Michigan state university athletic department final presentation


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Michigan state university athletic department final presentation

  1. 1. A Final Presentation Project for the New Media Driver‟s License By Kendall Kuhens
  2. 2.  Records of athletics at MSU go back to 1870 Most sports and events started out at the club level (Football began as a club sport in 1884 and became a varsity sport in 1896) The first official MSU athletic director was Chester L. Brewer, hired in 1903 When Brewer became athletic director, the only sports at MSU were football, basketball, baseball, and track Inherited “Spartans” nickname in 1925 (Before that athletic teams were known as “Aggies” Accepted to Big Ten Conference in 1949 and began competing in 1950 Today there are 25 varsity sports at MSU including 12 sports for men and 13 for women Sources: http://www.msuspartans.com/trads/msu-traditions.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michigan_State_Spartans
  3. 3. Mission Statement: We gather and engage our community to teach, support and celebrate our student-athletes in their quest for excellence. Last year the MSU Athletic Department generated over $78M in revenue, with ticket sales ($21M), broadcasting ($18M), and fundraising ($17M) being the three most profitable ways to accumulate income  The budget for the department towards the Athletic Communications and Sales & Marketing sub- departments is $2,514,604 for the 2011-2012 school year  These departments will be largely responsible for advertising MSU teams and athletic events Sources: http://www.msuspartans.com/school-bio/mission-statement.html http://budget.msu.edu/fin_docs/documents/2011-12Budgets_000.pdf
  4. 4.  Increase revenue by improving profits in the key areas: ticket sales, broadcasting, and fundraising Increase exposure of the athletic department and enhance the overall image of MSU athletics Find new opportunities for more interaction between the department and stakeholders Market to as many sponsors as possible and find new ways to acquire sponsorships
  5. 5.  Most of the advertising & marketing efforts will be directed towards MSU‟s revenue sports: Football Basketball Hockey Football and basketball make up 85% of the revenue for the department, with hockey adding another 7%, resulting in the revenue sports generating 92% of the athletic department‟s income Source: MSU Course, KIN 853 Athletic Administration in Higher Education
  6. 6.  The MSU Athletic Department has an official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account I would recommend creating an official Google+ and Flickr account
  7. 7.  Similar to what the university is doing with their „Spartan Sagas‟ promotional tool Fans, along with former MSU athletes and alumni, can post videos and, or write articles that could be put on the website to promote things such as family values, a sense of belonging, what it means to them to be a Spartan or root for the Spartans, or special times theyve had or shared with others at sporting events Users will have the ability to engage and have their message heard directly, where they can reflect fondly on their favorite MSU sports moments, their impressions of the athletic venues, their favorite athlete or coach at MSU, and to give general support (root) for the teams
  8. 8. Use of NewScoreboards  MSU Athletics has spent close to $15M to fund the new scoreboards and sound systems in Spartan Stadium (debuting this fall) and Breslin Center (last year)  These new scoreboards will give sponsors great exposure during events, and because the department is using digital scoreboards and LED displays, they can run through advertising for multiple sponsors throughout the game
  9. 9. Sponsorship Continue marketing towards sponsorsOpportunities and the through all types of media, encouragingUse of MobileTechnology them to be “official sponsors of Spartan athletics,” such as they have done with Tim Horton‟s being the official coffee and GMC being the official vehicle of Spartan athletics ___________________________________ Mobile Strategy Focus on using QR Codes in print & online advertising that links to intended web content Try to convince a partnering sponsor to allow for an MSU Athletics QR Code in their ads Give everyone an official app they can use on their smartphone to follow the athletic department and their favorite Spartan teams
  10. 10. The amount of money and time devoted to marketing or advertisingthe particular sports should be comparable to the amount of revenuethey generate for the department (football: 65%, basketball:20%, hockey: 7%, other sports: 8%)The peak season to advertise for football would be late springthrough the end of the calendar year; basketball would be late summeruntil March; hockey would be early fall until February. It is vital for allof these sports to get a good head start BEFORE the season begins, butto keep pushing throughout the season and set up subsequent seasonsfor profitabilitySuccess will be evaluated and determined based on ticket sales &attendance, sponsorship interest, and revenue generated by the athleticdepartment This concludes my presentation. THANK YOU!!!!