Input and output


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Input and output

  1. 1. INPUT AND OUTPUTSafe Year10B
  2. 2. INPUT….What is input?An input device is a hardware that put the data into the computer.The two type of input is: Manual input devices Automatic input devices
  3. 3. MANUAL INPUT DEVICESFor example: Keyboard Mouse Touch pad Joystick Touch screen Scanner
  4. 4.  Keyboard is the most common input device. KEYBOARD Advantage:  The keyboard come with the computer when you buy it.  Use to type easily Disadvantage:  It is easy to type the letter wrong This also the most common input device. MOUSE This is use to select each program which is like our finger. The mouse have two button and one wheel which let you to scroll down the page.Advantage:• Good for a desktop computerDisadvantage:• It need a flat space to make it work.
  5. 5. TOUCHPAD  The touch usually been use on the laptop which is similar to the mouse but it was a touch.  It were use by dragging your finger around to select and move around on the screen. JOYSTICK The joy stick is use to for playing a game such as airplane game.Advantage: It give better gaming experience.Disadvantage It might be difficult for using as a mouse.
  6. 6. TOUCH SCREEN  This is the only device that both input and output are the same one.  This device is a easy device to use and most devices this day use touch screen. Advantage: Disadvantage:  Easy to use. Expensive. SCANNER  Flatbed and handheld is the two type of scanner  This device is use to scan any work sheet into the computer.  This device also been use to scan a barcode. • Advantage- all the image that been scan will be put in the document • Disadvantage- image take a lot of memory.
  7. 7. AUTOMATIC INPUT DEVICESExample: M.I.C.R O.M.R O.C.R Barcode readers Magnetic stripe readers Biometric devices sensors
  8. 8. M.I.C.R  Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (m.i.c.r)  This is use to produce a cheque which can produce 300 cheque a minute.  This only recognize the number with a standard front. At the bottom of each cheque there are:  the cheque number  the bank or building society sort code  the customers account number O.M.R Optical Mark Reader (OMR) This device is use too make a multiple choice paper The paper that be print out need to use the pencil to fill inAdvantage: It can input the large amount of dataDisadvantage; If the pencil that fill in the answer is not dark enough it not going to work
  9. 9.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a normal O.C.R scanner. It is use to scan the document on the piece of paper into the computer as it shown on the diagram.  Have a ability to scan the document accurately  It is cheaper than the manual scanner BARCODE READER Most of the thing that sale in the market have a barcode so the barcode reader is need to useThe barcode give the information such as: The country of manufacture The name of the manufacture Produce code A barcode reader is an automatic input device which is used to scan the barcode by using a visible red light.
  10. 10. MAGNETIC STRIP READER Magnetic strip is found the credit card which hold the personal information in it. The magnetic strip reader is use to read the magnetic strip to get the information. BIOMETRIC DEVICES The biometric device is use to identify the person who put their finger on it. This device will get the biometric data into the main computer to indentify very quickly. It use finger print SENSOR  The sensor will collect the data automatically.  It can store either immediately to the computer or store for the period of time.
  11. 11. OUTPUT DEVICES Output is a devices that show the output of the input.Example: Monitor Speaker Printer Laser printer Ink jet printer Dot-Matrix printer Plotter Light
  12. 12. MONITOR A monitor or screen is the most common output devices. The picture on the monitor use about 1000 pixel which mean the more pixel the more quality it is shown.There are two type of monitor which is: cathode ray tube which is the old version monitor but it produce the heat easily. Thin film transistor- TFT is an expensive monitor that is newer than the cathode ray tube. SPEAKER Most computer will have the small speaker in it which you will be able to hear thing such as a video.Advantage: Everybody can hear clearly which is the output of the computerDisadvantage:• High quality external speaker was expensive and doesn’t come with the computer.
  13. 13. PRINTER LASER PRINTER INK JET PRINTERThis is another • This printer usually use • This printer is a cheap common output in the office because it printer which is very device which make was quite. common for people a hard copy of your • It print the large use work in the amount of work very • This printer is best use computer. quickly at home.DOT MATRIX PRINTER • This is the old version printer that doesn’t been use anymore. • This is useful when you need a carbon copy of it. • It use a continuous paper.
  14. 14.  This printer is a very high quality printer which print very clearlyPLOTTER on the big paper.  They are used by engineers, architects and map-makers to draw plans of buildings, diagrams of machines or large scale maps. There are three types of plotter:  Flatbed plotters  Drum plotters  Pinch-roller plotters LIGHTThe LED light can be connected to the computer which meanwe can turn it on or off easilyAdvantage:•It can be control by the computer•There are many colourDisadvantage:•If the LED was too hot it is possible that it will be break.