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SEO Guide for Marketers
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SEO Guide for Marketers


Published on

This is a basic guide on search engine optimization for traditional marketers and business executives. Simple tips are given which can be easily followed by anyone without technical knowledge. …

This is a basic guide on search engine optimization for traditional marketers and business executives. Simple tips are given which can be easily followed by anyone without technical knowledge.

It includes SEO introductions, SEO outsourcing and basic SEO techniques.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Incitez SEO Guide v3 A guide made formarketers and business executives incitez
  • 2. This guide covers basics of SEO only and does not include detailed technical knowledge. June 2011 incitez
  • 3. Incitez SEO A social approachboosting your performance in search engines and social media English + Chinese incitez
  • 4. Incitezis a start-up in Singapore providing digital consultancy & campaign management to SMEs and enterprises. incitez
  • 5. Your growth is vitalto our growth, which is our top priority. incitez
  • 6. We have worked with clients from Asia, Europe and US. You are not aloneI am here with you Though were far apart Youre always in my heart incitez
  • 7. Incitez SEO Guide SEO SEO SEO BasicsIntroduction Outsourcing what is SEO, Selection, Simple things benefits, guarantee and you can do costs... measurement incitez
  • 8. 1. SEO Introduction incitez
  • 9. Worldwide Internet users areactively searching for information;they give you the permission to befound. Keywords they use indicate the intentions. incitez
  • 10. There is a significantcorrelation betweencompanies in the toporganic & paid search placements and consumer brandaffinity, brand recalland purchase intent. Source: Enquiro incitez
  • 11. SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer."Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Google incitez
  • 12. Sponsored links, or PPC Continuous cost to (quick but costly) search engine (and PPC vendor if there’s one) Natural search listing (“free” traffic but takes time) Cost to SEO specialist incitezSearch Engine Results Page (SERP) incitez
  • 13. 75% users don’t go beyond the firstpage of SERP; if your pages are not on the first page, that’s when SEO helps. That’s not all, though. incitez
  • 14. User Journey User opens Enters search Clicks on a link onpreferred search queries and SERP engine site perform search Enters a landing incitez page Performs a desired Left the site Simply browses action immediately web pages (e.g. purchase) This is your top priority not simply rankings. incitez
  • 15. 2. SEO Outsourcing incitez
  • 16. Carefully review what SEO agencies propose and asked for a sample of each item. incitez
  • 17. Distinguish organic search resultsfrom paid ones (sponsored links) incitez
  • 18. If you are not careful, you pay a lot more and may not receive better results in return Big Agency incitez
  • 19. incitez The higher search volume, the more difficult to optimize a keyword. Very low volume keywords and your brand related keywords can easily rank high on the first page. And, black hat tactics used to optimize your website can be very harmful.1st Page Guarantee incitez
  • 20. Be Aware!Allege a “Special Relationship” with Search engines incitez
  • 21. be sure you know exactly how they intend to "help" you.Be careful if your SEO Vendor is secretive... incitez
  • 22. 3. SEO BasicsThese are easy recommendations you can immediately apply. incitez
  • 23. Check how many pages have been indexed incitez
  • 24. If the no. of indexed pages are muchlower than the pages you have, that is a problem. incitez
  • 25. Use tools like Lynx or to see what your site looks like to search engines. incitez
  • 26. Click and you may see a message like this: “This is Googles cache of http:// It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 6 Jun 2011 15:47:51 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime.”The Cache date is the last time that Google Crawled and took a copy. incitez
  • 27. Faster and frequent indexing isgood. Use your domain name tosearch and if you can’t find your site, that’s a big problem. incitez
  • 28. Free tool: sure your robots.txt file doesnot block unexpected content from search engines. incitez
  • 29. Keywords Research is very important and can be complicated for beginners; but, the simplestthing you can do is to use Google Keywords Tool and choose the most appropriate keywords for your website. incitez
  • 30. incitez Google Keyword Tool TextEnter words or phrases that describe your product or service, select appropriate language and country. incitez
  • 31. Remeber: the more competitive and higher search volume a keyword is, the more difficult it is to optimize. incitez
  • 32. Do NOT Stuff Keywords incitez
  • 33. incitezCreate Unique Page Titles with <Title>...</Title> incitez
  • 34. Create compelling description with keywords included with “description” meta tag. incitez
  • 35. A URL like , is much less appealing to users, could create duplicate content, and may not be indexed. Consult an SEO specialist before you change URL structure. incitez
  • 36. Make Your Site Easy to Navigate incitez
  • 37. Create Quality Content incitez
  • 38. Write Better Anchor Text<a href=””>Anchor Text</a> Click here Click here for shoes Use This! incitez
  • 39. Link to relevant content internally with appropriate anchor text incitez
  • 40. Register your websites at searchengines’ official webmaster tools incitez
  • 41. Link back to relevant pages in your online press release content incitez
  • 42. Request for links back to yourwebsite from your partners’ website incitez
  • 43. For more tips and insights on digitalmarketing, you can subscribe here: incitez
  • 44. Contact us for a free site auditPlease include invitation code: SEOWPJUNRocky Fu, Director of Digital Strategies, IncitezTwitter: @rockyfuBlog: rockyfu@incitez.comAlso Follow:Company Blog: (digital insights and stats in Apac)@chinainternet (China Internet related news and trends) incitez