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2014 ECAC Football Bowls GuideX


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2014 ECAC Football Bowls GuideX

  1. 1. pg. 1 2014 ECAC DIII Football Bowls Games Marketing and Communications Plan By Guy A. Fortt
  2. 2. pg. 2 Marketing & Communications Plan 1. Goals & Objectives  Vision  Mission  Communicational Goal  Organizational Goal 2. Quick Facts 3. Social Media Channels 4. Identify & Profile Audience 5. Reach Goals  Personal Tactics 6. Messages 7. Strategic Plan 8. Monitor Outcome 9. Measure Success 10. References
  3. 3. pg. 3 1. Goals & Objectives The focus of this guide will be to establish attention around the ECAC & the Division III Football Bowl Games. We will look to utilize the ECAC’s current status in social and digital media, as well as creating programs / ideas to generate additional exposure for the ECAC. Vision: Increase the awareness of the ECAC brand, logo and Value Proposition, its student- athletes, members and the Championship football game. Mission: To initiate, stimulate and improve Intercollegiate athletic programs student - athletes and to promote and develop educational leadership thru athletics excellence and athletics participation. Also to promote these aspects through earned media and current showcasing what the ECAC and its members are doing. Communications Goals:  Increase awareness of ECAC members to local and Regional constitutes.  300 Members expressing the communication for you.  Increase understanding of what the ECAC’s relationship is with schools and student athletes. Organizational Goal:  Assist and involve all constituents in developing and maintaining consistent, equitable and competitive opportunities.  Post event with Highlights, Interviews and Top plays through media sourcing.  Post event with a strong brand presence towards our members. High upside: With over 300 respective member schools in the ECAC, it has the ability to increase its value proposition and strategically brand itself in the local, regional and national media. 2. Quick Facts: Information via; 2013 - The Conference sponsored seven regional bowl games this fall for teams located in the Northeast, Northwest, and North Central, North Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest and South Atlantic sections of the ECAC footprint. The games were held at campus sites on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 - Network: not at this time - Attendance: varies
  4. 4. pg. 4 - While there so many statistics available on member sites for ECAC Football, viewing audiences can use games from member sites to see stats. With a positive start to the ECAC Football season the championship game with proper alignment should grow expeditiously over time. This comes from the fact that this is a weekend game, weekend games (we assume) last year saw high viewership which should allow for larger audiences. 3. Social Media Channels (Data from sources) The ECAC social media data shows the strengths of: YouTube (75,687 views/average of 15,137 views per year) Facebook (897 Likes) and Twitter (2,749 Followers) presence. A major weakness is their Instagram presence with only 64 followers and no posts since March 2013. The ECAC’s social presence does have significant growth opportunity with a renewed effort of their Instagram account as well as tapping into the latest social craze, Snapchat. Another opportunity to gain presence would be utilizing the host schools SID network to create a social presence to reach a much larger social audience leading up to the event. Twitter – Updated 11/12/14 @ECACSports - 4,463 tweets - 420 Following - 2749 Followers - Last Post: 1 hour ago (11/2014) @ECACDIIIHockey - 1267 tweets - 76 Following - 762 Followers - Last Post: 1 hour ago 11/2014 @ECACLax - 1120 tweets - 44 Following – 333 Followers - Last Post: 1 hour ago 11/2014 @ECACDIIFH – 18 tweets - 8 Following – 19 Followers - Last Post: 1 hour ago 11/2014 Facebook - Updated 11/12/14 ECACSports – Likes 897 ECAC DIII Hockey – Likes 562 ECAC Lacrosse – Likes 351 ECAC DII Field Hockey – Likes 4 Instagram - Updated 11/12/14 ECACSports – Followers 65 – Following 12 – Last Post: March 7, 2013, IN THE RED ZONE Youtube - Updated 11/12/14 ECACSports – Subscribers 73 – Views 75,687 since July 2010 Snapchat - No update 11/2014 – IN THE RED ZONE
  5. 5. pg. 5 4. Identify & Profile Target Audience Audience: Choosing our audience will depend on a few factors… 1. The volatility of their interaction. (Can they become a negative impact if handled improperly and what is their positive potential impact?) 2. ECAC brand, how can the brand be positively impacted. 3. How much attention they require in order to fulfill measurable success We will target: The following are all audiences that we would like to target in some capacity when marketing this event: - Former Athletes & Alumni - Member (Schools) - Current Athletes - General Public 5. Reaching Goals: Tactics: Seeing that we have such little time before the games kick off. I think we should create an ECAC DIII Football Bowls “TAGLINE HERE” (related to our conference tagline of Home of Champions). We should also look to utilize the promising media tools we have immediate access to such as 1. Promoting a Coaches Corner podcast series, then we should use social posts on 2. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Also have Instagram post to Facebook and twitter in an attempt to boost Instagram presence through the use of other social assets.) These are tools to keep us actively engaged with the current media source. 3. Develop content for our Youtube channel. Content and programming is key for delivery of message. This could be a recap of last year’s Championship game, or focus on teams and player’s invited to the game. 4. Create a 30 second trailer for garnering excitement for the upcoming Championship game. Once this spot is shown several times before game time it will gain exciting momentum for the Championship game. 5. Create a SnapChat account would be very instrumental in the visualization of character of the game. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
  6. 6. pg. 6 What ECAC can do with SnapChat is work with member schools to display exclusive behind the scenes footage/pictures of various athletic events member schools are participating in. With 300 schools the content will continuously keep coming and once a presence is established with students, alumni and fans of the universities following the account it will serve as an asset for the Championship Game. Creating a story surrounding a team or a player who has endured a hardship can be highlighted in a short video. This direction stands to gain earned media. In the future press releases should be sent out to member schools, this will enable schools to promote the ECAC events. They should use social media to advertise about upcoming events at their schools. Member schools should send this release out as well as retweet and share our event content. If this is done the collective effort will be stronger than the ECAC trying to promote these member schools alone. We want to create an emphasis on the fact that these schools stand to benefit if they work together to promote ECAC events. 6. Messages We will focus our social posts on recognizing the student athletes & honorees. Our human interest piece will focus on the strength of our student athletes. Our media pieces will focus on the unique value of the ECAC. Our recaps will focus on the history of the Championship Game and the ECAC. 7. Implement Plan 1. When activating our plan we will focus on implementing our social aspects on a regular schedule throughout the period leading up to the Championship Game. 2. We will immediately look to create video content on the history of the ECAC & Championship Game. 3. We will immediately start analyzing student athletes for a human interest piece. 4. We will immediately look to create video content on the history of the ECAC & Championship Game. 5. We will immediately start to include a mention of the Championship Game during the player of the week and other similar announcements.
  7. 7. pg. 7 8. Monitor Outcome Weekly we will monitor the outcome of the strategy and make any necessary adjustments. 9. Measure Success Generated views of the different media sites will measure the success of the strategy and extend the ECAC awareness through earned media.
  8. 8. pg. 8 10. References