Gotomeeting vs Webex: Usability Analysis


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Read usability analysis between Gotomeeting vs Webex.

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Gotomeeting vs Webex: Usability Analysis

  1. 1. VS.
  2. 2. andare the two known web conferencing tools developed bytwo of the largest technology company. GoToMeeting wasmarketed by Citrix and WebEx was developed by Cisco.
  3. 3. Are you undecided which online meeting tool works for you? Then let me help you out by identifying the differences.
  4. 4. FeaturesSimple and intuitive interface Instant messagingEasy instant messaging Ability to invite participants to a meeting that has already started viaSchedule Meetings email, voice conference or instantOutlook integration messengerAudio conferencing Video support (showing up to six participants at a time)Screen and application sharing File transfersMeeting recording (only for Pc)
  5. 5. FeaturesMaximum of 15 attendees with Ability to assign privileges to the basic plan individual participantsAttendance reporting Screen and application sharing Meeting recording (for Pc and Mac) Maximum of 25 attendees with the basic plan Support for Linux, Solaris & Unix
  6. 6. Prices$49.00 with 20% $49.00 with 20%annual discount + annual discount +free 30 days trial free 14 days trial
  7. 7. Are you still having difficulty to choose between GoToMeeting and WebEx?Well, that is not a problem!Let us consider some assessment pointed out to make it clear.
  8. 8. GoToMeeting’s tweets are not automated. The WebEx social media team is also activelyThey’re handcrafted and curated by their monitoring customer mentions on Twitter,social media team. however, their response time lags when compared to GoToMeeting. We’ve also noted that some customer support and tweets go unanswered.
  9. 9. In the reviews that we analyzed, 2/3 of the sites rated GoToMeeting higher than WebEx. Our sources included PC Magazine, Top10 Reviews, Cnet, MacWorld, and others.
  10. 10. As stated in the PCMag it is “by far the most polished of all applications we evaluated” According to TopTenReviews “This program is very easy to use. We were very impressed by the tools that delegated usersIn agreement with Macworld can use while in web“Its small set of features make the conferencing sessions.”service simple to use.”
  11. 11. According to Amplicate, 77% of people “love” GoToMeetingand 59% “hate” WebEx.These scores are based on hundreds of individual socialnetwork messages. 77% 80% 59% 60% 41% 33% Love 40% Hate 20% 0% WebEx GoToMeeting
  12. 12. 1,440 1,500 1,140 1,000 749 Love 491 Hate 500 0 WebEx GoToMeetingA comparative analysis via google search using the words :“GoToMeeting problem” (491 page results) or “WebEx problem” (1,140 page results)“Love GoToMeeting” (1,440 page results) and “Love WebEx” (749 page results)This means that GoToMeeting has less complains and is being favored by many.
  13. 13. How does GoToMeeting work?GoToMeeting allows you to connect up to 15 attendees but you can always upgradeto accounts that can sustain additional attendees.
  14. 14. How does GoToMeeting work?The meeting creator will then connect to GoToMeeting website
  15. 15. How does GoToMeeting work?To invite participants , the meeting creator will email the meeting number whichwill be entered into the GoToMeeting website.
  16. 16. How does GoToMeeting work?GoToMeeting offers three ways to communicate via phone conferencing, built-in VOIPOr built-in text chat.
  17. 17. How does GoToMeeting work?The meeting can be controlled easily by the meeting creator like muting, dismissingparticipants or simply sharing their screens from their pc/mac .
  18. 18. How does GoToMeeting work?GoToMeeting has 128-bit encrypted data protection to ensure the privacy of your meeting.
  19. 19. We have already discussed the Pros and Cons forGoToMeeting and WebEx. Although they vary slightlywith their features still their price is exactly the same. Now the choice is yours!
  20. 20. Choose wisely. Choose GoToMeeting!