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"Avatars: HVX Silverstar | HVX Voyager & HVX Shephard in Teen Second Life"

Bridging Worlds Conference 2008, Singapore
Day One Track Two
Speaker 3

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"Avatars: HVX Silverstar | HVX Voyager & HVX Shephard in Teen Second Life"

  1. 1. I am Library Bridging Worlds 2008 . Knowing . Learning . Sharing October 16-17, 2008 . Singapore Bernadette Daly Swanson University of California Davis
  2. 2. Have you spent any time in a virtual world. ? Second Life, OpenSim, Kaneva, HiPiHi, There, Whyville, Active Worlds, Everquest Wonderland, QWAQ: based on Open Croquet
  3. 3. 80% of us will be using virtual worlds By 2011 Raskino, Mark, The IT Revolution Needs You: The Gartner Symposium Emerging Trends Keynote. Gartner Research Group: Barcelona. 2007.
  4. 4. 2007 virtual worlds identified as an emerging technology adoption period of 2-3 years into mainstream for educational purposes. New Media Consortium (NMC) and Educause Learning Initiative (ELI). Horizon Project: 2007 Horizon Report and 2008 Horizon Report . Retrieved February 28, 2008. emerging technology
  5. 5. “ We are never prepared for what we expect.” James A. Michener, Caravans. Reuters News in Second Life
  6. 6.   A synchronous, persistent network of people, represented as avatars, facilitated by networked computers. (Bell, 2008)
  7. 7. Second Life: 1,834 million square meters of resident owned land* the virtual equivalent of 708 square miles almost 3 times the size of Singapore
  8. 8. 70% of users from outside the USA over 15.2 million registered accounts * Linden Lab. Key Economic Metrics through 2008. Retrieved April 1, 2008: * Estimates of 6 million unique users
  9. 9. SL5B Closing Keynote: Mitch Kapor
  10. 10. Kapor, Mitch. "SL5B: Mitch Kapor's Closing Keynote.” iTunes: Video Podcast . July 7, 2008. Linden Lab. 1 Oct 2008 (adaption).
  11. 11. No... it’s a 3D environment... “A virtual world like Second Life... ... is NOT a game, serious or otherwise, and referring to the work done in these spaces as games LIMITS both the potential for the technology and the work it is enabling. “ ? Testimony at United States Congressional Hearing, April 1, 2008. Game? Dr. Larry Johnson Chief Executive Officer New Media Consortium
  12. 12. “ Virtual space extends our notions of the real world just as the web extends out notions of the network.” ! Testimony at United States Congressional Hearing, April 1, 2008 . Not a Game Dr. Larry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, New Media Consortium
  13. 13. Alliance Virtual Library (AVL)
  14. 14. in the San Francisco Bay (1.2 square miles) Alliance Virtual Library in Second Life: covering 3,276,800 square meters the virtual equivalent of 1.26 square miles 50 virtual islands = 1.2 square miles Angel Island
  15. 15. <ul><li>Metaverse Headliners! </li></ul><ul><li>July 8 . 2008 in the very beautiful Second Life </li></ul><ul><li>IBM & Linden Lab announce interoperability between the main grid and Second Life Preview Grid (running on an OpenSim server). </li></ul><ul><li>This marked the first time </li></ul><ul><li>an avatar has moved </li></ul><ul><li>from one virtual world to another </li></ul>!
  16. 16. Top 20 Countries by active user hours & by age During the week of September 19th, 2008 there were 505,839 unique log-ins … another Second Life record.
  17. 17. Directory of Libraries & Organizations
  18. 18. “ inworld” Conferences: Go Green! Broadcast conferences into SL or go fully virtual Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education, Museums 2008 Conference, March 8, 2008 Stepping into History, Stepping into Health… series with
  19. 19. Non-Credit Classes in SL Since May 2007 Intro to Virtual World Librarianship – 173 Intermediate VWL – 35 Second Life 101 – 31 Technical Skills for Virtual Worlds – 24 Immersive Learning in 3D Virtual Environments – 44 Setting up an Educational presence in Second Life – 21 Working with a Class in Second Life – 32 Total = 360
  20. 20. Virtual Reference
  21. 21.
  22. 22. 1500 Friends of the Library “in world” group 755+ declared Librarians on the google group: 800+ “in world” groups of Second Life
  23. 23. Reference Statistics for 2007  6769 patrons  1921 directional questions related to Second Life  2292 reference questions in Second Life  186 directional questions related to the “real world”  287 reference questions related to the “real world”  46 reported voice questions  37 patrons who spoke/typed no English 78 scheduled hours per week 32 librarians working on reference service
  24. 24. Reference Cool… fly in & teleport out!
  25. 25. Info International Island Reference Patio Bell Library Alliance Virtual Library
  26. 26. I am here. I am real. I can help.
  27. 28. Volunteers work 2 hours per week
