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ADMA - Singapore Digital Marketing Trends Report
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ADMA - Singapore Digital Marketing Trends Report


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A tidy summary. …

A tidy summary.
All information adapted from

Internet usage trends
Online Advertising trends
Top sites
E-commerce trends
Mobile internet trends
Social networking trends
and Facebook usage in Singapore
(no info on Twitter usage in Singapore)

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Digital Marketing Yearbook 2012 A summary by Stephanie Phua
  • 2. Focus: Singapore
  • 3. Demographics•  77.2% penetration rate in 2011•  97% amongst 15-19 year oldsBehavior•  90% of users are apprehensive about giving out their information online•  80% of Singapore’s internet users go online every day. 8% by handheld 50% by notebook 39% by desktop PC devices
  • 4. Popular Activities1.  Emailing (96%)2.  Reading the news (86%)3.  Conducting searches (81%)4.  Instant messaging (70%)5.  Sending out messages on social media sites (67%)
  • 5. Top 10 motivations for going online1.  Research for work (48.4%)2.  Research how to do things (48.2%)3.  Research products to buy (47.4%)4.  Stay in touch with friends (42.55%)5.  To get inspired / get ideas (38.23%)6.  Networking for work (32.11%)7.  Entertainment (28.15)8.  Fill up spare time (24.72%)9.  Update friends with my life (23.83%)10.  Find films / TV shows (23.57%)
  • 6. Top 10 things Singaporeans do online1.  Watched a video clip (77.47%)2.  Used Internet banking (65.61%)3.  Used webmail (61.03%)4.  Managed your social network profile (54.91%)5.  Uploaded photos online (51.86%)6.  Used instant messenger (48.29%)7.  Purchased a product online (47.01%)8.  Used online office applications (39.62%)9.  Reviewed a product / brand online (34.39%)10.  Let a comment on a story / website (30.19%)
  • 7. Online Advertising•  Online ad spend could account for 20% of total ad spend in SG by 2020•  The financial services industry generated the highest amount of online ad revenue in SG in the first half of 2011 (16.77% share)•  45% of Singapore’s internet users don’t mind online ads if they are relevant
  • 8. Top Sites
  • 9. E-commerce•  B2C e-commerce market was valuated at S$6.1 billion in 2011•  Singaporean online shoppers spend more on sites they know•  55% feel uncomfortable giving out credit card / bank account details online•  Prior to making an online deal, SG users will consult an average of 4.4 online sources vs 2.2 offline sources. –  If the product is a financial one, 5.1 online sources vs 2.6 offline sources
  • 10. Top 5 things Singaporeans buy online1.  Travel (E.g. plane tickets / hotel) (21.02%) OR2.  Clothes (21.02%)3.  Holiday (abroad) (20.76%)4.  A gift for someone (15.41%)5.  Healthcare / pharma products (12.09%)6.  Books (10.32%)7.  Personal items (E.g. watches / handbags) (9.17%)8.  Mobile phone (7.66%)9.  Films (6.12%)10.  Financial product (E.g. insurance) (5.47%)
  • 11. Mobile•  >7.75 million mobile subscribers in 2011•  Mobile penetration rate: 149.6%•  Mobile broadband penetration: 70%•  74% of Singaporeans have access to the mobile internet daily•  >65% have cancelled a potential transaction because they are wary about passing their financial details via mobile –  If the value of the product is <$100, then 75% of Singaporeans would be happy to use their mobile phones to conduct the purchase
  • 12. Mobile•  84%of Singaporean mobile internet users have already used their phones to make a purchase / research a purchase•  Most sought after products: –  Consumer electronices (40%) –  Mobile banking (32%)•  Singaporeans like free apps – 85% of the users with internet-enabled phones install them.
  • 13. Top 5 Mobile Activities1.  Send / receive text messages (85.5%)2.  Personal product ownership smartphone (?) (59%)3.  Send / receive email (57.9%)4.  Access internet sites (54.2%)5.  Send / receive MMS (36.1%)
  • 14. Social Networking•  2.7 million social networkers in Singapore –  94.3% of all online users•  Singaporeans spend 4.4hrs on social networks a day on average –  That’s 18% of a Singaporean’s online time•  85% of Singaporeans visit social media sites, and 69% actually do so to engage with brands or companies
  • 15. Top Social Networking Sites
  • 16. Facebook usage•  >2.5 million Facebook users in SG –  70.78% of Singaporean internet users are on FB –  51% of FB users in SG are aged between 25-44 –  Av. User visits the site 26.1 times a month, spending 10.1 minutes on it each time•  Facebook and Google are the 2 most frequently mentioned brands in SG Twitter conversations among young professionals and graduating students.
  • 17. Top 20 Brands on Facebook
  • 18. For more detailed information, please visit