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Steve Bayley portfolio


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Steve Bayley portfolio

  1. 1. Steve BayleyA strategic planner with an interest in cultural exploration, and theways in which consumers control brand identity. Mr. Bayley cut histeeth building independent rap brands through strategic use of socialmedia and street promotions back in the myspace hay days.He earned his advertising stripes as a successful new businesssalesman specializing in urban radio, all the while subtly acceleratingstation rebranding by pushing revenue into previously unexploitedfringe dayparts and launching new NTR initiatives.A native of Massachusetts, where he resides with his fiance Thao,he enjoys reading, tailgating, watching dodgy feeds of lower divisioninternational football on the internet, eating Vietnamese food, andpracticing his Vietnamese language skills on unsuspecting waitressesand clerks at asian markets.
  2. 2. Post Graduate humility School of and Education perspective Hard Knocks
  3. 3. The Work
  4. 4. CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY Target Citi wants to connect with the next generation of business leaders, as they are building their careers on the way up. These young highly educated influentials have a progressive mindset, are connected to the world around them through the media, and online and in-person social networks. They are proactive visionaries, shaping and molding their lives, leaving as little as possible to chance. The Bitter Pill From 9/11, to the financial crisis, to the present, they launched their careers during the most difficult decade since the 1930’s. These careers have been characterized by uncertainty and instability even in the best of times. They and their boomer parents believed the route to economic stability was through higher education. Instead many find themselves underemployed and suffocating under the weight of huge student loans. Connected But Surrounded by negativity, both from the news media, and from some of their increasingly negative friends, who, frustrated by their underemployment, fall into a vicious cycle of rationalization and excuse making, becoming stuck in their routine and headed for a life of mediocrity. Disappointed Maintaining a positive outlook has not always been easy. They have fought longer and harder than their peers in order to maintain a sense of optimism, but are tired of swimming upstream, and are increasingly cynical. They are starting to give in, but still feel guilty about not being stronger. Insight Despite all this, their values persist because their values define them, but they are down to their last drop of optimism Strategy Each individual drop can only do so much. Citi can be the bucket that collects the drops and creates a new wave of hope.
  5. 5. TEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGYCAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEG CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY 18 Million unique visitors pass through every month when they log in to their online banking. This provides the perfect place to gain exposure and drive participation in Citi’s community initiatives. CAUTION - WOR Citi Collective. Giving people a platform to live out their values.
  6. 6. CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY Background As their original target matures, we want to help Red Bull make a seamless transition into real adult life with their original customers. Help us save Red Bull from being the old guy at the frat party. Marketing Objective Stimulate overall market growth through bringing previous light/lapsed users back into the fold and drive new user trial by highlighting existing uses that have not previously been highlighted in marketing communications. Target Former or light Red Bull drinkers who feel that they may have graduated out of the Red Bull lifestyle and are on to the next stage of their lives. 25-34, skews male. The Barrier They feel Red Bull is for kids and partiers and they feel themselves becoming more distant from this lifestyle. “I don’t have a history with extreme sports and dance crews.” - Travis, 29 The Challenge Convince the target that Red Bull is a fun yet practical tool that can accommodate their priority changes as they have matured. Insight Older Gen Y’s need energy for late nights at the office and crying babies, not heli-skiing in the Andes. Strategy Empower the armchair athlete to achieve life’s small yet epic wins The Big Idea Team Extra-Ordinary. Tom Phleger, an average office worker and backyard badminton player is plucked out of his job and life and sent to a remote island to train for the corporate retreat badminton showdown against his archrival Paul from HR. Tone & Voice Semi-serious action; slight, wry humor; Shows Red Bull is self-aware of extreme sports clichés
  7. 7. TEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY Multiple touch points allowCAUTION - follow along with people to WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEG members of Team Extra- Ordinary on their casual sports training missions. CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY Heavy emphasis on news and lifestyle media, especially sites with an edge. A slant toward media consumed at work. CAUTION - WOR
  8. 8. CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY Business Objective Increase male subscriber base. Weightwatchers offers the most realistic program for men, yet men represent only 9% of subscribers. Challenge Drive obese men to make a hard change for an easier life. easy choices hard life harder choices easy life Barrier Obese men don’t realize how much easier every day could be if they were lighter. Target 30-44 year old obese men, 30-40 Pounds overweight
, single,
 middle class male in a transitional life stage. Sedentary job, eats out 5+ times per week. Research Insight Radical honesty pushes men to take action. Strategy Beat them down to tone them up. The Big Idea You’re Fat. That’s the last time you’re gonna hear it.