  28. 29. Consortial Reference Large Map: teleport to central reference area
  29. 30. Healthinfo Island Blog:
  30. 31. Teleport around the islands by clicking on the map to get a landmark
  31. 32. Share the Health” – consumer health information – US $35,000 National Library of Medicine Grant orientation & advanced tutorials for people with real life disabilities or chronic health conditions.
  32. 33. Funded by grants from the National Library of Medicine, Washington DC
  33. 34. Surveys & Publications
  34. 35. Kim Holmberg’s Survey Results: Libraries in Second Life Slide 78: What kind of expectations go you have? “ Learn about SL and new ways to provide information.” “ Support pedagogy and research” “ Networking” “ To create a presence in SL” “ Incorporate virtual technologies on library web site” See: slides 66-84 to see if expectations have been met in Second Life.
  35. 36. 2008 Trends Report Pope, Kitty. Trends Report 2008. Alliance Library System. Peoria, IL. Why is virtual librarianship so controversial? “ Using an avatar is a very different way to meet and serve a library customer. It takes time and effort to master the skills needed to be effective in this brave new world!” “ Every new technology or format has been controversial or threatening when first presented and virtual librarianship is no different.” “ Second Life requires a huge learning curve, great bandwidth and very new hardware.” “ Virtual librarianship is truly a global community. It does not serve the traditional geographic boundaries of a public library.” “ The controversy owes much to a lack of understanding. There are fears that this “game” will compete with traditional services.” “ Fears have been fed by some sensationalistic journalism and political motivations – they like to highlight the radical fringes that exist in virtual and real world librarianship.”
  36. 37. New Book: Virtual Worlds Real Libraries New Web Magazine: Rezlibris Oct. 2008
  37. 38. Tour by PowerPoint
  38. 39. What does a virtual library “feel like”?
  39. 40. What does a virtual library “feel like”?
  40. 41. At this point, more service than collection oriented… access is a massive issue…libraries & colleges/schools are not prepared new hardware, broad-band Internet access Our library users are not there yet…
  41. 42. Different… it doesn’t replace… only extends our options
  42. 43. Your library associations: mentoring, publishing in a virtual world, events, streaming to Second Life, continuing education, virtual library associations
  43. 44. Bradburyville Island Renaissance Island Imagination Island Illumination Island
  44. 45. Virtually physical
  45. 46. Fahrenheit 451: Immerse Yourself!
  46. 47. Replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (1599)
  47. 48. Imagination Island: Children’s Literature The Secret Garden ! !
  48. 49. Renaissance Island: Jousting Competitions & other historic, music and literary events
  49. 50. I am Library Educators, Library Graduate Schools, lots of librarians & Gold fish
  50. 51. Sheila Webber/ Sheila Yoshikawa Infolit iSchool Island: Sheffield University
  51. 53. Exhibit: Notable Government Documents (published annually in print & now in SL) audio, video and images or web pages displayed
  52. 54. Advocacy, Social Causes & T-Shirts
  53. 55. Fresh air!
  54. 56. Different… it doesn’t replace… only extends our options Blogging, Micro-blogging from SL to RL Facebook apps for your Second Life
  55. 57. Open Source SL viewer & Facebook
  56. 58. Send posts to Twitter from SL
  57. 59. Ramapo Islands, Ramapo School District, New York (800 + students: grade 8-9) Private group of islands for the school district & students, teachers only Students access SL from their computer lab for specific classes streaming video into Second Life
  58. 60. Bibliotheque Francophone
  59. 61. Integrating SL presence with your website, etc. Second Life introduction page e.g.: PLCMC’s website Slurls on web pages Facebook & Slurls as an SL gateway Flickr (in the photo description) Bookmarking the Slurls using Delicious or similar sites. Twitter (with tiny URLs) Feed into your web site Embed SL machinima (video) into web pages Host on video sites (YouTube, Jumpcut) with a link to your web page
  60. 62. Second Life-Related Activities on the Web and streamed to SL or viewed in SL
  61. 63. Working Differently Testing out ideas collaboration project management 3D modeling simulations distance work new media real-time video open source Second Life viewer distance education publishing group management Marketing & outreach Professional develoment Music events
  62. 64. Steep, but fun learning curve for some…
  63. 65. <ul><li>Bl og: </li></ul><ul><li>Machinima: </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>Bernadette Daly Swanson: [email_address] .edu </li></ul><ul><li>HVX Silverstar: [email_address] </li></ul>