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Second  Life  Whatisitand Why Second Life Whatisitand Why Presentation Transcript

  • Elizabeth Becker Christine Crawford Lori Swinney
  • Agenda
    • Tour of an instructional space designed for SL by Cathy Walker of St. Vincent de Paul School in Rogers, AR
    • Guest speaker, Larry Johnson (aka Larry Pixel), CEO of NMC
    • Guest speakers John Miller of Tacoma Community College and Cathy Walker will demonstrate the Nursing Education Simulator (NESim) (at 3:00 pm).
  • Explore….
    • This instructional space was created by Cathy Walker (see her bio in your handout)
  • What is Second Life?
    • A 3-D virtual world
    • Free and available to everyone
    • Created in 2003 by Linden Lab
    • Over 9 million residents
      • 53% male, 47% female
    • 200 + countries
    • 200 + universities
    • In-world economy US$1 = L$275 (as of 11/24/07)
  • Is Second Life a Game?
    • Goals and objectives in games are dictated by the game designers.
    • What you set out to accomplish, when and how you level up are all predetermined by the writers.
    • In SL, the players ARE the writers.
  • Gartner Report 2007
    • Gartner Says 80 Percent of Active Internet Users (and Fortune 500 enterprises)Will Have A "Second Life" in the Virtual World by the End of 2011
  • Trends toward Virtual Worlds
    • Virtual worlds are new to our current students
    • In-coming students will have already been introduced to the virtual worlds:
      • Club Penguin
      • Webkinz
      • Whyville
      • Teen Grid
    • Corporations like IBM, Cisco and SUN use SL to interview, train, and socialize their employees
  • Economy
    • Currency is the Linden Dollar
    • US$1 = L$275 (as of 11/24/07)
    • value fluctuates with supply and demand
    • Can buy all things virtual
    • How can we use this instructionally?
  • Culture
    • Norms, etiquette, subcultures ie: personal space
    • It has newspapers, communities and cultural events
      • Art galleries, jazz clubs, concerts, fund raisers
    • How can we use this instructionally?
  • Networking/Collaboration
    • Employee of Sun Microsystems
    • Graduate library student from U of A
    • Faculty member managing 3 SUNY Islands
    • Builder of Northern Illinois University (Glidden)
    • Member of SL Development board and shop owner
    • Educators in Arkansas, Pennsylvania and North Carolina
  • References Special thanks to friends in-world for the help!