Abs Videos - Pros And Cons To Using A Stomach Workout Video

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  • 1. Abs Videos - Pros And Cons To Using A Stomach Workout VideoWorking the abs is never an easy thing to get exactly right. There are a lot of ways to work the abs inan unoptimal way which may either create a less effective workout or might even result in injury.One of the ways in which people try to overcome this difficulty is to watch abs videos in which theentire workout is presented before you on the screen and all you need to do is follow along. This hasbecome a very popular tool for trainers and fitness marketers, but what are the cons of this way ofworking out the stomach. Are abs workout videos really that good for you, the regular user? What doyou need to do to make sure they work the best way for you?The main problem with doing abdominal exercises while watching a video is that youre staring a thescreen while working out. This usually means that youre straining your neck in an unnatural angle.Too much of that can lead to injury. The 2nd problem is that in order to make the most of anyworkout, you really should focus on what youre doing, not on any other person, even a trainer. Thatswhy I prefer to workout in silence or with music, and not in front of the TV.The third problem with abs video workouts is that often the nutrition aspect of getting a flat belly isoverlooked or trivialized. I believe its even more important that the exercise part. To make sure youdont fall into this trap make sure that the abs program youre following has a nutrition part.Abs videos can have a benefit in terms of ease of use, motivation boosting, and a way for people toworkout together in the privacy of their own home. A great program which utilizes video training andnutrition education is Your six Pack Quest which I highly recommend. I believe it covers the entirespectrum of subjects anyone who wants to get abs needs to know.>> Click Here to see a short but unusual video showing odd foods and tips to GET A FLATSTOMACH