Surveon All-in-one Smart Megapixel Recorder (SMR) Series


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Surveon All-in-one Smart Megapixel Recorder (SMR) Series

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  • 寫很久之後讓他停一下 , 對於壽命有很大的幫助
  • Surveon All-in-one Smart Megapixel Recorder (SMR) Series

    1. 1. Smart Mega Recorder - An Easy Upgrade for Megapixel CCTV Sales & Marketing Department Surveon Technology, 2011
    2. 2. We Love Megapixel Surveillance But … I know nothing about IP. How to find a reliable solution? How do I minimize the HD failure ? I need a professional CCTV solution. System Installer
    3. 3. SMR is a simple, reliable & professional megapixel CCTV solution. How does Smart Mega Recorder help you on easy megapixel upgrade?
    4. 4. Simple is the Best • All-in-one Standalone NVR • Local Display for Live & Playback • Compact Size & Hot Swappable Disk • Four Steps to Set up Megapixel CCTV
    5. 5. Standalone Megapixel NVR VGA: Local Display SMR5016: 16 CH Megapixel + 5 Disks Front Door LCD Display
    6. 6. Local Display for Live & Playback Common Mini NVR + Extra Cost, Integration & Space Simple and All-in- one Solution Surveon SMR Series
    7. 7. Compact Size for Easy Installation SMR5020 PC NVR Surveon SMR Geovision PC Based NVR Milestone PC Based NVR # Cameras 20 16 16 Disk 5 2 2 RAID Yes NO NO Swappable HD Yes NO NO Dimensions Small Big Big Production 100% In- house Common PC Common PC
    8. 8. Easy Installation - 4 Steps to Set up Megapixel CCTV Network Step 1 Connect Camera & NVR to the Switch/Hub Step 2 Slot the HD into the SMR HD Tray Step 3 Power UP SMR Step 4 Auto Scan & Initialize
    9. 9. Reliable is Everything • Non PC/CTOS & Professional NVR • Hardware RAID for Megapixel Throughput • 3 Year Warranty • 100% In-house Design & Production
    10. 10. Production Base vs. COTS Base Surveon Mass Production Quality Level COTS NVR In Office Assembly Quality Level
    11. 11. Surveon SMR vs. COTS NVR Design Validation Engineering Validation Quality Validation Production Validation Mass Production Checkpoint Report Spec. Thermal Simulation Performance Evaluation Function Test Thermal Pre Test Reliability Thermal, Reliability, Package, Drop, Shock, Vibration, High- Low Temp, Humidity, Component Approval, SOP, Yield Rate, HALT, ORT, Mass Burning, Function Check Incoming Check, Process QA, SOP, T1, T2, Burning, Online QA, Shuffle System Surveon SMR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes COTS/PC NVR NO NO Partial Partial NO ISO: Product Quality Management Process
    12. 12. Hard RAID for Megapixel Recording DAY Night 80% Common PC NVR (HD Failure & No Data Protection) Surveon SMR (Parallel Writing & RAID Protection) Write Performance Time DAY Night 80% Write Performance Time Unstable I/O Drop Frame Non-megapixel
    13. 13. 100% In-house Design & Production - 3 Year Warranty Solutions Features Ref. Supplier Application Notes Common PC + VMS Not Designed for NVR I/O Loading Storage Reliability Entry Level VMS NUUO, Alnet, Avermedia Compatibility & Reliability Concern. COTS PC MB + Chassis Less Integration I/O Storage Quality Non-pro Design Local SI, Exacqvision, NUUO, GVD, VAR Compatibility & Reliability Concern Enterprise HW RAID NVR Designed for NVR HW RAID High Performance I/O Storage Bosch, Indiovision, Nice Vision (OEM) Surveon (Own Production)
    14. 14. Professional CCTV Solutions • Real Time Video Analytics Engine • Actionable Monitoring & Smart Investigation • Advanced eMAP & HTML • Client-Server Architecture • Scalable Solutions from 4TB to 200TB NVR
    15. 15. Real Time Video Analytics • All-in-One Single Box • Real Time Alarm/Notes • Retail Reference: – Customer Counting – Warehouse Protection – Asset Protection
    16. 16. Actionable Live & Smart Investigation Actionable Monitoring Each analytic event showing on VI Panel can be Instant Playback, Bookmark, ex: Suspicious event, Note etc. Smart Investigation Real Time Database Query for all the event. Ex: Mon-Fri, front door, intrusion + Suspicious label
    17. 17. Client-Server Architecture Scalable Solutions from Single Site to Multiple Client
    18. 18. Scalable RAID NVR Solutions Segment Business Key Features Surveon Solutions Benefits from Surveon Small Medium Retail, Hospital, Restaurant, SMB, Clinic, Small Factory, School < 20 CH Simple Installation All-in-one SMR Series 6-20 CH, Max. 16 TB End-to-end solutions Built-in Professional RAID Enterprise VMS 3 year warranty In-house Design In-house Production Middle Large Community, University, Enterprise, School, Hospital, Supermarket, Factory, Hotel 16CH – 64 CH Client-Server Enterprise RAID NVR 2000 16-64 CH Max.200 TB
    19. 19. Product Comparison A Item Surveon SMR Series Exacqvision Toaster NUUO NVR Mini Megapixel CH 8, 16, 20 8 16 (No Live) Processor Dual Core Single Core SOC Local Live Yes NA NA HD 2, 5, 8 (Hot Swappable) 2 2, 4 RAID RAID 0, 1, 5 NA RAID 0, 1, 5 Hardware Own Design/Production Outsource Outsource VMS Enterprise Grade Enterprise Grade Enterprise Grade Advanced Real Time VI Yes NA NA Warranty 3 1-2 1-2
    20. 20. Product Comparison B Surveon QNAP Exacq PC NVR Entry NAS Position Enterprise VMS Simple NVR Enterprise VMS Simple Bundled VMS Megapixel Camera Channels 20 Max. 8 NA 8 Client Server Yes Yes Yes -- HTML Yes -- -- -- Advanced VI Yes -- -- -- Bookmark Video Yes -- -- -- Date Time Search Yes Yes Yes -- Smart Search Yes -- -- -- Enterprise Domain Mgt Yes -- -- --
    21. 21. Smart Megapixel Solution Package Highly Integration for all series Surveon Cameras Optimized Megapixel Solutions 100% In House Design & Production Open Platform for 3rd party Cameras Package Pricing Support Full Line Megapixel IP Cameras
    22. 22. Contact your local dist. for more product information. You can find more product information on