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Fangs and fur and ... what's new in the paranormal handout

Fangs and fur and ... what's new in the paranormal handout



Handout to accompany PowerPoint for "Fangs, Fur and...? What's New in the Paranormal Genre for Middle School and High School"

Handout to accompany PowerPoint for "Fangs, Fur and...? What's New in the Paranormal Genre for Middle School and High School"



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    Fangs and fur and ... what's new in the paranormal handout Fangs and fur and ... what's new in the paranormal handout Document Transcript

    • FANGS AND FUR AND…. WHAT’S NEW IN THE PARANORMAL GENRE FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL NJASL FALL CONFERENCE 2010Adornetto, Alexandra. Halo Trilogy #1. [Angels] (Gr. 7-10)Armstrong, Kelley. The Reckoning. Darkest Powers Book 3. [Werewolves;Ghosts] (Gr. 8+) Sequel to: #1 The Summoning; #2 The Awakening.Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Token of Darkness. [Ghosts] (Gr. 7+)Barnes, Jennifer Lynn. Raised by Wolves. [Werewolves] (Gr. 7-9)Benway, Robin. The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June. [Psychicabilities; Parapsychology; Precognition] (Gr. 9+)Black, Jenna. Glimmerglass: A Faeriewalker Novel. [Faerie; Urban] (Gr.8-11)Brennan, Sarah Rees. The Demons Covenant. 2nd vol. in The Demon’sLexicon Trilogy. [Demonology; Demons; Demon hunters] (Gr. 9+) Sequelto: The Demon’s Lexicon.Cast, P. C. and Kristin Cast. Burned. [The highly anticipated seventh bookin the New York Times and USA Today bestselling House of Night series][Vampires; Fallen angels] (Gr. 9+) Sequel to: #1 Marked; #2 Betrayed; #3Chosen; #4 Untamed; #5 Hunted; #6 Tempted. 1
    • Clare, Cassandra. The Clockwork Angel. The Infernal Devices Book One.[A Prequel to the Internationally Bestselling Mortal Instruments Series][Vampires; Warlocks; Demons] (Gr. 8+) Mortal Instruments: #1 City ofBones; #2 City of Ashes; #3 City of Glass.Cremer, Andrea. Nightshade #1. [Werewolves; Warriors; Witches; Wolves](Gr. 9+) Sequel: Wolfsbane.Cypess, Leah. Mistwood. [Shape-shifters; Female warriors] (Gr. 7+)Sequel: Nightspell.De La Cruz, Melissa. Misguided Angel. Blue Bloods: #6. [Vampires] (Gr.9+) Sequel to: #1 Blue Bloods; #2 Masquerade; #3 Revelations; #4 TheVan Alen Legacy; #5 Keys to the Repository: Blue Bloods: Short Stories,Journal Entries and Revealing Information about the Vampire Elite.Desrochers, Lisa. Personal Demons Trilogy #1. [Demons; Angels;Romance] (Gr. 9+) Sequel: Original Sin.Devlin, Ivy [a.k.a. Elizabeth Scott] Low Red Moon. [Wolves; Shapeshifting;Murder; Little Red Riding Hood] (Gr. 7-10)Fantaskey, Beth. Jekel Loves Hyde. [Supernatural; Experiments;Romance] (Gr. 9+)Fitzpatrick, Becca. Crescendo. [Guardian Angels; Immortals] (Gr. 9+)Sequel to: Hush, Hush.Garcia, Kami & Margaret Stohl. Beautiful Darkness. The Caster Chronicles#2. [Psychic abilities; Supernatural] (Gr. 10+) Sequel to: Beautiful 2
