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Spacecialist intro 112012

  1. 1. PACECIALIST teamMaya Glickman – COO & CFO M.E. in Systems Engineering, and B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, The Technion Institute ISU graduate, Ilan Ramon Scholarship Senior communications satellites engineer Started in 1999, experience in Astrodynamics and space applications (Technion, RAFAEL, IAI) REA (EU) evaluator for FP7 call for space Founder of INSA (Israeli Nano Satellites Association) 2
  2. 2. PACECIALIST teamMeidad Pariente – CEO M.E. in Systems Engineering, The Technion Institute, B.Sc. in Physics, Tel Aviv university Started in 1995, Senior Systems Engineer, expertise in communication and Nano satellites. Chief system engineer of VENµS and AMOS-3 Leading role in many Nano satellite projects in Israel Senior consultant for space insurance Founder of INSA (Israeli Nano Satellites Association) Founder of RINI (Russian Israeli Nanosatellites Initiative) 3
  3. 3. What is PACECIALIST? PACECIALIST, pronounced SPACE-CIA-LIST, is a word we created in order to describe one who specializes in aerospace related systems and missions. Our Israeli based consulting company is a group of aerospace experts, Active since 01/2011 PACECIALIST has three core activities System Engineering Software Solutions International Initiative
  4. 4. Our Vision To promote a prosperouscommercial space industry in Israel
  5. 5. PACECIALIST core activities Systems Engineering  Technical services – Systems engineering, Satellites and Mission design, Project oversight and reviews  Promoting Nano satellites projects (Israeli vendor of ‫‏‬SIS and I GomSpace)  Consulting SATEC (space insurer) and MARSH (brokers) ‫‏‬  SPACECIALIST has TAA and ITAR clearance by the DOD Software Solutions  Supply STK incorporated system engineering solutions for various aerospace missions  Offer ‘Turn-key’ projects using STK  Offer expert technical support 6
  6. 6. PACECIALIST Groups International Initiatives Group  Involved in Bi-Lateral and FP7 projects.‫‏‬  Led METERS (with TAU and Open U) Project, an FP7 project with DLR payload development team. Did not win.  Coordinated FIGARO (First Galileo Receiver Onboard) project, a multi-national FP7 project.‫ ‏‏‬not win. Did  Established RINI – Russian Israeli Nanosatellite Initiative for academic and civilian Industry (with Astelion and Tomsk state university)  Project JEDI – special project with JAXA and NASA 7
  7. 7. JEDI project – Sprite hunting from spaceFirst ever collaboration between Israel (Open U and SPACECIALIST),Japan (JAXA and HNK) and NASA (ISS). 8
  8. 8. Partners and Customers 9
  9. 9. Educational Endeavors Metrowest Mor High school program – High school diploma in Space Engineering – clean room laboratory in final stages. Currently the hands on segment is on hold. Afeka engineering college – Space projects for ME Students Promoting space education in Neve-Neeman elementary school. 10
  10. 10. PACECIALIST example case studies Innovative study with CSSI (Center for Space Standards and Innovation) Group on the consequence of Geostationary debris, a study which will have great impact on the space industry (was presented at the 2011 Ilan Ramon conference 11
  11. 11. Contact DetailsOur web page:Our email:‫‏‬    12
  12. 12. 13