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  • GoToMeeting is a web based service that was created and marketed by Citrix Online, which is a division of Citrix Systems during the summer of 2004. It is a remote meeting and desktop sharing software that enables users to meet with other computer users, customers, clients, or colleagues via the internet in real time communication. GoToMeeting offers three main service products for their customers (a) GoToMeeting, (b) GoToWebinar, and (c) GoToTraining, which all range in price and the type of services provided by each.
  • Educators and Instructors within GoToMeeting can use the whiteboard feature to display text, graphics, and video clips as well as help to get learners within the meeting to collaborative effectively. Instructors and educators can also choose what to show their participants their entire desktop, multiple monitors, one or multiple programs from the whiteboard display window.
  • The drawing tools of the whiteboard within GoToMeeting allows educators and instructors to pinpoint what is being discussed on the whiteboard. It can allow instructors and educators to be able to highlight specific information and can also allow participants to draw and highlight information as well.
  • GoTomeeting integrates a standard text chat facilityinside its main control panel. The text chat component is easy and intuitive to use. Messages can be either sent publicly to all attendees (default setting) or privately to any selected participant. In GoToMeeting the text chat log can also be easily saved as a text file by using the "Save Chat Log" command in the File menu.
  • GoToMeeting has no formal polling feature. The question and answer section is conducted through the “CHAT” window. The Meeting Organizer can appoint a “Co-organizer” who can monitor the Chat Window for questions during the meeting.
  • Go to Meeting gives the meeting organizer many flexible capabilities. The meeting can ask questions and get responses back to the attendees.Go to Meeting is not geared for more than a meeting delivery. There are no formal Polling screens. The closest to Polling that this software offers is questions answered through the chat window by the appointed co-organizer.
  • GoToMeeting offers a variety of services and features depending on the product that you select based on the needs of the instructor or educator. The following video(s) list a review of some of the features covered here and some not discussed.
  • Go tomeeting web conferencing lsh2

    1. 1. GoToMeeting Web Conferencing Group F Ashford University EDU 656: Technology Solutions for JIT Training & Learning
    2. 2. What is GoToMeeting?
    3. 3. Whiteboard
    4. 4. Whiteboard Drawing Tools
    5. 5. Chat & Chatting
    6. 6. Chatting Unique Feature
    7. 7. Cons of Chat FeaturesNo auto URL or the ability to No text formatting No date/time stamps automatically facility. Text format can be activatedconvert URLs and and style is next to text chatemail addresses to standardized for all. messages. clickable items. Cons of Using Chat Features
    8. 8. Polling
    9. 9. Pros/Cons Of Polling FeaturePros ConsActivity of attendees can be No formal POLLING functionstracked via Chat WindowAttendees can ask questions and Limited activity for attendeesget responsesResponses can be saved Meeting Organizer has to have help answering questions
    10. 10. Pros Of Using GoToMeeting One Click Meetings  Attendance Reporting Total Audio Service  Application Sharing Runs on Mac and PC  Multiple Monitor Support True 24-bit Color  Email and Instant Drawing Tools Messaging Chat and Whiteboard  Welcome Messages Recording & Sharing  Share Keyboard & Feature Mouse High Security Level  High Audio Quality Real Time Collaboration
    11. 11. Cons of Using GoToMeetingLimited Webcam and video integrationOutlook Express Email only usedLimited amount of attendees at lower price rangeLimited functions on MAC versionsNo formal polling featureApplet runs continuouslyPrice of higher product plans
    12. 12. GoToMeeting Pricing
    13. 13. Review of GoToMeeting
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    16. 16. For More Information Contact: Group F for Questions or Comments Contact: Mrs. Jennifer Lamb Mrs. Kathyleen Melson Mr. Raymond Mcclendon Mrs. Kristin Nester Ms. Latorya HedgepethAshford UniversityEDU 656: Technology Solutions for JIT Training and Learning