    • Creatures.Grabenstein, Chris. The Smoky Corridor. Haunted Places Mystery, Book 3.[Ghosts; Zombies; Mystery] (Gr. 5-8) Sequel to: #1 The Crossroads; #2The Hanging Hill.Gray, Claudia. Hourglass. Evernight: Book 3. [Vampires; Vampire hunters;Ghosts; Romance] (Gr. 9+) Sequel to: #1 Evernight; #2 Stargazer.Harrison, Kim. Early To Death, Early To Rise: A Novel. Madison Avery,Book 2. [Death; Future life; Fate and fatalism] (Gr. 8-11) Sequel to: OnceDead, Twice Shy. [Based on a story that appeared in Prom Nights fromHell.]Harrison, Michelle. 13 Treasures #1. [Fairies; Changelings; England;Mystery] (Gr. 5-8) Sequel: 13 Curses.Hawkins, Rachel. Hex Hall. Book One. [Shape-shifters; Faeries; Vampires;Humor] (Gr. 8-11) Sequel: Demonglass.Healey, Karen. Guardian of the Dead. [Immortality; New Zealand] (Gr. 9+)Higson, Charlie. The Enemy. [Zombies] (Gr. 7+) Sequel: The Dead.Hopcus, Anastasia. Shadow Hills. [Supernatural; Witchcraft; Gothic](Gr. 8+)Jones, Carrie. Captivate. [Pixies; Valkyries; Romance] (Gr. 7+) Sequel to:Need. 3
    • Jordan, Sophie. Firelight Trilogy #1. [Dragons; Shapeshifting] (Gr. 8+)Kade, Stacey. The Ghost and the Goth. [Ghosts] (Gr. 8+)Kate, Lauren. Torment: A Fallen Novel #2. [Fallen Angels; Immortals] (Gr.9+) Sequel to: Fallen.Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Infinity. Chronicles of Nick, #1. [Dark-Hunters;Vampires; Demonology] (Gr. 7+) Sequel: Invincible.Lackey, Mercedes and Rosemary Edghill. Legacies. Shadow Grail #1.[Magical gifts; Missing persons] (Gr. 7-11) Sequel: Conspiracies.Livingston, Lesley. Darklight: A Novel. [Fairies; Changelings; Wild Hunt;Romance] (Gr. 7+) Sequel to: Wondrous Strange.Lubar, David. The Big Stink. Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie #4.[Zombies; Humor] (Gr. 4-6) Sequel to: #1 My Rotten Life; #2 Dead GuySpy; #3 Goop Soup.Maberry, Jonathan. Rot & Ruin. [Zombies; Bounty hunters] (Gr. 8+)Maizel, Rebecca. Infinite Days. [Vampires; Romance] (Gr. 8+) Sequel:Stolen Nights.Marr, Melissa. Radiant Shadows. Wicked Lovely #4. [Fairies; Fae] (Gr. 9+)Others in series: #1 Wicked Lovely; #2 Ink Exchange; #3 Fragile Eternity; #5Darkest Mercy. 4
    • McMann, Lisa. Gone. Dream Catcher #3. [Lucid dreams] (Gr. 9+) Sequelto: #1 Wake; #2 Fade.McNamee, Eoin. The Ring of Five #1. [Spies; Boarding schools; Vixens;Dwarfs; Seraphim; Ravens] (Gr. 5-9)Mead, Richelle. Spirit Bound. Vampire Academy #5. [Vampires] (Gr. 9+)Others in series: #1 Vampire Academy; #2 Frostbite; #3 Shadow Kiss; #4Blood Promise; #6 Last Sacrifice. [Final book in series]Meaney, Flynn. Bloodthirsty. [Allergies; Pretend Vampires] (Gr. 7+)Meyer, Stephenie. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An EclipseNovella. [Vampires; Werewolves] (Gr. 9+) Others in series: #1 Twilight; #2New Moon; #3 Eclipse; #4 Breaking Dawn.Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1. (Gr. 7+)Miller, Kirsten. The Eternal Ones: What If Love Refused to Die?[Reincarnation] (Gr. 8+) Forthcoming: A Season in the Underworld.Nadol, Jen. The Mark. [Psychic abilities; Cassandra; Greek Mythology](Gr. 9+)Napoli, Donna Jo. The Wager. [Devil; Wagers] (Gr. 9+) 5
