The Eagle Has Crashed


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The Eagle Has Crashed

  1. 1. As the economy chugs along in the spring of 2029, a welder inColumbus, Ohio loses his job along with dozens of coworkers. AColumbus-based airline unexpectedly files for bankruptcyprotection. Across the nation unemployment jumps and economicgrowth mysteriously slows.Policymakers in Washington think it’s just a blip. Even though the―blip‖ causes tax revenues to decline—pushing dangerously highnational debt even higher—they do nothing, thinking that theeconomy will bounce back in a month or two.They couldn’t have been more wrong.The Eagle Has Crashed is the story of the day when America’snational debt leads to an economic collapse, and the anger thaterupts at policymakers for causing a disaster. Most of The Eagle HasCrashed takes place in central Ohio, and it documents the differingreactions of ordinary Americans to a government-induced calamity.As the economic meltdown caused by excessive federal debtworsens, it brings out the best—and worst—in ordinary Ohioansand Americans across the land.
  2. 2. What People Are Saying About The Eagle Has Crashed―The Eagle Has Crashed is a compelling novel! Ted Lacksonen’s fictional account of a giganticdebt crisis in America has many teaching moments for all Americans. It will leave you ponderingwhat you can do to help fix our current mess.‖Steve Laffey, author of Primary Mistake and producer of the documentary Fixing America―Ted Lacksonen’s scenario of a bleak US economic future is based on quite conventionalforecasts. If anything, I would say Lacksonen is too optimistic in his projections.‖Economist Dr. Robert P. Murphy, on the economic and fiscal models developed in supportof the novel.The Eagle Has Crashed is the provocative title of Ted Lacksonen’s first novel. Known as TheCountry Thinker on the Internet, Mr. Lacksonen has written a tale of what may be in store forthis country if we don’t sober up and start walking the straight and narrow. His main concern isour mounting debt and how that could destroy our financial future and, through a chainreaction, tear our nation apart.The near-future story follows the fortunes of many different people as a time of tribulationsbegins. Though a few high ranking officials do play a role, including the President of the UnitedStates, most of the characters are ordinary citizens in central Ohio, where Mr. Lacksonen lives.When the economy begins to crack, a series of mishaps, tragedies and catastrophes like acrescendo of disaster wracks the country. People become desperate and respond according totheir nature, some digging in to take care of themselves, others making sacrifices for what theysee as the good of the country...…The best aspect of the book is the methodical, measured way in which Lacksonen portraysthe unraveling of a nation, with a focus on a few representative stories. Of particular interestare the many tentacles of government shown to squeeze hapless small folk who, in trying towriggle free of one abuse, find themselves ensnared by a dozen others…… The Eagle Has Crashed is a book for right now, for the times we are going through and for thedangers we face ahead. Economist Robert Murphy took a look at Lacksonen’s economic modelsand pronounced them a bit on the optimistic side. Things could conceivably wind up worse. Itis nice to see all the dry data from the dismal science get turned into a living story, so people cansee what the real world effects of those soulless numbers actually are.Matthew Alexander, Prometheus Book Review
  3. 3. [The Eagle Has Crashed] begins with the assumption that nothing changes in ourpolitical system, for another generation. Heavy debt, heavy spending, and more FederalReserve tinkering with our economy.Everything finally collapses, and his book showcases exactly what can happen in this countryif we can’t manage to straighten out our financial problems.That being said, you do not need to be an economist to understand, or even simply enjoy thebook. It’s a great read! Yes, it’s a work of fiction. However, every good fiction writer knows,that to ―sell‖ a convincing story, that you need to be as close to reality as the story will allow.Boy is it convincing. I truly recommend this book to all. It’s Mr. Lacksonen’s first-everpublished book, and hopefully not his last . . . I can unequivocally say that I look forward tomore written works by this man. You should, too.Chuck Burns, Jr., The Southern LibertarianOne of the things that surprised me about The Eagle Has Crashed is the careful balance ofpolitical opinion that Ted meticulously laid out. In the story, the reader is introduced to allpolitical perspectives with careful care and consideration. I was not only introduced to thoseperspectives and how they might indeed play out but I was schooled as to what it means to bea Libertarian, Republican or Democrat.It was as if I was standing outside of the story – even though I was completely drawn into thestory – and was able to watch the many threads and perspectives unwind and interconnectwithout any bias.I think the most powerful aspect of this story is its ability to lead the reader to take time toponder the possibility of such questions such as:What if America became bankrupt?What then and what would that look like?Could we survive something so catastrophic?Ted does an amazing job showing exactly how America is suddenly unable to accomplish eventhe simplest tasks like protecting for its citizens from attack, providing its citizens after anatural disaster, its inability to continue caring for the elderly and disabled, or, most stunningperhaps, the government’s inability to run the daily basics of the government at all.As an American who is deeply concerned about the current plight of America, this book leftme deeply shaken and impacted. It serves as a great reminder that now is the time to actbecause tomorrow … may indeed be too late . . .I highly recommend this book. I give this book 5 out of 5 starsDominque Small, 4 Walls and a View
  4. 4. Get The Eagle Has Crashed Today!Paperback (If you want an autograph, include the request in the ―Instructions to Seller‖ box at checkout): Clear Peak Press Or by phone at (877) 512-9271 Soft-cover and Ebook for Kin-dle at Ama-zon, Soft-cover and Ebook for Nook at Barnes & NobleEbook for Sony Reader at The Sony Store, Ebook for Apple devices at the The iTunes Store, and for a vari-ety of E-readers at Smash-words More information on The Eagle Has Crashed, including excerpts, background research, and the economic and fiscal models in graph format, is located at Clear Peak Press Fundraising Opportunities If you have an organization that would be interested in selling The Eagle Has Crashed as a fundraiser for you group, please contact the author at: