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US Hispanic Social Media Guide

  1. 1. U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010-2011 Edition
  2. 2. Publisher’s Note Table of Contents Publisher’s Note 1 Social Media and Word of Mouth Becoming Pivotal Channel to Engage and Drive Advocacy Among Hispanic Audiences 3 Paul M. Rand Hispanic Social Media Leadership Roundtable 5It’s never a small feat to say you will create the marketingindustry’s premiere guide on how to reach Latinos through Who’s Best Suited to Lead Hispanic Social Media Marketing? 12social media but that’s exactly what I think we’ve delivered Manny Ruizhere in this first annual 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social How to Build and Manage a Hispanic Online Community 19Media Guide. Jose VillaEarlier this year we gathered some of the nation’s topHispanic marketing talents at the inaugural Hispanic PR Social Media is a Fact of Life and the Key to Success 22& Social Media Conference in Dallas and we asked them Gaby Albanto share their top tips on Latino social media marketing.Many of those terrific “how to” insights and most of those Hispanics and Social Media: A 23 Million Person Conversation 23gifted marketers are spotlighted here in this guide, a terrific Armando Azarlozacompanion to the historic national conference that made thisguide possible. How to Effectively Work with Hispanic Bloggers 24 Manny RuizIf you are a marketer in the corporate, government or non-profit field, please know that like the conference that gave How to Reach U.S. Hispanics with Spanish-Languages SEMbirth to it, this guide has been produced with you in mind. Strategies 27We hope you will find this guide to be as useful and practical Silvia Pradoas anything you have ever seen about this topic. Hispanics Beyond Broadband: Leveraging Video andIn closing I wish to thank our two partner organizations that 29 Web 2.0 to Facilitate Online Conversationsalso helped make this guide possible, the Hispanic Public Cristy Clavijo-KishRelations Association (HPRA) and the Word of MouthMarketing Association (WOMMA). Both organizations are Measuring Multicultural & Multilingual Social Media 32working together with the Hispanic PR Blog this summer Stephanie Noble and Midy Aponteand through the balance of the year to coordinate roundtablediscussions across the country for what we call the 2010 U.S. Meet The Latino King of Facebook 34Hispanic Social Media Insights Tour. If you are interested in Katherine Johnsonlearning more about this tour in your city, connect with us by A Directory of Hispanic Social Mediae-mail at or by monitoring our Marketing Resources 37news at Yeniret ProkeschIt’s my sincere wish that you enjoy the fruit of our labor withthis guide. We’ve made an earnest effort to explore the issues Hispanic PR Census Results Show Marketing Pros 39impacting Hispanic social media in a way that is refreshing Feel PR Best Suited to Lead Social Mediaand complete. U.S. Hispanic Social Media Facts: A 2010 Snapshot 40In the spirit of social media, may you enjoy it and discuss it!Sincerely, The WOMMA Guide to Disclosure in Social 52 Media MarketingManny RuizPublisher2010-2011 U.S Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide
  3. 3. Social Media and Word of Mouth Becoming Pivotal Channelto Engage and Drive Advocacy Among Hispanic AudiencesBy Paul M. Rand or product in a way that incremental advertising spending simply cannot. It’s also not a one-hit wonder. The rightMore than 90% of all consumers report that the recommendation of messages resonate and expand within interested networks,a friend, family member or expert is the leading influence on their affecting brand perceptions, purchase rates, and marketpurchase behavior. And with 77% of Hispanic-Americans engaging some kind of online socializing (as noted by the Hispanic Ad 4. The rewards of pursuing excellence in word-of-mouthAgency, Dieste, in their recent report titled “10 Things You Should marketing are huge, and it can deliver a sustainableKnow About U.S. Hispanics”), social media is quickly becoming the and significant competitive edge few other marketingbattleground in which brand allegiances are won or lost. approaches can match. The reach and impact of social media and word of mouth marketingAs brands seek to become more talked about and recommended for the Hispanic market is significant – and just being fully realized.than their competitors, word of mouth and social media marketing are Through this Guide, and follow on editions, we look forward tono longer ancillary marketing efforts. Instead, defining and pursuing bringing you the most current and useful information on how to besthow you want your brand to be talked about and recommended is understand and meaningfully engage this important audience. helping marketers shape, focus and drive the overall marketing mix. About the author: Paul M. Rand is President/CEO of Zócalo Group,Knowing that U.S. Hispanic buying power will exceed $1.3 trillion by a full-service Word of Mouth and Social Media Marketing Agency2013, many brands may be tempted to simply extend their general and President of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Hismarket efforts — as advanced or nascent as they may be — to e-mail is His Twitter is @paulmrandHispanics without understanding cultural and media consumptiondifferences. 2010-2011 U.S. HiSpanic Social Media GUide PublishersTake your time. Do it right. Understand what goes and what doesn’t Manny Ruiz and Angela Sustaita-Ruizgo. Apply best practices and the discipline of the marketing processthat sometimes is lacking in this environment. Many of the mistakes Managing editorhave already been made in the traditional media environment. Learn Katherine Johnsonfrom them. graPhic designThis jointly-produced (between Hispanic PR Blog, HPRA and Zócalo GroupWOMMA) 2010-2011 U.S Hispanic Social Media Guide highlights Mónica Marulandabest practices in social media and word of mouth marketing – with aspecific spotlight on how marketers can successfully leverage social ad design Cindy Lopezmedia to reach and engage the Hispanic audience.This integrated approach puts word of mouth at the core of the contributing Writers Yeniret Prokeschmarketing mix. In many ways, it mirrors the insights reported in a Paul M. Randrecently McKinsey & Company report, titled “A New Way to Measure Jose VillaWord of Mouth Marketing.” Gaby Alban Armando Azarloza While the findings of the McKinsey study were not specific to the Silvia PradoHispanic audience, the key takeaways couldn’t be more applicable to Cristy Clavijo-Kisha group that so deeply relies on “transparency” and “trust” between Stephanie Noblefriends, family members and community leaders: Midy Aponte 1. As consumers overwhelmed by product choices tune out 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide © copy the ever-growing barrage of traditional marketing, Word of riight 2010, Hispanic Media Trainers, LLC 2010 All rights reserved. Mouth cuts through the noise quickly and effectively. