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Most young athletes have large dreams, goals, and ambitions. However not all have the means or access to get there. Athletes Journey’s is the website that makes that dream a reality!

Our Platform enables and empowers aspiring athletes to realize their dream. And at the same time creating a community that can take them global and be the wind behind their sails. Telling their story – an ongoing journey with goals – and catch the eye of people who will be touched by that story – and who will want to help and support them.

Athletes Journey one website touching thousands of lives…Play it Forward!

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Overview athletes journey 1.1

  1. 1. Life-changing Social Sports platform! The Ultimate site for all current and future athlete information.
  2. 2. ACHIEVING TOTAL ENGAGEMENT Athletes Journey Platform Funding Mentor Athletes Journey Content Platform Progress 10/23/2013 Goal 2
  4. 4. FOUR STEPS TO SUCCESS Athletes Journey cycle of engagement. Profile Athletes create profile, post video/photos/journal to share their story. Set Financial Goal for specific sport activity 10/23/2013 Support Community support from, Coaches, Pro Players, Fans and mentorship from Elite Athletes & Coaches Goal Achieve monetary goals Succeed Exposure Post progress and set new goals - drawing engaged supporters into the next chapter. 4
  5. 5. BE PART OF CREATING A HERO Derek Jeter Lifetime Value By enabling supporters to follow athletes throughout their career, Athlete’s Journey creates Lifetime Value - and ongoing traffic. They watch the neighborhood kid play in little league…middle and high school…college and the pros. Or see him or her launch a career fueled by the life-lessons learned in sports. And they know they played a role. 10/23/2013 Debi Thomas 5
  6. 6. THE ATHLETES JOURNEY VISION Athletes Journey…becoming the go-to site for information on ALL athletes. Phase 1 1 to 3 Years The go-to site for powerful stories of aspiring athletes, including information, stats and projections. Leveling the playing field – providing kids with talent or desire with access to the same support, equipment and coaching as those with a higher economic status or visibility. This “leveling” at an early age enables the best to excel and all to succeed. It also allows for the “discovery” of unknown talent. 10/23/2013 Phase 2 3 to 5 Years The first and most compelling site colleges turn to for recruiting. With a video log of young athletes’ growth, mileposts of their accomplishments and an engaged fan base, colleges and pro teams determine not only athletic potential but also marketability. Phase 3 5 years+ The 12- to 15-year-olds who have grown up on Athletes Journey have become the elite athletes of tomorrow. Their continued presence and endorsement of tomorrow’s aspiring youth make AJ the site for ALL information about ALL athletes on ALL levels of the Athletes Journey…ensuring traffic for years to come. 6
  7. 7. HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT Power of Celebrity Multiple campaigns lead to long-term engagement. (That increases the LTV of each user on the site) Combined with the power of high-profile athletes, social graph drives 1,000 X more traffic to the site and more traffic to 5% of campaigns. Engaged Productive Community Aligned with a healthy, engaged community, AJ produces better results on the field. That leads to more goals being attained and more services needed. Ecommerce All athletic merchandize will be purchased through our procurement process. Negotiated prices with manufacturers will lead to both discounts for supporters and 15-30% margins for Athletes Journey.
  8. 8. …Join the Journey Contact us: Spike@AthletesJourney.co