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Print stamp


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Print stamp

  1. 1. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectGOAL:Create a stamp design to be printed from alinoleum block Composition must showcase: - one word that embodies your chosen fictional setting -imagery from your chosen fictional setting - stamp iconography: “forever” or “46 cents”
  2. 2. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:You will have many steps ahead of you…1. Research chosen fictional setting (collect photo reference)2. Brainstorm meaningful words, imagery, and compositionalpossibilities (thumbnails)3. Create a plate from linoleum4. Print5. Embellish
  3. 3. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:1. Research chosen fictional setting…Using the internet and the links provided, watch your chosenfilm a multiple times.In your sketchbook write down: Important imagery & elements Feelings/Moods Message or Meaning
  4. 4. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:2. Brainstorm meaningful words, imagery, andcompositional possibilities- Create a list of possible words that embody your fictional setting- Sketch 6 + singular or grouped images- Complete 12 compositional thumbnails Thumbnails must include: imagery from the short film 1 word that is meaningful conceptually & visually- Stamp iconography: “forever” or “46 cents”
  5. 5. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking Project
  6. 6. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking Project
  7. 7. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking Project
  8. 8. • US. POSTAL STAMP Printmaking Project OBJECTIVES: 3. Create a plate from linoleum • BE SAFE! Pay attention to safety tips during demo - Cut away from your body, not towards • Remember that your plate will print everything backwards - Flip sketch upside down and trace over your lines to get the reverse image • Use different gouges to create a variety of line weights. • IMPORTANT - Carved out areas will not print in ink; they will be left the paper color.
  9. 9. US. POSTAL STAMPPrintmaking ProjectOBJECTIVES:4. Print- Print using the techniques demonstrated in class. - You may print multiple times - One color per print - Wash and dry your plate between prints - Walk wet prints to drying wrack in between prints - Do not leave your tray or brayer in the sink!!