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or of all of the 2. Consumers have become increasingly skeptical about contents in any form is prohibited other than the following: traditional company-driven advertising and marketing… You may print or download for your personal and non- [and] this tectonic power shift toward consumers reflects commercial use only the way people now make purchasing decisions. You may copy the content to individual third parties for their personal use, but only if you acknowledge us as the 3. Word of Mouth can prompt a consumer to consider a brand source of the material 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 3
  4. 4. 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide4
  5. 5. 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Leadership RoundtableThe Players Gavin Twigger Aymee Zubizarreta Sonia Sroka Deborah Charnes Marisa Treviño executive director of interception Manager of Public relations senior Vice President, u.s. Vice President of Public relations President dieste, inc. state Farm hispanic Practice leader, bromley communications latinalista blog Porter novelli Paul Rand José Villa Monica Raugitinane David Henry Ariel Coro President President director of communications President Publisher Zócalo group and sensis hispanic college Fund telenoticias and tu tecnologia WoMMa hPra new York chapterOur Diverse Roundtable Discussion Manny Ruiz - ModeratorReveals Where Hispanic Marketing Publisher hispanic Pr blog andLeaders Think Hispanic Social PapibloggerMedia is HeadedHours before the start of this year’s Hispanic PR & Social Media Communications; Marisa Treviño, President, Latina Lista blog;Conference in Dallas the Hispanic PR Blog and the Hispanic Public Paul Rand, President of the Zócalo Group and the Word of MouthRelations Association (HPRA) hosted a roundtable featuring top Marketing Association (WOMMA); José Villa, President, Sensis;representatives from the corporate, non profit, blogger, advertising, PR Monica Raugitinane, Director of Communications, Hispanic Collegeand digital agency worlds. In launching into this inaugural “how to” Fund; David Henry, President of TeleNoticias and the New Yorkissue on Hispanic social media marketing we can’t think of a better chapter of the Hispanic Public Relations Association; and Mannyconversation starter than the roundtable we held in Dallas. Ruiz, Publisher of Hispanic PR Blog and PapiBlogger and organizerThe full one hour and 30 minute recording of this terrific, informal of the Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference. The discussion wasconversation is available for download through the Hispanic PR Blog. moderated by Ruiz.We hope you find these excerpts helpful as you, our dear readers, take On Whether Hispanic Social Media Marketing May Just Be a Fadthe same journey of discovery that we are all taking into Hispanic David Henry: I don’t think it’s a fad. I think that social media is asocial media. communications platform just like mobile and other platforms and itThe Hispanic social media leaders roundtable consisted of: Gavin may change in regards to the Hispanic market but I definitely don’tTwigger, Executive Director of Interception, Dieste, Inc.; Aymee think that it’s a fad.Zubizarreta, Manager of Public Relations, State Farm; Sonia Sroka, Sonia Sroka: I think social media is definitely going to evolve and isSenior Vice President, U.S. Hispanic practice leader, Porter Novelli: only going to help consumers have more intimate and more intenseDeborah Charnes, Vice President of Public Relations, Bromley relationships with brands and with continued on page 7 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 5
  6. 6. 23 millionhispanics are holding conversations online. Start talking with them today by digitizing 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 6
  7. 7. 2010 US Hispanic Social Media Roundtable, cont.themselves. Right now we are only seeing the beginning of what we foursquare and but what’s fascinating to me is that because theare yet to see. Hispanic audience relies heavily on dialogue amongst themselves… their social media networks are much stronger than the generalDeborah Charnes: I agree completely that we are just on the starting market’s.block and everything’s going to just go up, up, up. If anything socialmedia is going to be eating away at other arenas and the reason On How Hispanics Use Social Media Different than Other Ethnicfor that is because the consumer is going to be demanding (more) Groupsinteractivity. Gavin Twigger: Well again, the barriers to entry are less than general Aymee Zubizarreta: From the corporate perspective, working at State market. I’ve been in the industry for so many years and, you know,Farm we started in the social media space in 2007…I’m starting to we all remember double opt ins with email campaigns and thesee Fortune 500’s that are willing to be bold and take that first step detail you had to go through to get somebody to communicate withinto the unknown. They (usually start by launching) an initiative with you or to communicate with them. These days the barriers areEnglish in mind with the general market because that’s what they gone. The transparency, at the Latino level, is just phenomenal.know best. Working at a corporation I got to tell you, there are a lot They pretty much want to say whatever they want to say andof legal hurdles that we have to overcome since State Farm is in the everyone is ready to and financial