yaM for Skolkovo Final


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yaM for Skolkovo Final

  1. 1. We have Collaborative, real-time cloud service for meeting information management.
  2. 2. Our planBrowser-based audioconferencing service,integrated with ordinarytelephones andadvanced features foraudio notes taking,search and transcribing.
  3. 3. • Call directly from browsers• No installation required• WebRTC (HTML5, no Flash)• Calls from/to phone network to conference• No pin codes or passwords• Online conference management• Audio notes taking• Voice control• Audio transcribing• Audio search
  4. 4. R&D• Using latest web browser technology: WebRTC• Calls in browser with good quality (echo, noise cancellation)• Voice control from browser and phone• Integrated audio transcribing and search
  5. 5. Market • WebRTC: not yet available to consumers, no products exist • No strong in-browser conferencing product exists • Closest competitor – UberConference (TC Disrupt winner), only works with phone network
  6. 6. Roadmap Stage Duration Technology research and testing 1 mo Prototype Development: Phase 1 2 mo Internal Testing 1 mo Prototype Development Phase 2 1 mo Piloting on yaM users 1 mo Prototype Development Phase 3 1 mo Product final integration and 1 mo packaging
  7. 7. Addendum: More about yaM
  8. 8. There are toomany tools andsteps tomanage ameeting.
  9. 9. Some tools aretoo old.
  10. 10. Some solve just thecommunicationpart of the problem.
  11. 11. Solution
  12. 12. Collaborative,real-time spacefor all meetinginformation.
  13. 13. Collaborative notetaking and agenda editing File storage and in-browser viewing Visual analysis tools (document review, SWOT, brainstorming, priorities) Auto-generated minutes Integrated with conferencing andFeatures document storage tools
  14. 14. Meeting activity stream view.
  15. 15. Calendar view.
  16. 16. An example of collaborative panel use.
  17. 17. The iPad app.
  18. 18. Take it for a spin:http://bit.ly/yamtest
  19. 19. Delivered through any browser, pure HTML Realtime push updates Very rich experience, but no browser plug-ins Easily integrateableTech
  20. 20. Integrations WebEx Google AppsEvernote More planned
  21. 21. TeamAnatoly Gaverdovskiy, CEOPreviously: co-founder and CEO of VDI (acquired byEPAM Systems), co-founder of InvisibleCRM.Pavel Vakhitov, CTOPreviously: senior engineer at Livejournal and Mail.Ru.Dmitry Gorshkov, head of productPreviously: co-founder of task.ly, BDD at KanobuNetwork and Skillopedia.
  22. 22. MilestonesStarted Dec 2009Seed round Mar 2011Open beta Apr 2011End of beta May 2012
  23. 23. Summary Facilitates synchronous collaboration Works in any browser Perfect for any type of meeting Saves tons of time
  24. 24. http://yamlabs.comanatoly.gaverdovskiy@yamlabs.co m