  9. 9. TEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGYCAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEG Catch them in moments of vulnerability via a contextual media strategy. CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WOR The Fat Lickin is a Radical Honesty Facebook app. Just take a photo of your beer belly with any webcam, and brace yourself for some tough love that will push you to finally take the extra step and join weight watchers today.
  10. 10. CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY Business Objective Get people to use more Febreze in order to reach the benchmarks of 2.04 million and 3.74 million additional units. Target Mothers 35-54 with kids 6-17 in the house. Uber Organizers AKA Miss Perfect. Superwomen whose main mission in life is to dominate their world and look great doing it. The Barrier Miss Perfect perceives Febreze users as dirty Challenge Get Miss Perfect to overcome her prejudice against Febreze, and show her how Febreze simplifies her life. Related words: pressure, perfection, expectations, society, family, control, clean, organized, marriage, neighbors, appearances, paradox, love, competition, life, home, care, parenthood Insight Women are their own harshest critics The Research 13+77+10 Would you use Febreze? Strategy Febreze helps Miss Perfect Keep Up Appearances 77% No The Big Idea 13% Other Every Woman’s got her own dirty little secrets 10% Yes
  11. 11. CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEGY CAUTION - WORLD CHANGING STRATEG Secrets of the mist An anonymous Facebook confession wall and twitter feed where Miss Perfect can let loose and unburden herself of the weight of her own deepest imperfections. Its OK to be a little inappropriate... no one will know its you...
  12. 12. The Skill SetSegmentation | Regression Anaysis | Ethnography | Media Planning | CrowdsourcingFocus Group Moderation | Transmedia Storytelling | Gamification | Net Promoter Score| Revenue Cycle Analytics | SEO | Creative IdeationThe Educational FoundationMiami Ad School – Bootcamp for Account Planners, New YorkEast Carolina University – MBA, Business Administration with Marketing CertificateUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro – BA Communication Studies, African American StudiesSentry Auto GroupUnique selling style led directly to highest customer satisfaction scores in thedealership. Masterful use of CRM tools to maintain relationships in what is typically thought of asa one-off transactional business. 15% of all customers were repeat customers within a three yearspan, an exceptional achievement in the auto industry. Handwritten letters and chats in the servicelounge, allowed me to become trusted resource for my customers. One of my Lincoln customerstold me I lie outside the third standard deviation of human excellence.Beasley Broadcast Group / Clear Channel BostonRent-A-Center - Developed a regional agency buy starting with a cold call, executinga multi location regional radio marketing plan for Rent-A-Center’s Eastern NorthCarolina district. Worked in conjunction with Carat USA - New York.Founded Kiss Street Team and identified talent for hire in street team roles.Responsible for first monetizing of street team services. Identified talent hasgrown in their roles with the company.Triple Gz EntertainmentBuilt the brand and career of a new artist from the ground up.Established consistent branding through all print and digital communications.Developed a strategy for regional expansion and organic growth through targeting secondary citiesand radio markets. Integration of branded elements across street, digital, social, and radio.
  13. 13. Steve Bayley @thelincolnking 978 333 2925The Skill TrainingAMA Marketing Research Bootcamp, HoustonSegmentation & Discrete Choice trainingQualvu - 12 Class Online Mobile Ethnography TrainingFutures of Entertainment Conference, MITTransmedia Storytelling, Gamification, Crowdsourcing.Youth Marketing Academy, Mobile Youth – 10/11- 9/12 Inaugural cohort, working withan international group of marketing professional and students from Tanzania, India,Indonesia, Australia, and EnglandRadio Advertising Bureau (RAB) CertificationsCertified Professional Commercial CopywriterCertified Digital Marketing ConsultantCertified Radio Marketing Consultant20+ AMA Virtual Exchanges & WebinarsMarketing & Neuroscience, Mobile Marketing,Youth Marketing etc.Marketo Revenue Rockstar EventRevenue Cycle AnalyticsSEO Training Internship, East Carolina University, Money Is Fun projectAwardsSales2 time Top Mazda Customer Satisfaction Award Winner 2009 & 20101st Place Jr. Account Executive Division - Clearchannel Boston Winter Sales Contest 20078 time WIKS Salesperson of the Month 2006Management (Artist Nominations)3 time Southern Entertainment Awards nominee2 time Carolina Music Awards nominee2 time North Carolina Underground Music Award nominated artist