services industry…that are heavily regulated. Sonia Sroka: I tell my clients at Porter Novelli, ’People are going to“Across all ethnicities what consumers and customers are saying is ‘Wewant to have a different relationship with the companies we do businesswith’” Paul Rand, The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)..We had to overcome all of those issues first and also determine be talking about your brand or your services regardless of whetherwhat’s our protocol. Last year we started a Hispanic social media you are paying attention or not, so the least amount of activity thatinitiative called State Farm Es Para Mi. It’s a voting component that you can have, when it comes to social media is to listen, becauseinteracts with Latinos across the country and (lets them) vote for a listening is also engaging and at the end of the day, that leads youspecific video that helped address the Hispanic drop-out dilemma. to follow up with engagement….There was money tied to it for non profits and high school students Jose Villa: I question the whole idea of Hispanic Social Media. Itwere encouraged to participate in this. It was highly successful. kind of bothers me to even hear that term because I think thatPaul Rand: …If there’s anything that could be a fad it may be some it’s still built around that old paradigm of advertising that reallyof the tools. Whether or not we still will see foursquare around started…(with) the creation of Spanish-language TV and it haswith Facebook location popping out and many other programs, is basically existed, until this day, based on that demarcation, thatquestionable. Across all ethnicities what consumers and customers there is Spanish language TV and radio and other media greware saying is ‘We want to have a different relationship with the out from there….We are not talking about social media. I mean,companies we do business with’…. Now the question is: How do social media has the term ‘media” in it, but it’s not media in thecompanies, brands in particular, begin operating?...People under 25 way that most advertisers think of media. You don’t control it, ityears old don’t call customer service lines anymore. They expect isn’t consumed in a two-way manner. When most people think ofinteraction through Twitter, so there’s a fundamental shift in how media, especially professionals like us, you think of something thatbusiness is being done… you plan and you buy, something you control…Aymee Zubizarreta: you hit the nail right on the head… I was just Sonia Sroka: In the general market, you go to social media siteschecking our Twitter account just a moment ago and there was a to relax, Hispanics go to have more intense relationships. So evendialogue back and forth with our social media team in Bloomington though it’s similar, there’s a slight difference as to the psychologicaland a person who was having a difficult time with an issue they had (reason) behind the action even though the action might be verywith State Farm…Some companies may see this as ‘oh no, we may similar at the end of the day. You may see photos in a generalbe exposing ourselves to negative media, negative PR’ but on the market Facebook and you may see photos in a Hispanic person’scontrary we look at it as an opportunity; an opportunity to engage Facebook, but though it may look similar, the reasoning andwith consumers in an area that they are familiar with and want to the actions behind it, the reason why they are acting that wayengage with. psychologically…it’s very different.Gavin Twigger: I joined (Deiste) recently and one of the primary Jose Villa: I think obviously the Hispanic market is different. Youreasons I joined was,because of the Hispanic audience and the used the term collectivistic, I get a little bothered when this isopportunity that marketers have to talk to a group of people that sort used to describe Hispanics because I think it should be used toof exist in a collective level, not in an individual level…You mentioned describe all immigrant groups, it’s the continued on page 9 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 7
  8. 8. MAKING OUR CLIENTS THE MOST TALKED ABOUT AND RECOMMENDED BRANDS IN THEIR CATEGORY — BOTH ONLINE AND OFFLINEProud supporter of and contributor to the Hispanic Social Media Guide.Paul M. RandPresident/ AnsellBusiness Development 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 8
  9. 9. 2010 US Hispanic Social Media Roundtable, cont.nature of what happens when you leave a country and you come to Monica: It was for everyone.another country especially if you don’t speak the language, I would Deborah Charnes: A lot of times the content and relevancy are veryargue that most immigrant groups that don’t speak English are very important. We did something that was targeting tweens, and it wascollectivistic, you come from another country and you move to a for Day of the Dead. What we did was we had them create - if youplace where… are Mexican-American you are familiar with how you create altersManny Ruiz: Even Americans that move to Germany are collectivistic for Day of the Dead - an online, altar-making contest, which wasJose Villa: right, exactly. You live near the military base when you’re very fun. What we did was use other online media to direct peoplethere and you go to the hamburger place and who knows, but the to the site, so it wasn’t necessarily banner ads but it was to directidea is that most Hispanics for the most part are socio-economically them to get more traffic. So it was very fun, very relevant, and it alsoon the lower-end; they go into neighborhoods where they know reached parents.people at the village level, like there’s people from this little village On whether Hispanic portals are staying relevant in the midst ofin El Salvador, they all moved to Maryland and there’s a factory Hispanics turning to mainstream social media platformswhere one guy is working and everybody shows up there and all of Deborah Charnes: I’ve worked for Terra many years, so of course,a sudden you have an enclave; you have a village basically that has I have a loyalty to them, even though I don’t represent them now,moved from El Salvador to this little town in Maryland and so what but I think what Terra did, early on, they developed original