Micro virtual system eng rev2


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Micro virtual system eng rev2

  1. 1. Virtual Micro System is an integrated system of Key Features of Micro Virtual Systemlast generation thought and developed forcompanies. The Virtual Environment is based on  Maximum data securitysome user workstations where the traditional  Mobility of the working staffpersonal computer is replaced by a small andquiet terminal.  Improved efficiency in the management of information systemEach user can be provided with an ID card andcan have access to its data and its work  Integrated Telephone System (Voice over IP)environment in any location as the core processor  Easy to useresides on a remote server and identification  High decrease in the cost of upgrading theprocess allows the use of the resources allocated information systemuniquely for that particular user.  Maximum flexibilityAny policy of access to corporate data is alwayscompletely customizable to ensure the highest  Drastic reduction of energy consumptionsafety standards.
  2. 2. The System Server Management Maintenance User Equipment Card Reader USER EQUIPMENT CARD READER SERVER The Micro Virtual System To read the access Data security, centralizedsupports the latest versions of card. Personal, portable, computing power and continuousthin client. Computing power secure. Your office ever with work combined with low energy you. consumption are the key M&M features of user equipment. A single access point for the Network Administrator, protected from attacks and simplified. 2
  3. 3. Significant reduction in the cost of application Drastic reduction of energy consumptionsoftware Micro Virtual System is much more efficient thanGo to the world of Micro Virtual System will cost the traditional PCs. The Industry estimations indicatecompany lower than the renewal of existing PCs and significant savings on utility bills when the companywill also be a considerable reduction of cost of switched over to Virtual PC strategy. Energy savingsoftware as these will centralized on a single introduced by Micro Virtual System for a number ofserver. The increase in user stations will be possible only terminals equal to the old PC stands at around 40%.through the purchase of a user equipment, significantlycheaper than a traditional PC.Major corporate data securityVirtual Micro System with the solution, all userinformation and applications are stored on acentralized server. No data is ever stored in a room buteverything is remote-server. If a desktop or a mobileterminal is stolen, you can not in any way to accesscorporate data from this device.Marked decrease in the cost of upgrading systems.The front-end solution Micro Virtual System provides theuse of modern terminals. Combined with a monitor, Better continuity of workkeyboard and mouse, these devices make the transition Micro Virtual System allows central monitoring andto Virtual Micro System which is completely transparent simplified thanks to the vision of real-time informationto the user. access and data collection for time planning activities.Moving to Micro Virtual System will say goodbye to They can also be developed solutions service continuitybulky, noisy PC. and disaster recovery based on customer needs andThe Micro Virtual System supports high-resolution fully scalable to adapt to its operating environment.graphics and compression decompression streaming Mobilitymedia. Since the processing of audio and video streams Micro Virtual System ensures continuity workis locally, hundreds of devices can access multimedia everywhere you are. By centralizing data and cardcontent without compromising the performance of the each user can remotely access the corporate networkcorporate network. and work in real time as if he was in his office. 3
  4. 4. SoftwareSystemi & Qualità, part of the project Virtual Micro A simple secure connection and a few clicks will allowSystem, offers an innovative approach to the market you to set up workstations and applications with one,offering an integrated, easy and rapid solution for two, or thousands of users, wherever they are and atvirtualization of desktops and applications called Micro any time.Virtual System Management (MVSM). At first glance software capabilities seem to be a lot, including:  Application virtualization and best-known family of operating systems Microsoft and Linux environments.  Non-intrusive installation and adaptable to existing infrastructure  Support and recognition of external peripherals such as scanners and cameras.  Support for how to install Plug & Play DeviceUsing a single product with a simple web interface, youwill be able to deliver applications and desktops toyour users anywhere and at any time.MVSM solution is a technologically advancedindependent work environment.MVSM is the ideal solution for companies looking toreduce costs of management, administrativesimplification and improvement of quality of service.MVSM with the creation of virtual environments MVSM is based on a technology that allows thebecomes simple and intuitive. A single administrative identification of the workload and the continuousinterface allows managing web servers, applications, monitoring use of resources for applications andsoftware licenses and access rights, and the creation locations adjusted simultaneously.and management of virtual machines. 4
  5. 5. ContactsSistemi & Qualità S.p.A.Via Accademia del Cimento 91 00147 Roma (RM)Tel. 06-51604448Fax 06-51604393www.sqingegneria.cominfo@sqingegneria.com 5