The Prius Project


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The Prius Project

  1. 1. David and Adam founded The PriusProject to establish a sustainable,long-term funding source for AIDSServices of Austin, which providesmuch needed care, casework andtesting for members of our localcommunity who, like Adam, are livingwith HIV.Shortly after co-founding The PriusProject, Adam’s declining healthforced him to returned to his home inPerth, Australia where he can receivethe medical assistance and treatmentthat he requires as he continues hisbattle with HIV/AIDS. Adam and Davidremain friends and both resolve thatThe Prius Project will grow andflourish as Adam’s living legacy.
  2. 2. The Prius Project was designed as a way to reach a broad audience with the life-saving mission ofASA, and exemplify how a single donation can be leveraged into many more donations, quadruplingthe fundraising impact of the original gift.David also challenged ASA to reach The Prius Project’s annual fundraising goal of $100,000 bycommitting to establish a matching investment foundation of which ASA is the beneficiary. In its firstyear, that matching investment is estimated to contribute an additional $15,000 to ASA and as itsprincipal grows through The Prius Project, it will help support the organization’s growth and vitality foryears to come.With a year full of long dedicated days, rapid growth, and steep learning curves under our belts, ThePrius Project is up for the challenge to reach its annual goal for the next 10 years, and ultimately raisemore that $2 Million in funds for ASA.
  3. 3. The Prius Project is first and foremost made possible by the donation of a brand new Toyota Prius by David Owen’s companies: A List Partners, Pride of Austin Capital Partners and Pride of Austin Homes. In addition to the Prius, David and his staff donated their time and resources alongside the dedicated staff from AIDS Services of Austin and volunteers from The Octopus Club. Special thanks to Pride of Austin’s Co-Manager Rob Buchanan and A List Partners employees Shane Kuempel, Richard Moore and James Rincon.A List Partners, LLC is an Pride of Austin Capital Partners Pride of Austin Homes is one ofinvestment vehicle and financial manages a high yield investment the region’s premier custom homenetworking organization that fund for accredited investors. The builders. Pride of Austin builds $5offers its members rates from 2% fund invests in real estate million of custom homes a year, in- 10% on investments as little as development projects within 300 Austin’s most desirable locations$1,000. miles of Austin, and has a such as Travis Heights andMembers also have access to a historical return of 15.45% to its Bouldin Creek, and prides itself onnetwork of financial professionals investors. the use of cutting-edge, eco-who can help them plan toward a friendly, energy efficient productsprosperous future and early and technology in all of itsretirement. projects.
  4. 4. There is a vast number of people, without whom this campaign would not have been possible.ASA accepted this gift and the challenge it presented, and worked its tireless staff to the bone toensure that The Prius Project’s inaugural year was the solid foundation upon which it can build for thenext decade.The Prius Project would like to especially thank:Paul Scott – ASA Executive DirectorMarianne DeLeon – ASA Development DirectorScott Dinger – ASA Events CoordinatorMarcus Sanchez – ASA Communications DirectorMichael Hulse – Octopus Club Raffle ChairLew Aldridge – Octopus Club Founder
  5. 5. The Prius Project could have never accomplished what it did this year without the generous support of local sponsors.Very special thanks to: Jim Dimeo Chris Long Bobby Cook Charles Maund Toyota Green Mango Real Estate 219 West Jim Lommori Midtown Title Savory Spice Shop By George Oil Can Harry’s Tito’s Vodka Alori Properties Santa Rita Cantina Doc’s Bar & Grill Whole Foods Market Trento
  6. 6. AIDS Services of Austin’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of the community and peopleaffected by HIV and AIDS. This year, ASA celebrates 25 years of positive change for people affected byHIV and AIDS in Central Texas.It has been 30 years since AIDS first appeared as an emerging disease, and ASA has been respondingto this evolving epidemic in Central Texas for 25 of them. As ASA has grown and become the largestAIDS Services Organization in Central Texas, they have lived by the core values of adaptability,collaboration, diversity, integrity, and respect.ASA envisions an empowered community free from stigma and committed to healthier lives for peopleaffected by HIV and AIDS. With this vision in mind, ASA developed its strategic plan in 2011 to guidefuture growth.There are an estimated 6,000 people living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas. Approximately 1 in 5 areunaware of their status. When people discover they are HIV-positive, they are more likely to get medicalcare to slow the progress of the disease, and they are less likely to transmit the virus.Each year, ASA provides direct care services to over 1,500 people, and HIV prevention education toover 10,000 people in Central Texas through core programs such as: The Paul Kirby Emergency Financial Assistance Fund The Jack Sansing Dental Clinic Capital Area AIDS Legal Project (CAALP) Prevention Case Management The Q Program The Helping Hands Food Bank The Women Rising Project
  7. 7. Half of the proceeds from this year’sPrius Project have been designated to goto ASA’s Paul Kirby Emergency FinancialAssistance Fund.The fund provides limited, temporaryemergency financial assistance for clientsto meet basic living needs, an area ofcritical need that has seen significantgrowth recently.The Octopus Club is a volunteerfundraising group dedicated to raisingmoney specifically for The Paul KirbyFund. The Octopus Club hosts partiesincluding ArtErotica, OctoTea Dance andthe Oscar Party to provide the fund adynamic revenue source, and are alwayslooking for new, energetic volunteers.
  8. 8. We are already thinking of ways to make next year’s campaign bigger and better this year.You can help The Prius Project reach its goal of $2 million over the next 10 years by:• Volunteering to sell a block of tickets for next year’s raffle• Coming on as a co-sponsor• Buying advertising space for your company on next year’s Prius• Sponsoring a Prius Project event at your place of business To sign up to help, contact:• Joining the Octopus Club’s Raffle Committee James Rincon 512-663-4007• Volunteering for ASA at a Prius Project event
  9. 9.