videodo people do when they arrive to a place where they don’t anything content, very smart, better than written whether it’s for events orabout? They ask people like them, where do I get food?... even original interviews, like Daddy Yankee in their office in Miami.Sonia Sroka: and that’s why Facebook is so successful because Ariel Corro: They have a little problem, which is the same problemeven amongst Hispanics that prefer Spanish, 10 million are online Google has: once you are connected socially your sources of newson Facebook. Right now Facebook would be the number one way to are your friends. You no longer have to go anywhere else butconnect with Hispanics at the social media level. there. I go to Facebook and I have a group of friends that feed meOn Which of the Social Media Platforms are Strongest with Hispanics: everything I want to know about the world according to me.Facebook or MySpace Everyone: ((laughter))Sonia Sroka: Facebook Manny Ruiz: So the Hispanic portals have to be a little nervousJose Villa: Facebook but I run ads for clients on both platforms and about what’s happening?I can tell you that for one client, I would never run ads on Facebook. Jose Villa: I disagree to a certain extent because I don’t thinkAnd for that same client I put them on MySpace and they kill and bloggers or all this user-generated content is going to replacethey’ve been killing it for two years. Because it targets a younger,“What’s fascinating to me is that because the Hispanic audience reliesheavily on dialogue amongst themselves...their social media networksare much stronger than the general market’s” Gavin Twigger, Deistemore urban audience...I do recruiting for the US Army, and the US professional content.Army finds its recruits on MySpace. Ariel Corro: it’s not replacing it…Paul Rand: I think what has changed fundamentally with all thesethings is that the brand has to understand itself better, and then it Jose Villa: But that’s the thing. If someone is sharing content onhas to be reflected through all the different mediums that it is using. Facebook, its being created somewhere…Monica Raugitinane: The best campaign I’ve seen, through social Ariel Corro: I understand, but my friends are creating the content…media, that had no paid media, was the breast cancer awareness Jose Villa: Yes but for the most part, if you create good content,campaign on Facebook. your friends will repost it…Jose Villa: It’s usually the nonprofits that are doing the cool stuff in On what type of agency is presently best suited to lead the charge forthat area because they have no choice; they don’t have money… Hispanic social media marketingMonica Raugitinane: Ha, yeah…they had girls post on their status Jose Villa: I have some thoughts on that, and these are not myupdate what the color of the bra they were wearing at the moment noble ideas. I think Forrester broke this down. I don’t thinkwas and everyone was looking at the colors saying, what is that? anyone is really suited. There’s a cool chart you guys shouldJose Villa: that was a brilliant campaign look it up. None are perfectly suited for what we need…PR gets our medium better that I would argue, even digital agencies, orSonia Sroka: that was a general market campaign... traditional agencies, they understand continued on page 11 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 9
  10. 10. 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 201010
  11. 11. 2010 US Hispanic Social Media Roundtable, cont.the concepts of creating a dialogue, but PR doesn’t have the tech go back to our retainers that we have with our agencies of record,tools…. and we give them a task of the scope of what we need to getSeveral people: I do...we do... done. We will have a kick-off meeting and they will all collaborate together.Manny Ruiz: Anybody can launch a blog nowadays… Manny Ruiz: Well Amy, isn’t State Farm a mature HispanicJose Villa: But you can’t outsource the tech somewhere else all the marketer? What about the newbies to the market, Debbie?time because they may screw it up, I mean I don’t think anyone isset up perfectly. Deborah Charnes: What I was going to say is, going back to something David said, it’s all about the strategy. We don’t haveDavid Henry: Let’s look at Facebook, if you are looking at clients come to us and say, ‘Okay we want a social platform’.conversation, well maybe PR is better, but if you are buying ads, What we do is we go from the ground up; you know, we havethen PR is not for doing that, so there are all these different interdepartmental pow-wows, and decide what we are going toelements. If you talk to PR they are going to talk about the do. Sometimes it’s social, sometimes it’s traditional media; we lookconversation. If you talk to an advertising agency they are going to at it holistically, we are all different groups sitting together in antalk about buying media in the correct spots. If you talk with digital agreement.agencies they are going to have their part, everybody is trying toclaim this because they are looking it from their own POV. Monica Ragutinane: If I may add, from the client perspective, The Hispanic College Fund, for us, we know who we are; we areSonia Sroka: I think we are discovering that even though there are a non-profit organization that develops the next generation ofdifferent points of views, their points of views are blurred… Hispanic professionals, and part of that is having an educational“I think more than ever, corporations, especially mid to uppermanagers, are being challenged...they are being asked to do more withless, so advertising companies, PR, everyone, needs to come to thetable and be much more creative than before...relationships may go bythe wayside. It’s all about results now.” Aymee Zubizarreta, State FarmJose Villa: The good news is that the clients don’t know... development continuum, so for us, if we were to go to agencies,Sonia Sroka: We give our clients options, we have alliances, we we know who we are, but we need people to help us funnelwork with sister agencies, but we give our client a one-stop shop students that we need to really reach. The bottom line about ourbut we are not... mission is to get funding for those students, so for us, we would really love to have an integrated approach