I am Librarian. I am Avatar: Second Life and Libraries.


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Bernadette Daly Swanson - HVX Silverstar in Second Life
Reference/ Librarian - Carlson Health Sciences Library - University of California Davis, ELAG 2008 Conference - Rethinking the Library - 14-16 April 2008
European Libraries Automation Group | ELAG2008
Wageningen University & Research Center - The Netherlands.
View the Alliance Virtual Library Directory of Libraries at:

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I am Librarian. I am Avatar: Second Life and Libraries.

  1. I am Librarian . I am Avatar . Bernadette Daly Swanson - HVX Silverstar in Second Life Reference/Instruction Librarian - University of California Davis Libraries ELAG 2008 Conference - Rethinking the Library - 14-16 April 2008 European Libraries Automation Group | ELAG2008 Wageningen University & Research Center - The Netherlands Libraries & Second Life
  2. Have you spent any time in a virtual world. ? Second Life, Kaneva, HiPiHi, There, Whyville, Active Worlds, Everquest QWAQ: based on Open Croquet
  3. “ We are never prepared for what we expect.” James A. Michener, Caravans. Reuters News in Second Life
  4. <ul><li>an early version of the 3D web - still evolving - visually compelling - built-in instant messenger, chat, voice, people -Unfortunately, a new frontier requiring broad-band Internet access and updated computers -should we advocate for access through libraries? </li></ul>The way I see it…
  5. Why I participate with libraries in SL… - I see it as an extension of what I do - a sandbox for trying out new ideas - a cheap way to attend great conferences (held partially or completely in Second Life). - collaborate with colleagues / meetings - document what libraries are doing in SL (movies) “ But, I don’t need a Second Life”
  6. 2007 virtual worlds identified as an emerging technology adoption period of 2-3 years into mainstream for educational purposes. New Media Consortium (NMC) and Educause Learning Initiative (ELI). Horizon Project: 2007 Horizon Report and 2008 Horizon Report . Retrieved February 28, 2008. http://www.nmc.org/horizonreport emerging technology
  7. 80% of us will be using virtual worlds By 2011 Raskino, Mark, et.al. The IT Revolution Needs You: The Gartner Symposium Emerging Trends Keynote. Gartner Research Group: Barcelona. 2007.
  8. Immersive Learning Hands-on Science Programs with NASA
  9. Is this your Library?
  10. To See What Might Work : HealthInfo Island - US $35,000. (previously the project received other $$ grants) consumer health information to people with disabilities & chronic illness
  11. Interact with the Web from Second Life and vice versa Follow a SL URL From Facebook to SL Blog from SL to the web
  12. April 1, 2008, Washington D.C. First Congressional Hearing on Virtual Worlds for Educational purposes: Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee “Online Virtual Worlds: Applications and Avatars in a User Generated Medium” View the hearing online: http://energycommerce.house.gov/cmte_mtgs/110-ti-hrg.040108.VirtualWorlds.shtml Congressional Hearing…
  13. Issues Raised: - child protection concerns - personal privacy - intellectual property protection - consumer protection - online banking issues - online gambling Congressman, Edward J. Markey (D-MA) View hearing online: http://energycommerce.house.gov/cmte_mtgs/110-ti-hrg.040108.VirtualWorlds.sh tml
  14. “ The emerging landscape of virtual worlds represents as profound an opportunity, as profound a driver of changes in the ways we think, learn, and work, as any technology that has ever preceded it — and more so. ” The Promise… View hearing online: http://energycommerce.house.gov/cmte_mtgs/110-ti-hrg.040108.VirtualWorlds.shtml Dr. Larry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer New Media Consortium Testimony at United States Congressional Hearing, April 1, 2008.
