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From “toothbrushes” to ecosystem: we will see fintech-bank soon


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The next step (and this step will be not about “more money”, but about real evolution of fintech-movement to ecosystem) in fintech will belongs to new generation of “fintech-banks” (maybe, they will be totally separated from traditional banks), which will have Bank-as-service platforms as back-end, and neobanks as front-ends – to tailor all these services for final end-users in unique bundle and user experience.

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From “toothbrushes” to ecosystem: we will see fintech-bank soon

  2. 2. 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 «Toothbrush» era Ecosystem creation You perform just one function, but better than anyone, and when you are irreplaceable and used every day. Services are starting to partner and merge with each other in some way. The casual customer wants to get a comfortable ecosystem of services with seamless integration allowing him/her to easily use data from one service inside the other and enjoy the benefits from their joint use.
  3. 3. 2015 Fintech-entrepreneurs started to work together against the large banks If we were to decompose a bank, there would be a fintech company that can substitute each service the bank provides. If there is a fintech company for each service a bank provides, do we really need banks?
  4. 4. Cheap&fast customer acquisition, but low margin High margin, but expensive CPA Cheap&fast customer acquisition High margin Better tailoring to customers needs More data = lower credit risks Fintech-startups started to make partnerships Online-trading Online-remittances Online-bank mPOS mPOS e-wallets Online-lending Online bank Online-lendingOnline bank Mobile bank Online-remittances
  5. 5. The largest fintech-companies started diversification of their product line Tablet-based cash-registers POS-management systems Online-acquiring SME-loans p2p-remittances PFM (personal financial management) Online-trading
  6. 6. Open APIs economy External developers can extend platform functionality using APIs Business model of banks and insurance companies do not suppose cooperation with new wave of tech companies. 63 insanely useful APIs across 12 segments The BaaS structure allows users to create and consume value. In the near future would be possible to build their own bank through apps, APIs and analytics.
  7. 7. From SaaS to BaaS bank-as-service It’s basically cheaper and better paying for applications as you use them, rather than buying them. BaaS as back-end platform to host, launch and scale any fintech-startups.
  8. 8. Others need platform to expand. fintech-startups have successfully managed to expand globally. Only 25 scaling to other marketsBaaS
  9. 9. Neo - and challenger banks as FRONT-END of aggregation movement Accounting SME-lending&factoring Online-acquiring Insurtech Online-trading Online-remittances PFM&PFP e-wallets P2P-lending Online-lending Online-lending for students P2B-lending Soon:
  10. 10. World map of BaaS & neobanks Anna Based on Life.SREDA’s partnership and connections with all players on the market and analysis of their strategic movements, we predict the big changes that will happen in the industry in 2016.
  11. 11. NEXT STEP FINTECH-BANK Philippe Gelis, CEO at KANTOX: ” The second wave of fintech, to come in two to five years’ time, will be «marketplace banking» (or «fintech banks»). A core banking platform built from scratch; An API layer to connect to third parties; A compliance/KYC infrastructure and processes; A banking license, to be independent from other banks and the ability to hold client funds without restrictions; A customer base/CRM, meaning that the fintech bank will have the customers, and a customer support team. 1 2 3 4 5
  12. 12. NEXT STEP FINTECH-BANK Fintech-bank as a unique bundle of independent fintech-startups ecosystem unique user experience
  13. 13. Fintech startups ecosystem Front-end banking back-end Licensed and regulated for end-users based on neobanks Middleware to host&scale fintech services What FINTECH-BANK is? Bank-as-service based on open APIs for Retail for SMEs Telecom Retail Internet giants BACK-END
  14. 14. Product-line of FINTECH-BANK Front-end based on neobank for retail Middleware based on open APIs Front-end based on neobank for SMEs 1 2 Neobanks Online-acquiring e-wallets P2P-lending Online-lending Online-lendingforstudents P2B-lending SME-lending&factoring Crowndfunding&crowndinvesting Online-trading Online-remittances PFM&PFP Accounting Insurtech POS-managmentsystem& tabletbasedcash-registers mPOS-acquiring
  15. 15. Where it will happen? Life.SREDA VC Blk 79, Ayer Rajah Crescent #05-08 Singapore 139955 e- mail: To know more about fintech: Melbourne Hong Kong Seoul Tokyo London New York Berlin San Francisco Singapore