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The LOFT Innovation Track is the process through which we find, foster and staff underrepresented minorities (URM), who have skills in the many fields of technology, otherwise known as technically talented individuals.

LOFT Innovation Track prepares underrepresented students in their early years of high school to focus on classes that will increase their technical knowledge. As they advance to college we work with them to ensure they are graduating in a STEM program, particularly in the field of technology

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LOFT Innovation Track

  1. 1. LOFT Innovation Track An initiative of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Background document September 2013
  2. 2. LOFT will diversify America’s tech sector with under-represented minority talent This LOFT Innovation document includes the following: • Background on Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and its Leaders On Fast Track (LOFT) initiative • Research on under-represented minorities in technology • LOFT Innovation programs and impact • Innovation Advisory board details • Partnership benefits • Innovation programs: Innovation symposium, Coding course, Video gaming fellowship, Innovation house, Dev bootcamp, Tech startup accelerator • LOFT background information on programs 1
  3. 3. LOFT is an initiative of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, which dates back to 1987 Established by the White House in 1987, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) identifies, inspires, prepares and positions Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities. HHF believes Latino youth are leaders of today not tomorrow. Leaders On Fast Track (LOFT) is the workforce development program of HHF for under- represented minorities (URMs) focused on “priority fields” including science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and other areas with hundreds of placements into internships, fellowships and full time positions. Tens of thousands of students and young professionals are connected to each other and provided with priority-field-tailored trainings across the country. Hispanic Heritage Foundation Leaders On Fast Track The LOFT Innovation Track consists of coding boot camps, general innovation symposia, software development fellowships, and entrepreneurship programs, which help us build a pipeline of technically talented URMs to diversity the technology sector and other innovation roles in the workforce. LOFT Innovation Track Background 2
  4. 4. HHF cycle of impact begins with the Youth Awards Leaders On Fast Track (LOFT) Youth Awards High school seniors apply to Youth Awards as the main feeder to LOFT National public awareness campaigns Innovative programs, accelerators Leadership and industry-specific trainings and accelerators helping members impact thousands more LOFT Members: • Youth Awardee applicants and • their peers in college and in their professional careers • proprietary social network • Innovation track including symposia, coding school, fellowship, and startup accelerator Campaigns reach broad Latino market, and attract more members, featuring • celebrities • business, political, and civic leaders • young innovators within network Background 3
  5. 5. LOFT Innovation Track is needed to address disparity in STEM academic programs URMs comprise 34% of the general population, however, they only make up 12%, 7%, and 3% of students in STEM undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs, respectively. Research 34% 12% 7% 3% URMs’ degrees in STEM vs Percentage in Population 4Source: National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Inc. (NACME)
  6. 6. Disparity persists in STEM career disciplines 2% 1% 4% 1% 5% 87% Black Male Black Female Hispanic Male Hispanic Female Asian Female Others Research URMs comprise only 13% of professionals in STEM careers 5Source:
  7. 7. LOFT is uniquely positioned to build an innovation track because of its talent pipeline LOFT’s assets include • Pipeline of 5,000 applicants annually from top students nationwide since 1998 • Technical education and innovation programming – coding bootcamps – online training – Formal and informal mentorship programming • Partnerships with university administrations and students Through our cycle of impact, we are able to build a robust pipeline of technically talented people LOFT Innovation 6
  8. 8. The LOFT Innovation Track executes events and talent sourcing year-round LOFT Innovation Talent sourcing Educational and technical events Coding boot-camps and hack-a-thons Innovation Symposiums Online trainings and mentorship Talent sourcing Identification of technically talented Latinos, Blacks and Women Relationship management Placement into all levels of technical positions The mission of the LOFT Innovation Track is to identify, prepare, and place technically talented under-represented minorities (URMs) in the workforce 7
