The Four Hour Slow Carb Diet : 100 Recipes


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The Four Hour Slow Carb Diet : 100 Recipes

  1. 1. Table of ContentsI. The 4-Hour Body Slow Carb DietII. Sample MenuIII. Recipes
  2. 2. The Four Hour Slow Carb Diet : 100 Recipesby Sarah SmithSmashwords EditionCopyright 2010 Sarah SmithThe Slow Carb Diet was presented in Timothy Ferris book, "The 4-Hour Body." TimothyFerris does not endorse, promote, review, or warrant the accuracy of the products orservices.
  3. 3. DISCLAIMERThis is written as a source of information only. This is intended to supplement, notsubstitute, the interventions of an experienced, professional healthcare practioner. Theauthor and the publisher disclaim any liability for any adverse effects arising the use orapplication of the information contained herein.
  4. 4. I. The 4-Hour Body Slow Carb DietWhat to EatWhat Not to EatSlow Carb Diet OverviewThe 4 Hour Body isnt a low-carb diet, but instead promotes the use of slow-carbs. Theseare carbohydrates that release energy slowly to the body otherwise known as very lowglycemic index carbs like those found in legumes, green vegetables, and beans.There are five main components to the slow carb diet found in The 4 Hour Body.
  5. 5. Dieters should avoid white foods. These are carbohydrates that are white in color such assugar, flour, potatoes, and rice etc. However, up to 30 minutes after a strength trainingworkout, dieters may consume some white foods.Tim Ferriss recommends dieters choose several meals that they like and that work. Thesemeals should be eaten over and over again. The 4 Hour Body recognizes this as the mostcommon habit of the most successful dieters and body builders.Avoid Calories in Beverages. The slow carb diet promotes just drinking water and allowsno alcohol with the exception of a glass of red wine.Eliminate most fruit from the diet. Because most fruit is high in sugar it should be greatlyreduced in the slow carb diet. Tim Ferriss believes humans dont need fruit six days aweek as our ancestors did just fine without it.The 4 Hour Body allows one cheat day a week. Dieters are encouraged to eat whateverthey want. This prevents deprivation and metabolic slowdown because of the constantcalorie restriction.Ferriss also says no to whole grains and steel-cut oats -- which are often promoted ashealthy carbs due to their high fiber content. His rapid weight loss plan outlaws all fruitand dairy (except cottage cheese) and involves one “all-you-can-eat day” each week.Cottage cheese speeds fat loss, unlike other dairy products, which slow it, Ferriss writes. eat within 30-60 minutes of waking get at least 20g of protein per meal, especially at breakfast drink sufficient water, especially on your “cheat” day avoid artificial sweeteners don’t overdo with exerciseEnd of this Sample book.Enjoyed the sample?Buy Now