whether or not that’sPaul Rand: What a good client is now is different to what it was with three agencies or one agency, and obviously we are non-years ago profit, so (we need) the most affordable platform. From a clientManny Ruiz: you got to be careful now…. perspective that’s what we are really looking for; it’s just whoeverEveryone: ((laughter)) has the best marketing strategy that can hit those two bottom lines.Paul Rand: Best clients say, “ these are our partners and weknow our brand.” They are successful because they have a Jose Villa: To be realistic, everyone is looking out for their ownclear understanding of their brand as well as how it should be business, that’s the real answer; everyone’s looking out for ‘myrepresented. When it’s all said and done, the brand needs to be bottom line, my business, my group’...talked about in the right way and all conversation should feed back Manny Ruiz: I don’t know any PR agency in the whole world thatto some unifying idea. would ever say: we need to go to Sensis to do a Hispanic websiteSonia Sroka: That’s an ideal client. because we don’t do that ourselves.Amy Zubizarreta: Well that’s what we are. Just to give you an idea, Jose Villa: Yeah everyone says they know how to do it. Yeah Ifrom a corporate perspective, when we have, a campaign, we will would argue in the top tier, you are going to have some type ofbring advertising, marketing and public affairs. At a corporate level re-organization, consolidation... Because I don’t think that thethe executives will come and decide what the campaign strategy current structure of traditional PR, digital, direct media buying, Iis going to be and it will most likely be multi-platform and it will don’t think that’s going to exist…. I don’t think media buying firmsinvolve each component, advertising, marketing and PR, so we can survive as structured, I don’t think PR continued on page 54 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 11
  12. 12. Who’s Best Suited to Lead Hispanic ANALYSISSocial Media Marketing?You may be surprised to learn what type of agency might be bestsuited to lead Hispanic social media marketingLet’s just put this to rest right now: not one type of agency – not PR,advertising, digital or word of mouth – is worthy of “owning” the entireHispanic social media marketing space. It is ridiculous for anyoneto say that any type of agency should “own” Hispanic social mediamarketing when in fact all types of agencies have something special topotentially contribute to it.The rhetorical question then is not who deserves to own Hispanicsocial media but rather who is best suited to lead it? The word “lead”is important because it suggests that when it comes to Hispanicaccounts, marketers almost always do what comes natural: theyassign one agency or another to lead their efforts. Nine out of 10times it’s always been the advertising agency.That traditional assignment model is already changing and that’s therub here because social media marketing represents a paradigm S A N C H E Z AGENCYshift that will only get more pronounced with time. The more tractionsocial media makes with Hispanics (and studies show Latinos are THE RICARDOravenous users of it) the faster Hispanic brands will determine who isbest suited to lead their Latino social media efforts.Based on my experience as a marketing professional as wellas numerous interviews and interactions I regularly have withbrands, agencies and marketing associations, I’ve developed anin-depth analysis that’s meant to outline the various processes and ...when it comes tostakeholders that would typically be involved in Hispanic social mediamarketing initiatives. multicultural communication,In order to analyze the different elements of Hispanic social media authenticity is keyI compiled a chart that accompanies this story and divided eachtask as best I could into 20 different categories ranging, more or lesschronologically from strategy to implementation to measurement. Ithen arranged the chart listing PR agencies, advertising agencies,digital agencies, word of mouth marketing agencies and clients. If Ifelt a particular marketing entity was solidly suited for a specific role inHispanic social media marketing I gave them a listing of “Advantage.” social networking | branding development | media visibilityIf they were not strongly suited for it, I left them blank.Following the chart is a more detailed explanation for each of the 20categories and why I felt some types of agencies stacked up betterthan others in different areas. At the conclusion of this overviewis a final analysis that might surprise you so enjoy and join theconversation. (Note that this chart is true for many of the different types of agencieslisted but does not necessarily reflect those who may have hybridcomponents of other types of agencies). continued on page 13 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 12
  13. 13. Who’s Best Suited to Lead Hispanic Social Media Marketing?, cont. Comparison Chart of How Different Agencies Compare in Hispanic Social Media Space The chart below is meant to categorize the different types of duties usually involved in Hispanic social media marketing. Please note that there is often overlap in the types of capabilities offered by advertising, PR, word of mouth and digital agencies. Everyone wants to theoretically say they can comprehensively fulfill all of the categories listed below but in practice this is rarely the case. Digital Word of Mouth Client Category PR Agency Ad Agency Agency Agency (Marketer) strategy/Planning advantage advantage advantage advantage advantage Web site development -- -- advantage advantage -- Facebook, twitter development advantage advantage advantage advantage -- advertising creative -- advantage advantage -- -- Webisodes -- advantage advantage -- advantage Media buying -- advantage advantage -- -- hispanic aPPs -- -- advantage advantage -- search engine optimization (seo) -- -- advantage advantage -- leveraging ad buys -- advantage advantage -- -- Working with hispanic portals -- advantage advantage -- -- event marketing advantage advantage -- advantage -- Mobile Phone Marketing advantage advantage advantage advantage advantage social media conversations / content creation advantage -- -- advantage -- blogger relations advantage -- -- advantage advantage earned Media advantage -- -- advantage -- customer service relations advantage -- -- advantage advantage alliance / Partnership building advantage -- -- advantage -- crisis communications advantage -- -- advantage advantage Measurement advantage advantage advantage advantage -- ongoing social media community building advantage -- -- advantage advantage Final tallY 12 advantages 10 advantages 12 advantages 15 advantages 6 advantages ©2010, 2010-2011 U.S. Social Media Guide, copy right 2010 continued on page 15 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 13
