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On Friday the 5th of May, CreateWOWmarketing presented the following photography in communications deck to the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives. In the presentation, we discussed the use of photography as a communication tool as well as showed the audience some tips and tricks for making their photos better. Then we broke out into groups and shot some test photos using some of the styles and techniques mentioned in the presentation.

Overall, it was a great day. We hope they left the seminar with a new passion for photography and the power of a simple image.

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WOW - Photography Tips and Techniques PREZO

  1. 1. Photography & Communication in the 21st Century May 4, 2012
  2. 2. Photography & Communication analytic creative
  3. 3. Photography & Communication
  4. 4. Photography & Communication“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, ofloving. What you have caught on film is capturedforever... it remembers little things, long after youhave forgotten everything.” Aaron Siskind, 1973
  5. 5. Photography & Communication“Photography is the greatest form of creativecommunication with the most intricate set of rulesany artist could ever want to eventually ignore.” Andrew B. Clark, 1991
  6. 6. Photography & CommunicationThe mode, method, theme and approach to photography is vast.A “photo” can be created with a cardboard box and tinfoil ORa life-savings and an ounce of passion.
  7. 7. Principles, Style & TechniqueWhile the “Art” of photography has been aroundsince the late 19th century, the principals, style andtechnique of photography are ever-evolving.
  8. 8. Principles, Style & TechniqueSelect Focus / Controlling Depth Of Field (DOF)
  9. 9. Principles, Style & TechniqueComposition – The 9-Grid Rule (or Rule of Thirds)
  10. 10. Principles, Style & TechniqueColor vs. Black & White
  11. 11. Principles, Style & TechniqueColor vs. Black & White
  12. 12. Principles, Style & TechniqueThe ZONE System!
  13. 13. Principles, Style & TechniqueThe ZONE System!
  14. 14. Principles, Style & TechniqueThe ZONE System – THE MASTER!!!
  15. 15. Principles, Style & TechniqueLighting – Studio vs. Ambient
  16. 16. Principles, Style & TechniqueLighting – Studio vs. Ambient
  17. 17. Principles, Style & TechniqueLenses (holy cow… there are so many!)
  18. 18. Principles, Style & TechniqueLenses50mm – Closest to “human eye”Usually comes with Camera kit• Quality over Quantity• Glass• Aperture / Speed• Auto Focus• Image Stabilization (VR)
  19. 19. Principles, Style & TechniqueLenses  ZOOM18mm to 200mm – Widest VersatilityOften come with advanced Camera kit• Quality over Quantity• Glass• Aperture / Speed• Auto Focus• Image Stabilization (VR)
  20. 20. Principles, Style & TechniqueLenses  Custom Fun and Shenanigans Fisheye Lenses – Widest Field of view (most bizarre effect)
  21. 21. Principles, Style & TechniquePoint-and-shoot, hand-held or otherwise
  22. 22. Principles, Style & Technique
  23. 23. Thematic Approach Photo-journalism / Document Life (birth to death and everything in between) Photography for more than “Art.” -- create images in order to tell a {news} story. – EMOTION. Eddie Adams *Andrew B. ClarkSteve McCurry Alfred Eisenstaedt *The only time MY photos will be seen in this kind of company! 
  24. 24. Thematic Approach Landscape / Environmental Illustrate / document your surroundings in an artistic or emotive fashion (broad or micro). Brent Isenberger Bruce DaleAnsel Adams *Andrew B. Clark
  25. 25. Thematic Approach Architectural Illustrate / document specific structures in an artistic or emotive fashion (interior, exterior, broad or micro).Bedford Lemere Chad Jackson Brent Isenberger *Andrew B. Clark
  26. 26. Thematic Approach Abstract Take the everyday and make it an element of design and interest within the camera lens.Aaron Siskind Patricia Sweeney Ted VanCleave *Andrew B. Clark
  27. 27. Thematic Approach Portrait Capture a person – not only their image, but their emotions and existence at that particular time. *Andrew B. ClarkAnnie Leibovitz Martin Schoeller Cory Smith
  28. 28. “Tell me and Ill forget; show me and I mayremember; involve me and Ill understand.” – Chinese Proverb 1533 Linden Street, #100, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Phone: 515-257-MKTG (6584) • Twitter: @TheBrandChef •