Realize that the 1-2-3 Account
only really works for Mortgage
Holders with Multiple Bills &
Balances > 3000
Everybody hear...
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Santander 123 Consumer Journey


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A Consumer Journey for Santander UK 123 Accounts. Repositions the service as primarily a benefit for homeowners, who are most likely to see the greatest financial benefit.

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Transcript of "Santander 123 Consumer Journey"

  1. 1. Realize that the 1-2-3 Account only really works for Mortgage Holders with Multiple Bills & Balances > 3000 Everybody hears about how you can get cash back with the 1-2-3 Account and expresses interest Mortgage Holders and Families become interested. Young People express dissatisfaction with the bank over a service that was never intended for them Negative Feedback on Facebook & Twitter about customer service Improper Positioning Unrealistic Expectations Negative Survey Responses garner press WHY? EXPOSURE UNDERSTANDING INTEREST UPTAKE APPRECIATION RECOMMENDATION Consumers Perform Evaluation of Personal Finances to see if the 1-2-3 Account will benefit them Qualified Mortgage Holders and higher balance keepers sign up and express delight over the service MEDIA KPI’s ACTION TARGET DISCONNECT T EX P ER IEN T IA L OUT OF HOME 8/12/13 9:21 PM BEHAVIORAL TARGETING Consumers search out more specific information about the 1-2-3 program and compare the benefits of switching to the pain of starting over at a new bank. OPPORTUNITY 7-Day Switching goes live in the UK starting September 1, 2013. Satisfied 1-2-3 Account Holders recommend the service to their friends, who are qualified Gross Impressions in Zip Codes with > 50% Homeownership Target GRP’s achieved New Current Accounts Opened per week / month NPS University Students unable to keep 1000 Minimum monthly balances Drop out and express dissatisfaction 1 2 3Current Accounts 8/12/13 11:39 PM 8/12/13 18/12/13 8:46 PM8/12/13 8:46 PM8/12/13 11:51 PM TV IN BRANCH Keyword Searches Behavioral Targeting at Pain Points, Banner ads at bill paying sites, water, mobile, etc. Primary: Gross Impressions, Secondary: CTR InShares Weekly Fan Growth (FB) Monthly Active Users Sponsored Updates Text & Image Ads Finance Calculator in LinkedIn Feed SOCIAL MONITORING Recommendations are made both online and offline Behavioral Targeting on Real Estate sites Online or In Branch, consumers can sign up for the 1-2-3 Account 8/13/13 10:52 AM OPPORTUNITY Enroll Real Estate Agents as Brand Ambassadors as Homeowners will typically benefit the most
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