  14. 14. 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide14
  15. 15. Who’s Best Suited to Lead Hispanic Social Media Marketing?, cont.STRATEGY/PLANNING MEDIA BUYINGEvery type of agency has something unique and powerfully different Media buying has long been a staple of advertising and will likelyto offer marketers at the stage of planning and strategy. I called this not quickly. Historically, PR shops that have tried to do this, havepart even among the various players because theoretically everyone of failed at it.them could easily belong in this crucial conversation depending on theclient and their needs. What products or services they plan to market HISPANIC APPSand who internally is leading the marketing for the client organization Digital agencies, word of mouth agencies and even Hispanic portalsoften dictates who will be called to strategize for the brand. The are all best suited to create Facebook, smart phone and videostrategy stage is one of the few facets of the Hispanic social media game APPS. That is not to say that PR and advertising agenciesmarketing grid where everyone in PR, advertising, digital and word of aren’t capable of working with consultants to develop a Facebook,mouth are equally weighted because of their potential contribution to blog or iPhone APP but when it comes to creating these from startthe process. to finish, you generally want to work with the pros. Right now those pros are at the digital and word of mouth agencies.WEB SITE DEVELOPMENTSpanish and bilingual web site development is no longer the ultra SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)specialty that it used to be five or 10 years ago. I struggled to give They say Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part marketing andthe advantage in this category to digital marketing and word of mouth even more science so the ones best suited to help you with SEOagencies because nowadays most any decent marketing agency strategies for your web site and blogs are digital and word of mouthcan create a solid Hispanic web site. The main reason I gave the marketing agencies. Everyone is talking more and more aboutadvantage to digital marketing and word of mouth agencies is because SEO but the ones who get it right now the most are these types oftoday’s newest specialty are Spanish and bilingual web sites that are agencies.also optimized for SEO and social media. Those are specialties of thedigital and word of mouth agencies. It’s only a very slight advantage LEVERAGING AD BUYSbut as of right now it is still a differentiator for digital and word of This category may seem a peculiar addition to this grid but it’smouth agencies. actually valid because it is no secret that advertising agencies can successfully leverage offline and online ad buys for favorable mediaFACEBOOK / TWITTER DEVELOPMENT coverage of companies and products, especially when it comes toNo particular type of agency has the advantage in this category. large brands. The ones who do this best are the advertising andAgencies who regularly do social media know how to create the digital marketing agencies.identities and simple creative components to create a brand’spresence on Facebook, Twitter or blogs. The more important part is not WORKING WITH HISPANIC PORTALSwhat the Hispanic social media tools look like but rather what will that Digital agencies and advertising agencies have the longest historypresence on these platforms mean and what will the content they have of dealing directly with Hispanic portals and ad networks. Theseconsist of. These components are in a different category with their types of agencies understand best how your brand can leverageown rankings. these portals to advance your social media marketing presence, especially during the initial stages when you may need theseADVERTISING CREATIVE portals to build traction for your web sites and social mediaAdvertising and digital marketing agencies are the masters of creative platforms. The irony with Hispanic portals like,advertising campaigns so this is an easy one to evaluate. Even the Terra and Yahoo en Español is that they are terrific repositories formost respected Hispanic PR or word of mouth marketing agencies content but many Latinos are choosing to do most of their hardcorewon’t argue that. The only PR agencies that are best suited to help social media posting on non-Latino platforms like Facebook,with creative are those who like Ketchum, Fleishman and Porter individual blogs and Twitter. In most cases brands are payingNovelli are owned by companies like Omnicom because they can portals for social media initiatives that could shift globs of their ownleverage their advertising shops to work together with their PR audiences to other brand-centric platforms.agencies. EVENT MARKETINGWEBISODES PR, advertising and word of mouth marketing agencies are equallyAdvertising agencies and digital shops have the proven chops to script strong at helping brands execute effective event marketing. Digitaland create quality webisodes. PR and word of mouth agencies are agencies are traditionally not used to conducting branded outdoortypically at a strong disadvantage in this category but ironically thereare a growing number of independent filmmakers that potentially marketing events.make this difference irrelevant because they can work with anyonethat wants to produce webisodes and other Internet-based programs. MOBILE PHONE MARKETING Everyone is even in this category continued on page 17 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 15
