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Service Design - Manchan

  1. 1. Welcome to
  2. 2. Anamika came to NID with a lot ofaspirations and dreams…to learn from the various disciplines, and share her work with all…
  3. 3. But her dreams were shatteredwhen she experienced various divides on this campus… divides of…
  4. 4. She saw that thedivides createdmany unending problems… This demotivated the young and talented Anamika…and she didn’t know what to do.
  5. 5. To achieve her creative goals, allAnamika needs is a Platform for…
  6. 6. Introducing…
  9. 9. 1. Feedback on work2. Information sharing3. Platform to market
  10. 10. 1. Feedback on work2. Information sharing3. Platform to market
  11. 11. 1. Feedback on work2. Information sharing3. Platform to market
  12. 12. Interdisciplinary Information BoardWhat?An information list, that displays all the classes for theupcoming week, for all disciplines on the NID GandhinagarcampusStudents get information about all the subjects running oncampus and they can plan their week ahead based oninterests and idle time
  13. 13. 1. Feedback on work2. Information sharing3. Platform to market
  14. 14. Art Buffet – The Manchan EventWhat?A flea market format, arranged for Gandhinagar students,where students get an extra opportunity to earn through theircreativity.This will also help to develop an enterprising acumen withinthe community
  16. 16. Scenario 1 contd.… After a week in NID, our very own Anamika receives a mail announcing the start of Manchan activities for the semester. The mail invites artists to share their work for open feedback. "What a great opportunity?" she thinks. This would enable her to share her work with the community and gain quick feedback. She can easily develop her work further and know whether it is worthy of monetizing.
  17. 17. Scenario 2 Mayank Joshi is a knowledge seeker. He is a curious person who has a constant urge to utilize his time at NID to the fullest. He would love to attend any interdisciplinary classes, but unfortunately he only finds about them after they are over, at informal chats around khopcha. One Sunday strolling around the khopcha area, he finds a new Manchan list put up on the notice boards listing all the lectures and sessions of all departments (with their briefs) for the upcoming week. "Wow !" he exclaims. He immediately takes out his mobile calendar and marks the lectures he would like to attend. "Thanks Manchan!.....this is great" he writes on the notice board.
  18. 18. Scenario 3 Ritika Kapoor aspires to become an entrepreneur after NID. She has a huge collection of explorations and products lying idle in her closet. She receives a community invite to register for a stall at the monthly Manchan flea market. She would need to develop her products in order to sell. If she registers with Manchan for the event, she would receive assistance in setting up of her stall, finishing of products and their branding. “This is exactly what I needed!” She is very happy.
  20. 20. Signing off - Email
  21. 21. Signing off - EmailEmail to spread awareness : seeking volunteersPoint enthusiastic and passionate individuals to take forward the modelMeeting with volunteersAGENDA: • Transfer Manchan values and vision • Educate about the Business model and scalability • Share learning and experiences • Handover of resources and responsibilities • Facebook page authorization • Manchan ID authorization • Badges, Paper bags and Visiting cards as prototypes for future • Business model document for future referenceFollow up with the team occasionally
  22. 22. Manchan - ScalabilityIn order to ensure scalability of the service, the following additions can bemade in the long run:Manchan as a whole:• Different registration packages: • Monthly - Quarterly – Semester – Annual• Lesser fees for longer registration periodManch 1 and 2 - Informal feedback:• Incentivize community to provide informal feedback• Exhibition format to make the feedback session more rich
  23. 23. Manchan - ScalabilityIn order to ensure scalability of the service, the following additions can bemade in the long run:Manch 3 - Formal feedback:• Increase and widen the professionals database• Instead of just digital work, hard copy of work can also be sent to professionals for review• Based on the type of work, create and manage a database of students and corresponding industry professionals for networking purposesArt Buffet – Manchan event:• Profit sharing with artists (5% of sales to Manchan team or 10% of profit – artists preference)• Invite buyers and visitors from other colleges and surrounding areas• Make it a regular (quarterly) event
  24. 24. Manchan - Revenue ModelCurrent Model Manch 2 Rs. 20/- Manch 3 Rs. 30/- Art Buffet Registration Rs. 50/-Suggested future model Manch 2 Direct expense incurred + additional 5% Manch 3 Direct expense incurred + additional 10% Profit sharing/ incentives for the experts being contacted Art Buffet Registration Direct expense incurred + additional 50% as service charge Manchan registration Based on combination of Manch plans with upto 30% discount based on usage
  25. 25. Learning and ExperienceService design has to be planned at every level, starting from Promotion, Introduction,Communication, Service offering and Revenue collectionOpportunity mapping, Value identification and Revenue generation are key markerstowards a successful business propositionFor future execution of feedback service (Manch 2/3), detailed work description byartists needs to be documented alongside the work, to aid viewers understandingManchan key services should be run parallel to create a holistic presence andcontinuous impact on the campus atmosphereOutsourced services, like bag making, cannot be a reliable dependencyDetailed costing and budgeting needs to be planned well in advance, andavailability of liquid cash for daily expenses is required
  27. 27. Special Thanks toShashank Mehta, for guiding us through the projectPrateekshankar Dixit, for constant encouragement and ideasPranshu Dubey, for being our first registrantPrateek Singhi, for providing critical feedback as part of Manch 3Krishna Patel, for sharing college resources for Art BuffetAll the Manchan and Art Buffet registrants, for enthusiastic participationMadan bhai, for his catering services as well as encouraging Art Buffet artistsThe GN community – all students, faculty and staff, for making the service and ArtBuffet a success