  9. 9. A diverse team of tech-related professionals and academics will serve as advisors The LOFT Innovation Advisory Board will be a diverse team of professionals in technology, computer science education, or startup financing-related roles, who will: • Help LOFT develop partnerships with technology companies, departments, and business units to aid them in increasing the diversity of their employees • Consistently interact with students and professionals in software engineering or related fields to increase the national pipeline of technically talented under-represented minorities • Provide insight and knowledge of industry trends and new technologies to aid in executing our mission Advisory Board 8
  10. 10. Expectations of the Advisory Board can be outlined into four principal responsibilities Bi-monthly conference call to stay abreast on programs Promotion of LOFT Innovation initiatives on digital platforms Regularly contribute expertise and ideas to the LOFT Innovation team Allow LOFT to publish name as an Advisory Board member Advisory Board 9
  11. 11. Partners benefit from our public affairs, marketing, and talent sourcing efforts • Position partners as agents addressing lack of URMs in technology and other competitive fields to policymakers, thought leaders, and general public Recognized as leader in programs for under- represented minorities (URMs) • Regularly reach over 50k influencers, celebrities, and young under-represented minority leaders through various online and offline platforms Broad Latino market reach through events, media, and social network • Identify, train, and place top talent of URM background to fill in-demand roles in American priority fields such as STEM, finance, and education Consistent placement of talented URMs in competitive industries Public Affairs Marketing Talent Sourcing Partnerships 10
  12. 12. Current partners include national and community based organizations • Building Knowledge (BK) Nation • Nuevo South • Sabio • NTS Group • Black Association for Science and Engineering (BASE) • Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Partnerships 11
  13. 13. Innovation programs range from entry level workshops to advanced workforce bootcamps • Innovation Symposium: introduction to innovation jobs and overall technology industry • Coding Course: Introduction to computer programming course • ESA LOFT Video Gaming Fellowship: platform and grants for top video game developers • Innovation House: Residence for under-represented minority computer science majors • LOFT+Sabio@Nuevo South Dev Bootcamp: trains non-technical workforce-ready people for software engineering careers • South Los 180: Technology startup accelerator for founders of under-represented minority background Programs 12
  14. 14. Innovation Symposium introduces participants to innovation roles and technology sector The following are workshops and expectations of a Symposium: • Design thinking: developing and executing innovative ideas • Start-up financing: phases of funding and venture capital 101 • Mobile revolution: understanding the “third screen” market • Utilizing technology for social change in education, community service, civic engagement, leadership, etc. • Career guidance within the field of innovation and technology • Relationship building amongst the attendees and industry professionals • Speakers and workshop facilitators include VC professionals, entrepreneurs, and other leaders in the innovation space Symposium 13
  15. 15. Introduction to coding course provides key benefits for under-represented communities The Computer Programming Course 1) Supplies underrepresented minorities with the introductory skill of web-design & computer programming 2) And actively encourages entrepreneurship By encouraging Latino & African American young innovators to explore a career in technology gives them the skills to compete in today’s workforce and places them on a path to financial stability. Computer Programming Course will provide innovators, new to programming, a chance to explore a career in technology with the ability to have 1on1 mentorship with technology professionals and the doorway to learn more advanced programming languages and skills. Coding Course 14
  16. 16. Coding course curriculum includes web design using HTML & CSS • Introduction to HTML: The basics of HTML, the language used to create websites. • HTML Structure; Using Lists: More advanced HTML structure and begin customizing your pages • HTML Structure; Tables, Divs, and Spans: Use tables, divs, and spans to flush out our pages and make them capable of a wide range of content and style. • Introduction to CSS: The basics of CSS, we'll begin learning how to style our webpages. • CSS Classes and IDs: In this unit, we'll cover how to group CSS selectors into classes or identify a single selector by ID. • CSS Element Positioning: Here we'll cover how to control precisely where and how your HTML elements appear on the page Coding Course Provided by 15