  15. Active Users by Age 1% = 13-17 (teen grid) 24% = 18-24 35% = 25-34 23% = 35-44 15% = 45+
  16. Countries by % Total User Hours January 2008 United States - 37.69 % Germany - 9.93 % Japan - 7.26 % United Kingdom - 6.43 % France - 5.67 % Netherlands - 4.10 % Italy - 4.08 % Canada - 3.53 % Brazil - 3.28 % Spain - 3.15 % Australia - 1.96 % Belgium - 0.97 % China - 0.90 % Switzerland - 0.83 %
  17. I am resident in the very beautiful world of Second Life
  18. a persistent 3D world covering 390 square miles... 1,010 square kilometers of the “virtual” equivalent of land Rotterdam, Second Life
  19. Linden Lab Servers support 390 square miles / 1,010 square kilometers of the “virtual” equivalent of land almost 5 times the size of Amsterdam
  20. I enter this world through my computer. The Second Life browser is my window to the 3D virtual world that is Second Life.
  21. I am not here alone.
  22. unique users have accounts to enter this world. 70% of users from outside the USA 6,000,000 Linden Lab. Key Economic Metrics through 2008. Retrieved April 1, 2008: http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/02/22/key-economic-metrics-through-january-2008/
  23. with its growing economy and a traded currency $1 = 250 Linden
  24. I share this world with 50-60,000 people logged on at any given time. NASA Education Center, Teen Second Life
  25. I am a volunteer, a teacher, a learner and a mentor. I am engaged. Ramapo Islands, Ramapo School District, New York (800 grade 8-9) streaming video into Second Life
  26. I attend conferences, take & teach classes and am employed here. Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education, Museums 2008 Conference, March 8, 2008
  27. I have logged over 1800 hours “in world”. I do not work alone. Machinima Institute & Cafe: Continuing Education: University of Illinois Graduate School of Library & Information Science.
  28. I am but one of the 800+ Librarians in the “in world” groups of Second Life
  29. We participate in the greater whole... across borders and time zones; an extension and an enhancement of our professional work in the physical world. Namro Orman / Guus van den Brekel Coordinator of Electronic Services, Central Medical Library (CBM), Groningen, Netherlands
  30. We build new partnerships in the communities of this virtual world. Peter Yellowlees MD: Mass Prophylaxis Clinic Training for bioterrorist attacks
  31. We are inspired and renewed. We are empowered. We are librarians. We are avatars. We are learners. Eye4YouAlliance Island, Teen Second Life Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County
  32. A virtual world developed by Linden Lab - a 3D environment - user generated content - began with a game-play element - “today is a vibrant mix of “in world” businesses, real world “brick and mortar” brands, educators, scientists, curious & creative individuals.” ? Second Life Testimony at United States Congressional Hearing, April 1, 2008. Philip Rosedale, Founder, Linden Lab
  33. No... it’s a 3D environment... “A virtual world like Second Life... ... is NOT a game, serious or otherwise, and referring to the work done in these spaces as games LIMITS both the potential for the technology and the work it is enabling. “ ? Testimony at United States Congressional Hearing, April 1, 2008. http://energycommerce.house.gov/cmte_mtgs/110-ti-hrg.040108.VirtualWorlds.shtml Game? Dr. Larry Johnson Chief Executive Officer New Media Consortium
  34. “ Virtual space extends our notions of the real world just as the web extends out notions of the network.” ! Testimony at United States Congressional Hearing, April 1, 2008. http://energycommerce.house.gov/cmte_mtgs/110-ti-hrg.040108.VirtualWorlds.shtml Not a Game Dr. Larry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, New Media Consortium
  35. Second Life Library & Partner Islands 44 islands, 95 library organizations, 20+ partners 5,000+ visits per day
  36. InfoInternational Island Reference Patio Bell Library Second Life Library
  37. Reference Statistics for 2007  6769 patrons  1921 directional questions related to Second Life  2292 reference questions in Second Life  186 directional questions related to the “real world”  287 reference questions related to the “real world”  46 reported voice questions  37 patrons who spoke/typed no English 78 scheduled hours per week 32 librarians working on reference service
  38. Educational Sims: Museum of Music, live performances at Renaissance Island Period dress for Land of Lincoln and Renaissance Island Land of Lincoln Music Museum Renaissance Island
  39. Renaissance Island Replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Builder: Charlene Trudeau in SL
