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Making Ideas Happen

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How to found a start-up using lean startup principles - Web visions presentation, 2011.

How to found a start-up using lean startup principles - Web visions presentation, 2011.

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  • Take a plunge and Peer Network. Create a successful start-up. See speaker notes for details on the presentation.
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  • Has this ever happened to you?Show of handsHow many people have had an idea they want to pursue?How many people have just founded a startup?Show of handsHow many people have a technology background?How many are UX or Business?Today I will talk about my experience in both those areas.There are many more startup topics, like funding and exit plan that we will not have time to go through.My intent is toTo inspire people with ideas to take their ideas furtherTo remind people who have taken the plunge to hang on
  • Twitter listsQuoraMashable/ Tech crunchWomen2.0Startup WeekendBooks
  • The number 1 reason that a startup fails is that it has no customersTalk to your potential customersTalk to friends and family about your ideasGo to meet-ups and hear other peoples ideasFind subject matter experts to discussWrite a blog postPut up a homepage – see if people sign up or click download
  • The team composition could vary depending on the scenarioFounder, Co-founder situation, team members < could be any compositionMission, visions, values must matchEquity discussions must happen upfront and early onEngineering talent is very difficult to find in todays market
  • Startup is different from a small businessThe extreme uncertainty requires you to be nimbleLean startup allows you to be nimble, flexible and efficientIt also mentally prepares you for *change* It prepares you for *pivots* you might need to take
  • Track feedback and metrics closelyFor AudioName we changed the workflowDe-emphasized features that we thought would be valuableEmphasized features that users seemed more inclined to use naturallyAdded element that could help make it more viral
  • Things don’t go in the order we just discussedBy this timeyou are figuring out what type of company you want to haveDo you need to look into IP?Some product features that you thought customer will find valuable are not valuable to themSome team members are finding it hard to commitI feel the knots in your stomach – doubting yourself is not unusual
  • You need trusted advice and help to keep going onSteve Blank recently highlighted the importance of mentors/ advisorsStarve ups is a good case study for a successful peer networksLook for advisors/ mentors with relevant experienceThis was the biggest factor that got me to take the plungeThe Whitehouse roundtable for young Americans also highlighted this across other industries
  • It is hard and statistics say that the first year is the hardestFind a peer network that works for youGet used to hearing NOGet used to not hearing anythingPivot till you have exhausted all your pivotsMost successful companies didn’t happen overnight – not even Angry BirdsSo be committed


  • 1. “Ugh! I thought of that first”!!
    Flickr - Stuck & sulking (09/04)By Claire-Louise75
    Making Ideas Happen
    WebVisions 2011
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 2. Founder, (2 months)
    User experience consultant 14+ years
    Helped companies build technology products
    Knowledgeable about the development processes
    Scribbled many ideas for products/ services
    Couldn’t figure how to take my ideas to the next level being non tech didn’t help
    But kept trying to figure it out…
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 3. I got lucky
    Helping companies build technology products
    Helping people by developing technology
    Startup Weekend
    Women 2.0Founders Labs (SF)
    May 2010
    Jan 2011
    March 2011
    May 2011
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 4. Go outside your comfort zone
    Flickr - 83/365 Contradiction 10 I feel scaredByrayakins
    # 1 Validate your idea
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 5. # 2 Find a committed team
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 6. # 3 Identify your MVP,
    Minimal viable product
    {Familiarize yourself with lean startup if you haven't already }
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 7. # 4 Build > get feedback > iterate
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 8. # 5 Stay calm
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 9. # 6 Recruit your support network
    Advisors/ mentors, peers, friends
    {Portland’s strength}
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 10.
  • 11. Startup Networks - Portland
    Startup Weekend - Portland Oct
    StarveUps - Launch Pad June - July
    PIE - Portland Incubator Experiment July ?
    Oregon Technology Business Center Ongoing Events
    PSU Business Accelerator Ongoing Events
    TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Ongoing Events
    Meetup: Lean Startup, Startup Nights Monthly
    Portland Seed Fund June
    Angel Oregon
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 12. # 7 Stick to it
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube
  • 13. Take the plunge
    Flickr - jumpBy EWAN MITCHELL.
    SheetalDube, Founder @SheetalDube