  17. 17. ESA LOFT Fellowship will serve as platform for top minority game developers The ESA LOFT Gaming Innovation Fellowship will 1) encourage underrepresented minorities to advance in careers within the video gaming industry and 2) actively challenge youth to identify and make change through technology By identifying and promoting the top 20 Latino and African American young innovators (16-24 years old) who can create video games that will focus on new, technology-based approaches to address local and global social issues. ESA and LOFT will provide the platform for these young game developers to display to the White House, U.S. Congress, educational community, media, and the rest of our nation’s leaders that young people can develop innovative gaming design to address social issues and create change on their own terms Gaming Fellowship 16
  18. 18. 20 Gaming Innovation Fellows to be recognized in Washington, DC 20 Gaming Innovation Fellows will be 1) awarded a $1,000 innovation grant to continue working on their video game and 2) participate in an all-expense- paid trip to Washington, DC where they will: • be recognized for their accomplishments and present their games • meet with White House and U.S. Congressional representatives, ESA members, U.S. Army Cyber Command, and other leaders/influencers • provide interviews for local and national media • participate in CBC and CHC activities Gaming Fellowship The launch of the national outreach program and public affairs campaign will raise visibility for ESA, HHF/LOFT and our partners. Fellows will apply through the LOFT Innovation Track website All applicants will also have the opportunity to join, a social network for minority leaders for ongoing interaction and community building. 17
  19. 19. Innovation House’s mission is to increase the number of minorities in computer science • Nuevo South and LOFT have partnered to increase the amount of under-represented minority (URM) students interested in computer science or related fields • The Innovation House will provide a safe residential space for current URM computer science students by providing tools and amenities to help them focus on their studies • In exchange for subsidized amenities, the residents teach weekly computer programming classes for inner-city youth • Youth will have access to next door Nuevo South-LOFT office property to interact with and learn from current CS students • We will increase the amount of URM youth interested in and knowledgeable about computer science Innovation House 18
  20. 20. Innovation House for CS majors less than a mile from the USC campus 172 E 35th St, Los Angeles, CA 90011 Housing Opportunity for Computer Science Majors Less than 1 mile to USC campus Innovation House 19
  21. 21. Four-bedroom, two bathroom Innovation House has the essentials and more • 4 rooms • 2 Bathrooms • Dining room and den • Large front yard and backyard • Spacious balcony Innovation House will include subsidized amenities to improve the residential experience of a CS student in exchange for computer programming instruction for inner- city youth. Students will also benefit from their efforts being highlighted amongst the Nuevo South-LOFT national network. The space Amenities and benefits Innovation House 20
  22. 22. Only for techies willing to teach computer programming and live at a fun place Internal External Students majoring in computer science or related field Willing to teach youth computer programming ONE NIGHT PER WEEK And live in a positive, fun residential environment with great amenities Innovation House 21
  23. 23. Nuevo South-LOFT Innovation House includes various amenities and cool features House includes • New kitchen and appliances • Fully stocked kitchen • High speed Wi-Fi connection • Air conditioning • Video game room with ping pong table • Paid utilities • Starter set of pots, pans, and utilities • Towels and linens Extra benefits at request • TV/ Shared Netflix Account • Cleaning services • Laundry services • Subsidized transportation expenses for reasonable academic and professional purposes • Access to extra computer monitors with HDMI, VGA, DVI and ethernet cables • Weight room and recreational facilities next door Innovation House 22
  24. 24. LOFT, Sabio, and Nuevo South aim to solve the following problems A shortage of technology workers An acute shortage of Latino, African American and Women in the technology sector A high unemployment rate Dev Bootcamp 23
  25. 25. Our bootcamp will serve a population not served by our competitors General Assembly LA + Other Locations Seminars Varying Class Types Varying Cost ($2k-8k) Dev BootCamp San Francisco & Chicago All Day Class $12k $1k Scholarships Hack Bright Academy San Francisco All Day Class $7.5k Women Only App Academy San Francisco All Day Class $10k Starter League Chicago All Day Class Varying Cost ($2k-8k) FlatIron New York All Day Class $10k gSchool Denver All Day Class $20k, $5k up front + Payments $5k Scholarships LOFT + Sabio @ Nuevo South Developer Bootcamp will offer its services in a location which has no bootcamp competitor and target under-represented minorities and women. Our deferred cost makes the program highly accessible and attractive Dev Bootcamp 25
  26. 26. Room/Board Expenses Subsidized Preparation for a Demo Day Industry knowledge through Expert Speaker Series Ongoing Relationship Building with Investors/Tech Community Public affairs and branding servicesOne on one mentoring South Los 180 tech startup accelerator provides internal and external resources The mission of the South Los 180 LOFT Startup Accelerator is to identify, prepare, and empower under-represented minority tech startup founders. Internal External Accelerator details 26
