    32. 32. © Quocirca 2013Download the white paper:
    33. 33. 23/05/2013@TransversalTalk #askTVL