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  • 1. The short story about our great adventure… How #ESA Educational Programmes did a great job for #Poland Jarosław Jaworski & Małgorzata Jackowska & Agata Głaba #SpaceUp #Poland
  • 2. Who are we?Poland – 20th member state of ESA
  • 3. Who are we?ESA education - microgravity Fly Your Thesis Drop Your Thesis REXUS
  • 4. Who are we?ESA education - satellites European Student MoonSSETI Express Orbiter (ESMO) YES2 satellite European Student EarthVega Cubesats Campaign Orbiter (ESEO)
  • 5. Who are we?ESA education - other BEXUS SCOPE 2.0 experiment for BEXUS Spin Your Thesis Spin Your Thesis
  • 6. Who are we?ESA education - summary Parabolic Flight + Five experiments Drop Your Thesis - - microgravity REXUS - - SSETI Express + One team ESEO + Five teams ESMO + Three teams satellites YES2 + - Vega Cubesat + First Polish satellite BEXUS + Four experiments GENSO - - general Spin Your Thesis - -
  • 7. Who are we?Advantages • Hands-on experience • Practical experiences • Practical ideas for thesis • Engineering, management, outreach • Real projects • Space industry standards (ECSS) • Review and feedback • Documentation • Trainings Disadvantages • Networking • Inspiration • Prolonged time of graduation • Low ratio of success • Difficulties with implementing new methodology
  • 8. Who are we?Goal of the educational projects? 1. Create future space workforce. 2. Inspiration. 3. Outreach.
  • 9. Who are we?Polish space sector before ~ 2011(major) Warsaw University of Technology Space Research Centre Institute of AviationWroclaw University of Technology
  • 10. Who are we? Young Join ESA. professionals Quickly! New, local projects! Better projects! More! More ESA projects! Young professionals
  • 11. Who are we?Examples of impact New company (space-related) Rover for URC Mars competitions Rover for URC Mars competitions (winner 2011)SCOPE 2.0 experiment for BEXUS Rover for NASA Lunar Sounding rockets competitionsESA educational project
  • 12. Who are we?Examples of impact Penetrator for „Phobos – Grunt” Instruments for interplanetary probes (scientific) PW-Sat First Polish satellite (students) BRITE-PLSSETI Express Two Polish satellitesESA educational projects (scientific)
  • 13. Who are we?Examples of impact Public administration Research institutes, universities CompaniesStudent organizations, non – govermental organizations (NGOs), young professionals
  • 14. Who are we?SpecializationGiven by programmes:• Deorbitaton systems• Small satellites• Thermal control for satellites• Satellite structures, mechanics, configuration• Small rovers• Satellite robotics, manipulators• Electronics• Communication• Satellites operation• Sounding rockets• Stratospheric balloonsNational:• Small satellites• Small rovers• Satellite robotics, manipulators• Electronics
  • 15. Who are we?Alumnus:• Master thesis related to space• Publications related to the projects & experiments• PhD studies• Young Graduate Trainees in ESA•Working on companies • Applications & services • Engineering• Facilitators (blogs, meetings with students)• Founders o SMEs• Founders of NGOs•Working on universities• Local leaders
  • 16. Who are we?Conclusionsin case of Polish example:• It is difficult to estimate the impact of (ESA) educational programmes• Scientific results are not the best way to measure the impact• Participation in one project could give an inspiration to start another• Thanks to students projects ’’space” is closer for public opinion• Network of alumni withstand for long time• Alumni think „out of the box” – complete goals faster, better, internationally -they are great team members for demanding projects• Many professionals projects could not start without alumni hands-onexperience in space• It’s easy to develop new ideas in places, where is high number of alumni
  • 17. Who are we? Dziękujemy za uwagę… … i zapraszamy na portal kosmonauta.netThank you for your attention.
  • 18. Thank you for this great meeting  Facebook.com/SpaceUpPoland