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Shopatron Slideshow: 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-from-Store


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Shopatron Slideshow 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store
  • 2. 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store The Future of Brick-and-Mortar Looks Dim 1/3 US retailers received only 1/3 of the holiday foot traffic they did 3 years ago
  • 3. 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store The Future of Brick-and-Mortar Looks Dim $30B In the last 4 years, brick-and-mortar retail sales shrank by $30 billion
  • 4. 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store The Future of Brick-and-Mortar Looks Dim ➤ There hasn’t been an indoor mall built since 1996 ➤ Increased popularity of “showrooming” is cutting into traditional retail sales ➤ Big name retailers are rapidly closing physical storefronts
  • 5. 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store eCommerce Continues to Thrive $300,000,000,000+ eCommerce is approaching $300 billion in US sales and is the only trillion-dollar industry showing double-digit growth
  • 6. 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store eCommerce Continues to Thrive Brands and retailers need to find a balance between the physical and digital shopping experience to survive. But how?
  • 7. 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store Why Ship-from-Store is the Answer ➤ Ship-from-store programs allow brands and retailers to leverage the benefits of having both a physical and online presence. ➤ Many big names champion ship-from-store and many big companies are adopting ship-from-store programs.
  • 8. 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-From-Store 6 Compelling Cases for Ship-from-Store
  • 9. 1 2014 Will be Tough on Traditional Retail “Retailers that succeed in finding creative ways to deliver products…will thrive the most…the single most important things are endless aisle followed by ship-from-store.” - SucharitaMulpuru, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
  • 10. 2 Dick’s Embraces Ship-from-Store… “We look at it as having over 500 distribution centers across the country that can get product to customers quickly and inexpensively.” - Edward Stack, CEO, Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • 11. 2 …and Reaps the Rewards Having every Dick’s store participate in their ship-from-store program, “has many benefits: it allows us to connect online customers with any inventory in any store; it improves inventory utilization; it lowers shipping costs; and improves speed to our customer, allowing us to now compete on speed. 75% of our orders are shipped to a customer within a 15-mile range of a Dick’s store.” -Michele Willoughby, EVPeCommerce and Supply Chain, Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • 12. 3 Macy’s Ditches Distribution Centers “We’re no longer going to need fulfillment centers anymore,” said Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren, according to RIS. “We’ve got 800 of them, and they’re called Macy’s stores.”
  • 13. 4 Best Buy Empowers Over 400 Locations “With the rollout of ship-from-store, we are looking at our stores strategically in relation to our longer-term supply chain strategy. We strive to deliver inventory to our customer when and where they wan to receive it.” -HubertJoly, CEO, Best Buy
  • 14. 5 Best Buy Wins With Ship-from-Store “It’s not just that they’ve implemented ship-from-store – they’re doing it better than everyone else…Other big-box retailers have rolled out ship-from-store, but Best Buy seems to have created a blueprint that is having a tremendous impact on its business.” - Kevon Hills, VP of Research, Stella Research
  • 15. 6 Wal-Mart Steps Up Online Delivery “Ship-from-Store will enable us to do same-day and next-day delivery at a low cost to us and offer convenient and expedient delivery to the customer…For 50 years, we’ve been picking from the back of the store and putting items on the shelf…Ship-from-Store is no different, except that you’re putting them into a box.” - Joel Anderson, President & CEO,
  • 16. Recap: The Benefits of Ship-From-Store       Improve Delivery Speed Reduce Costs in Multiple Ways Increase Inventory Turn Avoid “Out-of-Stock” Items Fewer Markdowns Mutually Beneficial for Brands and Retailers  Compete and Win!
  • 17. Looking for more eCommerce inspiration? Head over to the Shopatron website for dozens of resources on how to transform your eCommerce strategy.