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types of network


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types of network

  2. 2. NETWORK
  3. 3. NETWORK & ITS TYPES Networking is the process by which two or more computers are linked together for a flawless communication. There are about eight types of network, which are :- LAN [LOCAL AREA NETWORK] WLAN[WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK] WAN[WIDE AREA NETWORK] MAN[METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK] SAN[STORAGE/SYSTEM AREA NETWORK] CAN[CAMPUS/CLUSTER AREA NETWORK] PAN[PERSONAL AREA NETWORK] DAN[DESK AREA NETWORK]
  4. 4. LAN [ local area network ] Connects networking devices with in short area, e.g. small offices, home, internet cafes etc. Uses TCP/IP network protocol for communication between computers. Can be control and administrated by single person or organization. WAN [ wide area network ] WAN cover large distance for communication between computers. Internet is the best example of WAN, which covers the entire earth. Uses network protocols like ATM, X.25, and Frame Relay for long distance connectivity.
  5. 5. WLAN[wireless local area network] A LAN based on wireless network technology, mostly referred as Wi-Fi. No wires are used, but radio signals are the medium for communication. Wireless network cards are required to be installed in the systems for accessing any wireless network around. MAN[metropolitan area network] Is not mostly used, but has its importance for some government bodies and organizations on larger scale. It falls in between LAN and WAN. Covers large span of physical area than LAN but smaller than WAN, such as a city.
  6. 6. SAN[storage area network] Pan[personal area network] Used for data storage and it has no  Used for communication among use for most of the organization but computer devices. data oriented organizations.  Can be used for communication Connects servers to data storage among the personal devices or for devices by using Fiber channel connecting to a higher level network technology. and internet. CAN[campus area network] DAN [desk area network] A networking, spanning with multiple  A multimedia workstation based LANs but smaller than MAN. around ATM interconnect. Mostly used in relatively large  All communication between universities or local business offices peripherals and even between CPU and buildings. and its main memory is achieved by sending ATM cells through a switch fabric.