Porcelain Floor Tiles
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Porcelain Floor Tiles



Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Porcelain Floor Tiles.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Porcelain Floor Tiles.



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    Porcelain Floor Tiles Porcelain Floor Tiles Presentation Transcript

    • What’s the difference?When helping clients choose flooringmaterials for kitchen sets and baths, Porcelain Tileswe are often asked what the maindifferences between porcelain andceramic tile are. People often think Polished Porcelainthat porcelain tiles are for somereason superior, yet theyre unsureof exactly why its superior! Let’s Porcelain Bathroomtake a look at what porcelain can doto make your house look 100x moreamazing. Porcelain Floor Tiles
    • http://www.tilefactoryoutlet.org/
    • Porcelain Floor Tiles are commonlyvitrified, rectified and chip resistant.What is vitrified? Vitrified actuallymeans glass like and makesreference to hard surfaces as is thecase with polished porcelain. This iscertainly accurate with polishedporcelain as even with the doubleloaded variety (which uses the moreexpensive powder on the surface) itis still equipped with porcelain ofvarying kinds from surface tounderside. http://www.tilefactoryoutlet.org/
    • Polished porcelain tiles are all the rageright now and why not? Their smoothshiny surface and minimal grout linespresent a look that no other tile canmatch. Minimalist, sophisticated andsensuous.This unique unglazed porcelain tile getsit’s sheen via a painstaking polishingprocess. The porcelain surface is honedso smooth that it almost appears to becoated - but it’s not. What you seeremains raw porcelain and it needsproper care to keep its good looks. http://www.tilefactoryoutlet.org/
    • In many ways, it seems asthough tile was made just forthe bathroom. Just considerits natural attributes:• waterproof• easy to clean• incredibly beautifulAnd, if you opt for a naturalstone like slate, it’s non-slip! http://www.tilefactoryoutlet.org/
    • High traffic centers of your home, like kitchens, make greatcandidates for a tiled floor. Whether ceramic, porcelain ornatural stone, tile’s durability, easy maintenance and aestheticappealing. http://www.tilefactoryoutlet.org/
    •  If you want to learn more about how tiles can add more beauty toIfyour want tothen check out the Tile Factory Outlet. You’ll find you home, learn more information tiles can add every type of tile! about how on just about more beauty to your home, then check out the Tile Factory Outlet. You’ll find information on just about every type of tile!