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  • 1. Introduction to Network CMC Limited
  • 2. Objectives • Explain what is network. • Explain and differentiate different types of LAN. CMC Limited
  • 3. Introduction A network consists of two or more computers connected to each other in order to share resources. Networks have become a major tool for many organizations to meet data processing and data communication needs. Security services that protect the data, processing and communication facilities, must also be distributed throughout the Networks. Network security should be an integral part of the whole network and should be important to all users. CMC Limited
  • 4. Types of Networks Depending on geographical extents, networks may be classified as: • Local Area Network (LAN) • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) • Wide Area Network (WAN) CMC Limited
  • 5. Types of Networks contd..Local Area Network (LAN) A LAN is confined to a relatively small area. It is generally limited to a geographic area such as a school, building or an office. Typical radius of a LAN is a few hundreds of meters.In a typical LAN configuration, one or more computers aredesignated as the file server. Computers connected to the fileserver are called workstations. CMC Limited
  • 6. Types of Networks contd..Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) covers larger geographical areas than LAN, such as cities. By interconnecting smaller networks within a large geographic area, information is easily disseminated throughout the network. Large organization and government agencies often use a MAN to establish their communication. CMC Limited
  • 7. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) contd..Physical security of communication medium is not within thecontrol of the organization. CMC Limited
  • 8. Types of Networks contd..Wide Area Network (WAN) Wide Area Networks (WANs) connect larger geographic areas covering hundreds and even thousands of kilometers, such as the whole of India or around the globe. CMC Limited