  27. 27. South Los 180 provides robust platform for top minority startup founders South Los 180 will: 1. encourage under-represented minorities to develop innovative and profitable technology companies 2. actively challenge startup founders to create solutions for large addressable markets By identifying and promoting the top Latino and African American young innovators who can create companies that will develop new, technology-based products to solve problems. South Los 180 is a platform for engagement between under- represented minority founders and the growing technology startup ecosystem, i.e. investors, technologists, influenc ers, consumers, academic institutions and the media. The startup founders in the accelerator will not only enhance their skills and take their companies to the next level but will inspire the next generation of under-represented minority technologists. Accelerator details 27
  28. 28. Examples of Potential South Los 180 Founder Profiles facilitated by LOFT Network Chinaka Dodge • USC Film School • 27 year old African-American, former Technology consultant • Mobile App - professional film editing at 1/10x industry standard price Gregorio Diaz • Wharton MBA • 30 year Old Dominican-American, formerly at JP Morgan • Remittances to Latin America in form of gifts cards via SMS South Los 180 will benefit from the established network of HHF's LOFT Program, which will facilitate the identification of distinctive under-represented minority startup founders and the execution of a national public affairs campaign. Fellows will apply through the LOFT Innovation Track website Accelerator details 28
  29. 29. South Los 180 offers favorable terms to technology startup teams • Room/Board and Co-working Space Provided • 4-6% Equity Stake • $0k • 15 Weeks • No space provided • 4-8% Equity Stake • $17-20k • 12 weeks Y Combinator • Co-working space provided • 4% Equity Stake • $0k • 12 weeks South Los 180 NewMe Accelerator Accelerator details 29* Equity Stake To Be Determined by Investment Committee comprised of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors from the LOFT Network
  30. 30. HHF’s LOFT is about reshaping leadership in America and consists of three elements • – Connects leaders to each other and resources • LOFT Institute – Prepares leaders for service, education and workforce • LOFT Workforce – which Positions leaders in priority fields LOFT Background 30
  31. 31. is our proprietary online community for our leaders network Online community connects LOFT members to: • Peers – Each other for an ongoing support system which helps members feel comfortable as they attend college, enter the workforce in key fields, make change in communities and have a network throughout their careers • Mentors – Established Latinos for career paths, mentoring and general guidance • Resources – Scholarship, job and internship opportunities and other resources • Best of technology – Mobile applications, productivity tools, etc • User-generated content - Members share best-practices, knowledge and leverage their expertise • Online trainings – educational content, online mentoring, and academic and professional tips and tools LOFT Background 31
  32. 32. LOFT Institute provides year-round industry- specific and general leadership trainings We offer the following learning, mentorship, and advancement platforms: • Events – Over 30 one-day leadership or industry-specific trainings, summits, and Charlas engaging thousands of LOFT members • Trainings - Industry-specific trainings are commissioned by sponsors or LOFT members with a focus on STEM, education, public policy, innovation, finance entrepreneurship, and entertainment • Speakers Bureau – Members perform speaking engagements • Mentorship – Members are connected to more experienced members • Funding – Funding of grants for education, projects or business plans • Social – Opportunities to connect informally with more experienced leaders • Advancement – Network is leveraged to support high school and college completion, and young professional career advancement • Research – Research surveys and reports through university partnerships LOFT Background 32
  33. 33. LOFT Workforce sources top talent for public and private sector partners LOFT Workforce programs: • Provide mentorships, fellowships, internships, and full-time positions with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies based on the needs of our partners and the American economy • Work with partners to orient candidates on corporate culture and prepare them for a specific industry, government agency or company • Facilitate ongoing support to ensure retention of desired candidates at private and public sector organizations • Facilitate ongoing communication between partners and candidates not selected for other hiring opportunities • Guarantee talent sourcing and placement services for private and public sector partners LOFT Background 33