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Scream 3 trailer analysis

Scream 3 trailer analysis






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    Scream 3 trailer analysis Scream 3 trailer analysis Presentation Transcript

    • Scream 3Trailer analysis By Shivani Surti
    • At the beginning of the trailer, captions wereused to make the trailer more effective A close up shot of a females hand isand appealing to the audience. used alongside low- key lighting, this kind of shot helps the audience engage easier with the film. A medium shot is then used, the audience can now see a young female answering the phone. This could potentially be the typical virgin girl that ‘slasher’ films tend to have.
    • These two shots show the action within in the film, a gun is an unconventional weapon to be used within a Slasher film.This wide shot is used to create These shots also show that the filmsuspense for the audience, as is based in a home environment,they can see a door open but this is a key convention as thedon’t know what to expect next. characters are very familiar to the settings so don’t expect anything unordinary to happen.
    • This medium close up shows thecharacter engaging in conversation. Itcould be suggested that the characterthat is presented is the age of thetarget audience, therefore theaudience may be able to relate to thefilm more. The lighting used within these two shots is very effective due to its contrasting nature. This adds to the way the audience interprets the picture as a whole, making it more dramatic.
    • This shot, shows the psycho/killer in action. The iconic screammask is featured in this sequel ,masks are also a key conventionwithin ‘Slasher’ films. These reaction shots, let the audience know the pain the characters are going through which could in turn make the audience feel uncomfortable as they will empathise with the characters.
    • These five shots, of the female characters representvulnerability. The expressions, costumes and locations allhelp portray a ‘victim’ type of character.
    • The shots, show the male characterswithin the film, they all look mysterious.The lighting used is really effective, thistype of contrasting lighting is particularlyconventional throughout ‘Slasher’ films.
    • The two’s shot, shows the reaction of Captions are used frequentlytwo female characters, the proximity throughout film trailers, to keepbetween them is close showing a the audience up-to-date withfriendship kind of relationship. the narrative.Friendship is a key theme that runsthroughout ‘Slasher’ storylines. ‘Slasher’ trailers particularly tend to have periods in the trailer where the screen stays black for a while, this is done to increase the adrenaline of the audience. The colour black represents, darkness, evil and death.
    • This shot of a females feet, seem as ifthe audience is looking in the point of The shot of the masked psycho made meview of the psycho. This shot creates jump as it popped out from nowhere .suspense for the audience as well as forthe character in the film. The reaction of the characters is the same as the reaction of the audiences and that helps, the audience relate easily with the characters, as they are in a way going through the experience together.
    • The shot of the opened door way is also very conventional as it suggests to the audience that someone or something is there without revealing immediately what is it.Shot reverse shot, is used here to show the audience that thesetwo characters are engaging in conversation. The close up shotsshow, the audience the expressions on the characters faces andsuggests to them that something unusual may happen at anypoint.
    • Conventional ‘Slasher’ iconography Point of view shot Contrasting lighting
    • Reaction shot There is perfect use of contrasting lighting in this shot as the variation from low-key to mid-key is very effective. In most of the ‘Slasher’ trailers I have analysed, this shot of an unknown characters feet has to be the most conventional. It is used to again create tension for the audience and help create the theme of mystery within the film.
    • Suggested ‘virgin’ girl Point of view Close up shot
    • Close up shots are again used as they showfeelings and emotions clearly to the audienceand allows the audience to feel the pain thecharacters are going through.
    • Scream challenges typicalconventions of a ‘Slasher’virgin girl. Virgin girls arenormally portrayed asinnocent, but SydneyPrescott isn’t as innocent.
    • The title of the film is shown to the audience near the end of the trailer
    • After the title of the film is shown to the audience , an extra clipof the trailer is added, this is done to intrigue the audience. Thelighting changes dramatically from mid-key to low- key lighting,giving an indication to the audience that something else is goingto happen. The trailer ends with the iconic scream mask, this image is then left in the audiences mind. The sound of typical ‘slasher’ iconography is played alongside this image, as well as sound motifs of girls screaming.