  16. 16. Latinos are born social networkers. HER MA NO OSAS • V ECINOS • J S ESP EFE S • AB UELAS • PADRES TES • SU IEN RNOS • PRIMAS • N EG P AR • YE IET OS RA S OS S • AMIGOS IN BR TÍAS • SOCIO • BIS SO S • ES • COMADR AB TRON ES • UE VI O O NAS • PA PAD LOS SUEGROS • CUÑA N RES RI • A DAS NO CU RM AD S • MARIDO •A S ÑA M TA BU HE OS • NIE S•M EL D O R O S• •V AD OS S A ÑE IM ES POSAS ECINOS RIN •N M P PR O S• •P AR AS O VI O S• AN S • PRIMAS • NIET IE • TÍ AS C INA ERM ERNO OS N C H •Y ANAS • PATRO • C O E ERM • S TE PA • NE O S •V AS NO •H •B S • D RE ES RIN BRI OS S • JEFES • S M OM M IS A AD VE AB IG AB F B SO •C UÑ NAS • HE CI AD ADRES • PADRINOS JE M CO UE I SO •A UE •C BR RM • N S LA S M S LA RA A AS O IGOS • BIS • SO IA S S•N S• S EG A AN •P OV EL D ES • PADR O UELOS AB PA AS BU SU OS • RIMOS • NIE •N O OV DR I EL S SA TÍ O S IO LAC RO OS BU BI ES S IDOS S• CU C EG EL • SA P A ABU P OS TÍ ÑADOS • HE Ñ BU BI S SU ÍA N IG MADRINAS •S AR •A S• OC AM E • AM TA O • IOS A S ÍO AS DR S•M S• FO NO O R AD •T O AL R UÑ • ÑE EL EL CO C VIA S • A P Ñ L OS C MPA AS ER OS M I S N I AN FE JEFES J C DR • •T AS • JE • M MA SO S • PATRONES S• • ÍO M CO CO G •B TÍA S S I I AS OS • MP IS S AB VI ADRES • NOVI A COMPAÑERO UE NA S•M LA MA MADRINAS • TÍO AD S ER S•B RE CUÑADOS • H ISA S• SUE S HERMANOS BU EL GROS • CUÑADA • ESP OSA AS • S• SOBRI PADRES • SUE VE NAS • JEFES GRA CIN S•S OS • P DRINAS • O ARIENTES MA TÍO BRIN S OS • Y BRINOS S• TÍA ERNOS • SOCIO SO • YE S RN TAS MARID O NIE OS S• •C PRIMAS • OM PAÑEROS No ad in the world works better than a family recommendation. We’d trust a neighbor sooner than a pitch man. Which is why you should engage Latinos through social media. Because social networks are built into our DNA. Todos somos digitales. 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guidecampaigns • digital advertising • mobile • social • brand16 development • e-commerce • web design • applications
  17. 17. Who’s Best Suited to Lead Hispanic Social Media Marketing?, cont.because mobile phone marketing nearly always involves that companies turn to most often when it comes to buildingworking with third party providers like Hipcricket for SMS, APP relationships or alliances with key Hispanic stakeholders andadvertising and other mobile phone marketing campaigns. organizations.Anyone can purchase and customize the service. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONSSOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATIONS / ORIGINAL CONTENT As Walmart’s Lorenzo Lopez, director of corporate communicationsThe champions at creating and sustaining online conversations stated recently at the Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference, when allare PR and word of mouth marketing agencies. There is hell breaks loose for a company on the Web, there’s usually one grouplittle dispute about that even though there are some notable of marketing experts everyone turns to to put out the fire: the PR pros.exceptions in the Hispanic advertising world with agencies like The biggest challenge for Hispanic marketers isn’t just that it’s fasterThe Vidal Partnership, Bromley and others who actually have top and easier than ever for somebody to post content or fuel rumors on thecaliber PR talent on their teams. Still, these are currently the web. Making matters worse is that customers can post negative contentexception and not the rule. to more platforms. A crisis can spread very easily through increasinglyPR and word of mouth agencies are also much more adept at interconnected social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and otherconsistently creating and managing original, conversational-style social media. Smart companies have strong PR contingency plansweb content for platforms like blogs, Facebook and Twitter. for crisis and in the online space that means PR and word of mouth agencies have the advantage.BLOGGER RELATIONSBlogger relations is a very hot topic right now in Hispanic social MEASUREMENTmedia because major brands like General Mills are searching Hispanic social media measurement is in its infancy but a variety ofhigh and low for Hispanic bloggers that they can work with to well-developed tools are now available (see accompanying story in thisbecome potential brand ambassadors or spokespersons. If you Guide) that already allow marketers to gauge Hispanic visits, audiencehave any doubt about this important trend note that at the recent perception and more. In my view, - though some can argue that there-launch press event of General Mills’ web digital and word of mouth agencies appear to have a slight advantagesite the company flew in more than 34 Latina bloggers. Blogger because of their razor-focus on digital marketing - I don’t think anyonerelations, like its media relations cousin in traditional PR, are has a clear advantage in this arena. That’s because when you digthe specialty of public relations and word of mouth marketing deeper you realize that what several agencies in PR, word of mouthspecialists. and advertising brand as proprietary measurement are almost always reformulated ways of mixing and matching existing social mediaEARNED MEDIA measurement tools. That’s smart and good of them but what it reallyEarned media is a large part of what PR and word of mouth means is that everybody in this space should work harder to have theirmarketing do best. Generating interviews and press coverage off own formula beyond counting the number of visits, viewers and fansand online can play a pivotal role in creating viral buzz for social their campaigns campaigns and initiatives as well as the platforms wherethey reside. ONGOING SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY BUILDINGCUSTOMER SERVICE RELATIONS Once a brand has created its strategy, leveraged its advertising andMonitoring Twitter in English and “en español” has become a generated traffic for their campaign, the key is long-term, sustainedtop social media job for Hispanic marketers like State Farm, engagement. The final stage of the Hispanic social media grid is allWalmart and Southwest Airlines. These companies have active about continuing to build the social media community that was created.