  40. Grassroots Video emerging technology adoption horizon: within the next year 2008 Horizon Report
  41. Working Differently Test out ideas collaboration project management 3D modeling simulations distance work new media real-time video capture open source environment distance education publishing group management conferences Formal & informal meetings Interact with the web
  42. Directory of Libraries & Organizations Aero- Astro Archives Alliance Library System Alliance Second Life Main Library American Library Association Arabic Library Archivists of Second Life Art Librarians Australian Libraries Aut University Bell Library Black Abolitionist Archive, University of Detroit Mercy Library COBDCV col.legi de bibliotecaris i documentalistes de la comunitat valenciana California Library Association Canada Nexus China Cafe Cleveland Public Library Clevnet A million thanks to the Stolvano Barbosa & the volunteers who created the directory http://infoisland.org/directory_alpha.php
  43. <ul><li>> Cullom -Davis Library, Bradley Univeristy Cybrary City I Offices (multiple tenants) Dream Weavers Cafe Dutch Language Area Elven Institute English-Speaking World Exhibition Concourse Eye4You Alliance French Language Area Fusion Stage Genealogy Research Center Geographic Information Systems Georgia Institute of Technology German Language Area IBM Library of Computer Science and SSME ICT Library IN-World Institute of Photography Info Island DK Info Island International Reference Desk International House International Plaza Italian Language Area Ivy Pavillion Japanese Language Area Johnson & Wales University Kean University Library Kuhrang Public Library Le Bibliotheque Francophone Library Gallery > Library Showcase </li></ul>||Library ||Cullom-Davis
  44. ||Spanish <ul><li>> Library Student Journal Lincolnshire Lending Library and Reading Room London Punch Reading Room Machinima Institute & Cafe Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library McGill Library Bibliotheque McMaster University Libraries Mi Pueblo Michigan Library Consortium Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Murdoch University Library Mystery Manor National Library of Medicine, Specialized Information Services Nebraska Library Commission Nova Southeastern University Library Olathe Kansas Library Park and Exhibit for the Stateless Peace Park and Religious Resource Center Portuguese Language Area Public Libraries in Second Life Rainbow Gardens Pet Memorial Center Reader's Garden and Book Discussion Place RezLibris SA Customer Service Experience SL Society Hill Library 2.0, Society Hill SC Public Library San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science Scandinavian Language Area Scarlet House of Music Second Life Medical Library SirsiDynix Auditorium South Carolina State Library > Spanish Language Area </li></ul>||Library
  45. > SirsiDynix Auditorium South Carolina State Library Spanish Language Area Special Librarians of Second Life Sprott Shaw Library Stanford University Libraries State Library of Kansas Steelhead Public Library Talis Sci-Fi Portal The Den of Inquiry The Public Library of Charelotte & Mecklenburg County The University of North Carolina Greensboro Library and Information Studies Department The Vannevar Bush Reading Garden: Caledon Library Tisch Library and the Wright Center for Science Education, Tufts University Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library UniSA Lab - University of South Australia University College Dublin Library University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Library University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, GSLiS , Graduate School Library and Information Science University of Kentucky Libraries University of Montevallo Carmicheal Library University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science University of Plymouth, erdt (Electronic Resources Development Team) University of South Florida University of Zagreb, Department of Information Sciences Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences VWLA: Virtual Worlds Library Association Washburn School of Law Webcastatorium - Worldbridges West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center > Whitehorn Memorial Library: Caledon Library ||SirsiDynix ||Whitehorn
  46. Second Life-Related Activities on the Web
  47. <ul><li>On location </li></ul><ul><li>American Library Association Island </li></ul><ul><li>in the very beautiful Second Life </li></ul>Blog: http://machinimalibrarians.blogspot.com Machinima: http://www.youtube.com/hvxsilverstar Bernadette Daly Swanson: bswanson at lib.ucdavis .edu HVX Silverstar: hvxsi lverstar at gmail.com