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Multicultural Marketing- Procter & Gamble

  1. 1. Hispanic-American Marketing A Case of Mistaken Identity? By: Sarah Duffy
  2. 2. Leo Manzano – 2012 London OlympicMedalist (1500-meter)
  3. 3. Leo Manzano – 2012 London OlympicMedalist (1500-meter) Quote by Manzano via Twitter following his race: “Silver Medal, still felt like I won! Representing two countries USA and Mexico .”  Two different tweets: one in Spanish, one in English CNN opinion columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr: “That’s funny. I only saw one set of letters on his jersey: USA.” Is this a sign that he had not forgotten where he came from or rather a sign that he is not loyal to the United States?
  4. 4. Flash Back to 1992 Oscar de la Hoya: 1992 Olympic Boxing gold medalist in Barcelona
  5. 5. Hispanic-American Population Hispanic Population  As of April 1st, 2010 : 50.5 million (16.3% of nation’s population)  43% increase in Hispanics from 2000 to 2010  Significant decrease in number of illegal immigrants  At least 20 different countries are represented, 63% of which are Mexican  Now considered the largest minority in the United States  35 Million: number of U.S. residents 5 and older who spoke Spanish at home in 2009 (of those, more than half spoke English “very well” )
  6. 6. Hispanic-American Market Market Behavior  38% of Hispanics found English ads less effective than Spanish ads in terms of recall while 70% found English ads less effective in terms of persuasion.  56% of Latino adults respond best to advertising when it’s in Spanish  Hispanic-Americans are assimilatING not assimilatED.  Adopt and adapt  integrate native and traditional immigrant culture values with dominant cultural ones Values  Word of Mouth  Centrality of the family – their needs before your own  Latino Mother is the caretaker  “Marianismo” : idea that the role of the mother is to sacrifice everything for her family
  7. 7. Marketing Strategy Need an example of a company that truly understands this market? Look no further.
  8. 8. P&G and the Olympics P&G : flawless embodiment and true understanding  “Best Job”  Understand the value placed on mothers in the Latino community
  9. 9. Procter and Gamble A.G. Lafley – Chairman and CEO : “As P&G’s customers, suppliers, and employees become more and more diverse, our success increasingly depends on understanding the communites where we live and work, and reaching out to people from all walks of life. That is why for many years now we have developed and supported initiatives to help enrich the lives of Hispanics in our community in everyday ways…P&G is committed to staying in touch with the needs and issues that matter most to Hispanics.”  A Common Goal Drives our Aspirations – P&G and the Hispanic Community (Brochure)
  10. 10. P&G: Example - Commitment throughUnderstanding 1961 – P&G airs its first Spanish language TV commercial in the United States, becoming one of the first major corporations to advertise on Spanish International Network (later Univsión) 2002: Gain Hispanic Advertising Campaign wins EFFIE Award by the New York American Marketing Association for “Most Effective Ad Campaign” 2003: Crest becomes the first P&G brand that airs a Spanish Language commercial during a nationally broadcast television event, the 45th Annual Grammy Awards, which reaches a general audience 2005: Hispanic girl Enya Martinez is selected as the next Crest Kid
  11. 11. P&G: Example – Diversity 1963: Former CEO Howard Morgan initiates a diversity effort which later leads to P&G implementing Affirmative Action Plans across all organizations in 1965 1972: Supplier Diversity Program launched to identify and work with minority-owned businesses 1985: P&G Consumer Relations begins offering bilingual services and promotions 2004: P&G is recognized by Diversity Inc. as one of the top 50 companies promoting diversity among their employees and suppliers 2008: For the 10th consecutive year, P&G was selected by LATINA Style as one of the top 50 companies for Latinas to work for in the U.S.
  12. 12. Back to the Olympics The Olympic Games  Pride There’s no better time to target an ethnic market in the United States to make them feel as though they are understood and a part of a not only a community, but also a country. More than ever, the London 2012 Olympics represented the changing face of America P&G Olympic ad: “Raising an Olympian” – fair warning…prepare to cry
  13. 13. Olympic-inspired Latino-AmericanSuccess Social Media  According to social media tracking software Starcount, through the first week of the 2012 London Olympics, African American and Latino athletes comprised 6 of the top 10 most popular Olympians in social media for Team USA  P&G utilizes Latino’s value of word of mouth by allowing “Latina mommy bloggers” to spread the word to their extensive network
  14. 14. Olympic-inspired Latino-American SuccessMarlen Esparza – Cover Girl Breaking molds, from perceptions about Latina gender roles to a fresh appreciation of beauty from a Mexican-American perspective Message of inner and outer beauty graced Cover Girl ads and Coca- Cola “Luchando Juntos” campaign.
  15. 15. Recommendations the changing demographics of our Olympic team can help marketers reach multicultural consumers through endorsement deals and public relations programs. it’s the truly smart marketers who understand that to effectively engage Hispanic consumers, campaigns must consider and respect the cultural diversity that exists within the Latino community. Cultural Relevance through connections – does the company get the consumer?  Mirror who you are trying to reach
  16. 16. Discussion Marketing to a segment of the population with a conflict between “heritage” and “citizenship” may be one of the biggest hurdles that marketers have to overcome. So how do you? Compare and Contrast Leo Manzano and Henry Cejudo. Whose view do you think most Hispanic Americans (or any American immigrant) share, Manzano or Cejudo? Was it strategic on the part of P&G to run their family-centered ads during the Olympics? Why or why not? What other impacts do you see the Olympics and Latino-American athletes having on the Hispanic-American consumer market?