“listening” teams who monitor for content that may indicate If you look long and hard at what work this task entails it is all aboutcustomer frustration, rumors or even controversy. Although PR one to one, conversational-style, engagement marketing. As of today,agencies and word of mouth marketing agencies are able to based on how most Hispanic advertising agencies are configured, we’rehandle monitoring duties for brands, marketers are frequently talking about a role that is super suited to the public relations and wordbetter off monitoring their own customer care issues. The of mouth agencies.general consensus appears to be that most of the major Hispanicmarketing brands do their own customer service monitoring SUMMARY ANALYSIS AND KEY QUESTIONSthough sometimes they will enlist their agencies to help them, If you look at the graph and summary comments carefully they revealespecially when dealing with a crisis. pockets of strengths and weaknesses for all the types of Hispanic agencies listed. The chart also features some surprises, includingALLIANCE / PARTNERSHIP BUILDING the fact that whoever most closely resembles the new breed of PR,Alliance and partnership building is another core competency the word of mouth marketing agency, will be in a very strong position.of PR and word of mouth agencies. These are the organizations Below is an analysis of where I think each of the players main strengths and weaknesses lie. Below is a summary continued on page 55 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 17
  18. 18. Voice The Leading fective hical & Ef for Et th & Word of Mou Mediaadvanced language and Media Services Social ing Market Your trusted source for Latino PR and Marketing TV, Radio, print, Web and outdoor Web audio, video Ethical Leadership Protect consumers. Protect your brand. Fortune 500 clients Best Practices Helping you become a better WOM marketer. call Joe Carleo, APR 704-301-1339 Measurable ROI Improve impact and or accountability. Telly award on a pBS affiliate Learn more at 2010 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 18
  19. 19. How to Build and Manage a HispanicOnline CommunityBy Jose Villa Focus on experience rather than a campaign: You do not “launch” a social media campaign - you begin a social media effort. There isSOCIAL MEDIA HAS FUNDAMENTALLY changed mass marketing no finite start or end providing an unprecedented opportunity to establish scalableand deep relationships with consumers. That sounds like an Find the right agency that knows their role: Agencies should beoxymoron, but in fact, social media provides the ability to establish conduits to the community you are nurturing and help you listen,the types of intimate relationships previously only possible at retail learn, direct co-creation and facilitate the discussion.points of sale, local event activations, and customer service calls Embrace loss of control: The most effective social media programsthat involve significant “physical” costs. With the advent of large, encourage consumer co-creation and creativity.ubiquitous social media platforms, marketers have the ability to Test & Learn: there is no exact roadmap for building communitiesbuild virtual communities of consumers that have “opted in” to have online; instead you should look to fail cheaply and quickly, anda relationship with a brand, product, or organization; representing use iteration to figure out as quickly as possible what works.the most valuable “customer list” we have yet seen in the marketingworld. Whether it’s a Facebook page list of “Likes”, a Twitterfollowing, MySpace “friends”, blog or YouTube subscribers, or any Begin with a Planof the countless other ways to engage with a brand via social media,building these online communities are now at the heart of effective The process of building a Hispanic online community starts likemarketing for all brands, products and companies. any good commercial initiative – with a sound strategic plan.Using social media to engage Hispanics arguably represents a 1. Start with Listening. That sounds easy enough, but this goesmore promising and organic opportunity than in the general market against most marketing, PR, and advertising professional’s DNA.because: And you don’t need to commission complex, expensive and multi- • Hispanics spend more time on social media sites than their month research projects (put down the phone to your favorite Focus general market counterparts (Korzenny, 2009) Group moderator). Some tried and true research tools combined with new digital listening tools can provide powerful insights to guide • Hispanics have larger offline social networks (larger your community building strategy, including: households and extended families, most live in densely Latino communities) These insights are absolutely critical as you try to identify what • Since social media functions well as a low-cost communications tool, it has enjoyed a direct network effect with Hispanics (i.e. the more people register onto a social networking Web site, the more useful the Web site is to its registrant) • A growing group of Hispanic “e-Influentials” use digital media to recommend products, blog, and warn their larger social networks about product problems (Burson-Marstellar, 2008)Changing Your ApproachBuilding a Hispanic online community involves shifting how mostmarketers think about their trade. Some differences are subtle,others are not. A couple of key concepts to keep top of mind whenlooking to build a Hispanic online community:Shift from “Push” to “Pull”: everything you do in social media willrequire a compelling enough value proposition that a Hispanicconsumer will choose to “pull” information from your organization,as opposed to simply “pushing” unwanted advertising or content onthem.Understand the 1-9-90 rule: Only 1% of your community will be unique value you can offer Hispanics to join your community,“creators” who drive large amounts of the social group’s activity; a particularly vis-à-vis general market initiatives. This listening mightslightly larger 9% of users will act as “editors”, sometimes modifying even inform you that a stand-alone Hispanic community doesn’tcontent or adding to an existing thread, but rarely creating content make sense.from scratch; and the remaining 90% majority of the community willbe a passive “audience” who simply observes. continued on page 20 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 19