    • Nichols, Lee. Deception. A Haunting Emma Novel #1. [Ghosts] (Gr. 8+)Sequel: Betrayal.Noel, Alyson. Dark Flame. The Immortals #4. [Immortals] (Gr. 9+) Othersin series: #1 Evermore; #2 Blue Moon; #3 Shadowland; #5 Night Star.Pearce, Jackson. Sisters Red. [Werewolves; Mystery] (Gr. 8+)Companion: Sweetly.Peck, Richard. Three Quarters Dead. [Dead; Ghosts] (Gr. 6-10)Rayburn, Tricia. Siren. [Sirens; Mythology; Supernatural] (Gr. 9+)Rees, Douglas. Vampire High: Sophomore Year. [Vampires; Humor] (Gr.7+) Sequel to: Vampire High.Rowen, Michelle. Demon Princess: Reign Check. [Demons; Demonology;Fairies; Faerie King] (Gr. 6-10) Sequel to: Demon Princess: Reign orShine.Ruiz Zafon, Carlos. The Prince of Mist. [Supernatural; Ghosts] (Gr. 5-8)Forthcoming: The Midnight Palace.Ryan, Carrie. The Dead-Tossed Waves: A Companion to The Forest ofHands and Teeth. [Zombies] (Gr. 9+) Others in series: #1 The Forest ofHands and Teeth; #3 The Dark and Hollow Places.Scott, Inara. The Candidates. Delcroix Academy #1. [Psychic abilities;Boarding schools; Telekinesis] (Gr. 7+) Sequel: The Watchers. 6
    • Shan, Darren. The Saga of Larten Crepsley: Birth of a Killer. Prequel to theCirque du Freak series. [Vampires] (Gr. 10+) Cirque du Freak: #1 Cirquedu Freak; #2 The Vampire’s Assistant; #3 Tunnels of Blood; #4 VampireMountain; #5 Trials of Death; #6 The Vampire Prince; #7 Hunters of theDusk; #8 Allies of the Night; #9 Killers of the Dawn; #10 The Lake of Souls;#11 Lord of the Shadows; #12 Sons of Destiny.Smith, L. J. The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls. [Vampires;Romance] (Gr. 7-9) Sequel to: The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall.Original series: The Vampire Diaries: #1 The Awakening; #2 The Struggle;#3 The Fury; #4 Dark Reunion.Smith-Ready, Jeri. Shade. [Ghosts; Psychic abilities] (Gr. 8+) Sequel:Shift.Springer, Nancy. Possessing Jessie. [Spirit possession] (Gr. 7-10)Stiefvater, Maggie. Linger. The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2. [Werewolves;Wolves; Romance] (Gr. 9+) Others in series: #1 Shiver; #3 Forever.Stine, R. L. Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror. (Gr. 10+)Tiernan, Cate. Immortal Beloved. [Immortality] (Gr. 7+) Sequel:Everlasting Life.Verday, Jessica. The Haunted. [Ghosts] (Gr. 10+) Sequel to: The Hollow.Vincent, Rachel. My Soul to Keep. Soul Screamers: Book 3. [Banshees;Psychics; Witchcraft] (Gr. 10+) Sequel to: #1 My Soul to Take; #2 My Soulto Save. 7
    • Ward, Rachel. Numbers Trilogy #1. [Psychic ability] (Gr. 8-10) Sequel:Chaos.Werlin, Nancy. Extraordinary. [Fairies; Secrets] (Gr. 8+)Weston, Robert Paul. Dust City. [Werewolves; Fairies; Nixies; Addiction](Gr. 7+)White, Kiersten. Paranormalcy. [Shape-shifters] (Gr. 7+)Yovanoff, Brenna. The Replacement. [Changelings] (Gr. 7-9)Zink, Michelle. Guardian of the Gate. Prophecy of the Sisters Book II.[Supernatural; Twins; Magic; Good and evil] (Gr. 7+) Others in series: #1Prophecy of the Sisters; #3 Circle of Fire.Presented by:Bonnie Kunzel bkunzel@aol.comSharon Rawlins srawlins@njstatelib.org 8